Girl Talk: D.I.Y. Skin and Body Care (Part 1)

(a.k.a. Going natural should be "The Way You Do The Things You Do")

At the bottom of the post, you'll see why I surnamed this article "The Way You Do The Things You Do".

But, I thought these lovely ladies in their "Then and Now " Retro Fashion, might remind is to take bodycare "back to a simpler place and time" as I learned when  I wrote my
Women's Food Based Hair Care Part 1 and also my Women's Food Based Hair Care Part 2

Henceforth, this segment of "Girl Talk" pertains to simple but effective body care info I have run across that women can benefit from, without all those toxic ingredients. Why leave all this info on my computer hard drive, when creating this article gives me and excuse to sort through so many pictures of these lovely women Rockin' the Retro?

The K.I.S.S. Philosophy

….is a term I developed when advising women on DIY bodycare, which means "Keep it Simple Sweetie". With many of these natural bodycare formulas, you only may need two or three  readily available ingredients to make a great formula you will swear by. There are a gazillion formulas out there, I just wanted to post a few to get you started.

~ The Honey and Coconut Oil Honey Mask and Body Rub ~

One of the simplest and most effective formulas for face and bodycare. The only caveat is that you need Real Wild Raw Honey as opposed to the cheaper commercial honeys which are fake, in that they have the pollen removed. A list of fake honeys can be found here. I might suggest you simply go for the best and get a Manuka Honey about $25 (check Amazon also). Also many Whole Foods have local honey which can be $6 per jar. 

Directions for the The Honey and Coconut Oil Honey Mask and Body Rub

Mix the two, apply to face, elbows, knees, and/or full body if you can get away with it. Works best as morning pre-shower application. If you skin starts to love this formula (one of my friends said it reversd her psoriasis) then you can experiment with adding a little turmeric, Ceylon cinnamon and/or ginger to the formula.

Did you know?………….

Many skin issues, be it bikini line rash/bumps, cracked heels, dry skin, sunburn, acne, and many more, can be dealt with simply by applying some Unrefined Coconut Oil. Give it a try before purchasing some complicated formula……

Rosemary Mint Body Shaving Cream

I made this formula for a girl who said shaving her legs and armpits was a "pain in the ass" (her words), because of skin irritation. After her first batch she was flabbergasted and wanted to pay me for more, but I just gave her this recipe

1/3 cup Shea butter
1/3 cup virgin coconut oil
1/3 cup jojoba (or sweet almond) oil
10 drops rosemary essential oil
10 drops of Argan Oil
3-5 drops peppermint essential oil

In a small saucepan over low heat, combine the Shea butter and coconut oil, stirring until just melted. Remove from the heat and transfer to a heat-safe bowl. Add in the jojoba and argan oil and the essential oils. Stir to mix.

Place the bowl in the refrigerator and chill until solid. Remove from the refrigerator and whip using a hand beater or a stand mixer until light and fluffy. Alternately use a butterknife. Spoon into a jar. Lid and keep in a cool, dry place.

Too much shea butter makes this formula too thick so you may need to adjust with extra jojoba oil. If too thin, reheat concoction and melt in more shea butter and leave overnight in fridge again.

Shaving Tip: When not using razor, keep it sitting in a glass of Olive Oil, Baby Oil, or Other Oil, it keeps the razor sharp indefinitely (something about the oxidation of the metal I think), those dull razors contribute to a "rougher" shave..



Add a little Argan Oil to your DIY formulas

This this is one product where it is OK to believe the hype!! You probably have been hearing the name "Argan Oil" pop up lately, and trust me it is the real deal.

Argan Oil is a very rare oil that only grows in Morocco, and although it has been revered for ages in North Africa, European and American women are only starting to sing it's praises

So, if you are making that DIY Shaving Cream, or Body Butter, or Home Made Soap, Facial Mask, or whatever, try adding 10 drops or so of Argan Oil. Use a drop by itself (that's right, only 1 drop) on dry skin, stretch marks, hair, this stuff is incredible.

Now that Argan Oil is officially the "latest" craze, many bogus products are already popping up, so do your homework, but if you wanna go for it I recommend Slice of Nature Argan Oil.



Did you know?………….

…that for some people, Aloe Vera can be irritating to the skin. My research showed the same chemical in Aloe that treats skin conditions can be irritating to some people.

Do you you have some "mysteious" skin rash, redness, or irritation from commercial bodycare, but cannot identify which product and/or which ingredient, try laying off anything with Aloe Vera in it for a month, and see if Aloe was the culprit.


DIY Citrus Bath Salt

* 2 Cups Pink Himalayan Salt
* 1 Cup Baking Soda
* Fresh Grated Zest from 1 Orange or Lemon
* 20 drops of essential oil. Use Lemon, Orange, or Citrus Bliss essential oil. Can combined lemon and citrus bliss for this recipe.

Combine Pink Himalayan Salt and Baking Soda into a glass bowl. Grate zest of orange or lemon and add to bowl. Stir all of the above ingredients together. Slowly add in about 20 drops of essential oil and stir, until well incorporated.

You could combine lime and lemon, or orange and lemon, even grapefruit. Spoon the citrus bath salts into a clean empty jar and seal.Let your bath salts sit for a day or two to get infused with the scent of the oil.

Consider taking monthly Moon Phase Baths, because bathing certain times of the month allows for more absorption of quality minerals through the skin. Something to do with women's "monthly cycles", the moon, the tides, I'll write more on it later.



Oatmeal Face Scrub

In a small Mason jar, combine 1/4 cup quick-cook oatmeal with 2 teaspoons of  quality honey like Manuka Honey. Stir well to combine. If you don’t buy the quick cook kind of oats, you can run rolled oats through the food processor briefly to break them up a bit.

You’re not going for a flour here – you want pretty big chunks of oats. Add 10 drops of your favorite antiseptic essential oils (like lavender, tea tree, oregano, or geranium). You can combine oils for custom scents or use 10 drops of one sort. Stir well to totally combine.

Next time you wash your face, massage a bit of the scrub gently onto your skin in a circular motion with a damp wash cloth. Rinse off well, and you’re good to go!


check out my Pinterest Pages, titled Look Young and Fresh Naturally Part 1 and
Look Young and Fresh Naturally Part 2 for hundreds of DIY formulas

In Conclusion……………

Find the right formula and you won't go back !!! Start with few quality ingredients, and monitor it's effects, and soon will have a "baseline" of DIY ingredients to work with and add to.

But, to stay looking Young and Fresh naturally, it's a definite fact that doing DIY Bodycare with natural holistic ingredients should be "The Way You Do The Things You Do"

The Temptations : "The Way You Do the Things You Do" (a time capsule video)

….check it out all the way through, you might see something that brings back a memory or chuckle

~stay healthy~


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