Men’s Health: Nutrients for male vitality and well being (Part 1)

1)   Zinc
2)   Flavonoids, Polyphenols, and Catechins
3)   Gamma Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

Don't Worry, I won't get too wrapped up into the scientific "bla-bla-bla" of these important nutrients.

But moreso, why they are important, and a few suggestions of how to get them into the daily diet (CONSISTENCY IS KEY!!!).      

Even I, Mr. "Health Nut", didn't think mother nature could have such a positive effective on my physiology, but when my morning erections came consistently back (Sorry for "TMI", but this stuff is important) at age 53, and I bulked up with 15 lbs of muscle, and felt "beyond incredible" everyday, I was convinced!!!

Those "Male Enhancement" TV commercials scare me……..

…and are a waste of time, since progressive scientists and medical practitioners are now saying that prostate issues, low testosterone, and other "male vitality" concerns can be effective addressed by nutrition alone.

So, let's forget those fancy-smancy, well choreographed TV commercials for pharmaceutical drugs which don't heal, and have a gazillion side affects (that would terrify me to put that crap in my body). Instead let's use the power of mother nature to get our body back into balance.

I'm still learning and experimenting, but they are definitely working for me!!!


Powerhouse Source: Eastern Oysters, secondly Pacific Oysters

other sources: meats (beef, lamb), pumpkin and sesame seeds
(I don't advise zinc supplements, body cannot process the excess)


Oysters, the King of the Zinc thing……..

Oysters are considered to be an aphrodisiac. American and Italian researchers found that they were rich in amino acids which trigger increased levels of sex hormones. Their high zinc content aids the production of testosterone.

How to eat oysters for maximum zinc benefits

Seems to vary form my research, some sources say raw is best, others cooked. Cooking "supposedly" lessens aphrodisiac provoking amino acids, but not the zinc. Eastern oysters , supply 3 to 5 times more Zinc than Pacific oysters. But even Pacific supplies 5 to 10 times the zinc of the secondary sources, ounce for ounce.

More on Eastern vs. Western, different preparation types, and the amount of zinc in each preparation type can be found here.

photo credit to  Adventures In Cooking blogspot, with recipe for grilled oysters on the halfshell with prosciutto

Raw Oysters….initially, I just wasn't feeling it

Though the ones I weren't "feelin" were pre-packaged in a jar. The last fresh raw ones I tried with lime juice and pepper, I liked them, I'm gonna try to go on a two week "run" with the raw.

UPDATE 3 weeks later (sorry for TMI, but it "seems" like the the infamous and coveted  "morning erections" are kicking in even more after 2-3 weeks of raw oysters). I'm on to something fellas!!! And somehow, the taste of raw oysters with lime juice and black pepper has gotten addictive!!!

Oysters on the grill or steamed, now that's heaven!!!

You know how it is, anything on the grill is delicious. I simply shuck the oyster and leave on the halfshell, baste with an olive oil and spices mix, and when done, top with a quick sauce of Dijon mustard, manuka honey and a splash of Tabasco sauce.

Steaming is same formula, my bamboo steamer sits on top of a frying pan, steam rises, same olive oil baste and honey-dijon sauce, VERY tasty 🙂

grilled oyster photo credit (click here for CTbites grilled oyster recipe)


Flavonoids, Polyphenols, and Catechins 

Powerhouse sources:  Green Tea and Raw Cacao

Other lesser sources
red wine, apples, blueberries,various other fruits, sea buckthorm, onions, parsley


Flavonoids are naturally occurring compounds that are widely distributed in plants and in plant-based foods.

They appear to have a functional role in the living plant by assisting in wound repair and providing protection against pests and diseases. Science is still learning flavonoids, but their benefits for male wellness and vitality seem to be endless, and a "bottomless pit".

Green Tea polyphenols are a group of flavonoids……

……..found uniquely in tea. Catechins are a group of tea polyphenols most abundant in green and white teas. EGCG is one of the catechins that is most studied for its health contributing aspect.

Extensive studies exist pertaining to catechins and prostate cancer prevention,  overall prostate health, as well as overall benefits for male physiology.

Green Tea, "Nature's Crack"

As little as 2 years ago I thought it impossible for me to get into drinking 3 to 5 cups of green tea a day, the recommend level for health benefits. Fast forward 2 years, I'm up to 4-5 cups a day, not forcing myself, but my body is craving it!! My body will actually get "pissed" on days when I miss my green tea.

With my "salt shaker" mix of Ceylon cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and turmeric, the concoction is heaven!!! I also make a cold batch of green tea in a glass jar in the fridge as part of the liquid for my daily smoothies.

I recommend avoiding green tea bags, try a loose leaf green called Numi Gunpowder Green , (loose leaf teas tend to contain more of the "heavy hitting" Caetchins/Polyphenols).

Cacao, a gift from the "Male Verility Gods"

I totally agree with Chris Kilham (a.k.a., "The Medicine Hunter"), when he says……

“After water, cocoa is the single healthiest substance you can put in your mouth. It can easily replace a number of psychiatric drugs for mood, plus it produces the same chemistry in the brain that occurs when we fall in love.”   

In opposition to Cacao being one of the best superfoods ever, unfortunately, unprocessed Cacao, rich in flavonoids, is somewhat bitter, and thus daily intake can be a challenge…… unless you're into smoothies.

Smoothies, another gift from the gods…..

With my daily smoothies, raw cacao is VERY EASY to get into my daily regiment. It nicely balances out the sweet fruits, honey, and other goodies in my morning and post workout smoothies.

Trust me fellas, YOU GOTTA GET INTO DAILY SMOOTHIES!!! Let yours smoothies evolve with your favorite superfoods, fruits and veggies, you body will thank you!!!

Read my full Cacao Article here


below, gamma-tocopherol (Vitamin E) rich black sesame seeds

Gamma Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

Powerhouse sources:  Black Sesame Seeds (photo above), Culinary Argan Oil

Other lesser sources
pecans, pistachios, black walnuts, English walnuts, pumpkin seeds


I learned about this amazing nutrient when I had an assumed prostate ailment, and this powerhouse nutrient helped totally heal me.  Since then, my morning erections came back (at age 53), I bulked up with muscle, have feeling beyond great!!

Also, studies show that gamma-tocopherol, inhibits growth and induces cell death in prostate and lung cancer cells, according to several studies, including a 2001 Study by Quin Jang at Purdue

"Black sesame seeds can heal all the chronic illness……..

…..after 100 days, improve skin tone on body and face after 1 year, reverse gray hair after 2 years, and regrow teeth after 3 years.” …… says the Compendium of Materia Medica, the largest and most comprehensive medical writings in the history of Traditional Chinese medicine

I don't know if the above quote is true, but my body seems to love these things, and once again, with my daily smoothies, it's very easy to bring them consistently, black sesame seems, as my instincts tell me, are one of the top 3 or 4 amazing superfoods a man could ever consume!!!!

My full Black Sesame Seeds – Gamma Tocopherol Article here

Culinary Argan Oil, Amazing Taste, Amazing Nutrients!!!

….which is a win-win for this relatively unknown, but readily available, rare oil from Morocco. Used traditionally as a dipping oil, as opposed to a cooking oil, the taste alone might compel you to check it out. It's roasted peanut butter-ish taste is the literally the best oil I have ever tasted.

Crab Legs dipped in a saucer of Culinary Argan Oil….the second best thing a man will ever feel 🙂

More importantly, Argan oil is exceptionally rich in natural tocopherols (vitamin E), rich in phenols and phenolic acid, rich in carotenes, rich in squalene, rich in essential fatty acids, and much evidence testifies to this oil being a potent prostate health agent. Grab some off AMAZON and check it out!!!

My full Culinary Argan Oil – Gamma Tocopherol article here

I'm not trying to sell you anything…..

…..except perhaps the notion that we can affect our health and wellness as men, more than we think. Something always rubs me the wrong way about those deceitful pharmaceutical commercials subtly trying to convince us that paying them is the only solution to our ongoing health.

Let me stress, in my humble opinion, one must have a personal "Revolution", in that, it won't work to keep trashing our bodies with all these man-made, "newfangled" foods and drugs, and expect to shuck a few oysters, hoping to regain that youthful vibrancy.

But, I learned what starts out hard becomes easy, and eating is more enjoyable than ever, with the added bonus of feeling vibrant all the time……

~stay healthy~


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