“Dressed to Grill”: Healthy/Delicious Summer Grilling Recipes and Tips

On the Grill Today: Grilled Pizza

As I always mention as pertains to consuming grains and meat, I operate “outside of the box”, in that, instead of going Grain Free, Gluten Free, and Meatless, I consume papaya enzymes (I make my own capsules), to assist in digesting gluten and animal protein. This allows me to occasionally enjoy these treats.

Anyhoo, a great find I ran across last winter was what is called a “Pizza Stone”, which is a ceramic slab (see the red one below), that allows you to make a homemade pizza in your oven. It also works great on the grill, allowing for some summer “Pizza Masterpieces”

So, Grilled Pizza is the featured treat in this segment of “Dressed To Grill”, along with my freely admitted obsession, photos of my one life’s desire, to have the ultimate outdoor kitchen.

Something about homemade pizza (and focaccia) that enthralls me. Perfection is not necessary, in that the crust does not have to be perfectly round. It can be shaped irregular, like a flat football, like the country of Brazil on a map, or however. To me, it gives them more appeal…that true homemade look and feel.

The cool thing about Grilled Pizza is that you can make them custom for your guests, giving your friends that “custom service” feeling, that the treat is cooked specifically for them…you know, playing the "at home waiter".

My favorite homemade pizza of them all is tomato-mozzarella-basil (I so love my basil). Although, I have been really feeling this grass fed feta cheese thing lately……

I think that is my fav because is so simple to make, and allows me to perfect my dough and sauce before I try to get too "fancy-smancy". With a Pizza Stone, any Grilled Pizza can also be prepared in the oven.

making pizza dough (with dough recipe)                              pizza on a gas grill cooked on pizza stone


Here are my general rules for "flipping" a pizza recipe into a healthy treat

**use organic flour/dough  (although perhaps a subjective point, try finding the highest quality dough possible)

** under all circumstances, AVOID CONVENTIONAL DAIRY, use cheese from pasture raised animals, to find pasture raised near you click here

** as with cheese, use meats from pasture raised animals, or at least animals with organic feed, and/or wild caught seafood (AVOID COMMERCIAL MEATS AND POULTRY, FARM RAISED SEAFOOD UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES)

** use organic vegetables

** use fresh organic herbs and spices whenever possible

** use Pink Himalayan Salt or alternately Celtic Sea Salt, AVOID TABLE SALT UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES

** If a natural sweetener is required for the dough, try a wild ray honey, my sweeteners to avoid

** Avoid commercial oils ESPECIALLY AVOID CANOLA OIL, try Olive Oil or Unrefined Coconut Oil, my evaluation of all oils here

** avoid canned tomatoes

** and for me, as said above, I pop a homemade papaya enzyme capsule in my mouth after eating to help digest gluten and animal protein

…..follow these guidelines, you'll be well on you way to the art and science of merging healthy eating with delicious eating (with no guilt)


…OK, enough science, READY SET GO!!! Here is the "Parade of Pizzas"!!!


Shrimp Scampi Pizza (click on Photo below for recipe)


Lemon Pizza (click on photo below for recipe)


Rapini and Rosemary Potato Pizza on a Buttermilk Crust (click on photo below for recipe)


Rocotta, Mushroom and Onion Pizza (click on photo below for recipe)


Cherry Tomato Blue Cheese Pizza (click on Photo below for recipe)


Pizza with Sunny Side Up Egg and Herb Garden Pesto (click on Photo below for recipe)


Spring Pizza (click on Photo Below for Recipe)

For whatever reason, I am a bigger fan of vegetarian pizza, not sure why that is, perhaps I don’t have to worry about if I need to partially cook the meat before putting it on the pizza, or fully cook it, or put it on raw, you know what I mean.

Although I started out cooking homemade pizza in the oven, my ultimate dream is to have an outdoor brick oven for pizza and quality breads. As mentioned above about my use of papaya enzymes, my "outside of the box" thinking on this gluten issue has allowed me to still enjoy occasional fresh baked breads.

….and actually, by desire for an outdoor pizza oven actually provoked me to figure out how to keep occasional quality breads in my diet and stay healthy at the same time.

I suppose it is true, necessity is the mother of invention………

~stay healthy~


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