“Dressed to Grill”: Healthy/Delicious Summer Grilling Recipes and Tips

Grilling on Pink Himalayan Salt Slabs (For amazing taste and nutrition)

To celebrate the hopefully soon completion of the outdoor gas grills right outside my door, on a HUGE mezzanine area in front of my modest studio apartment in Seattle (the culinary Gods smile upon me!!), I just ordered my Pink Himalayan Salt Slabs, which I can use on the grill or on the stove.

You know by now how much I rave in this blog on the benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt, I even wrote an article on how I think Pink Himalayan Salt is Superior to Sea Salt.

With its 84 minerals in perfect balance, grilling on salt slabs infuses the incredibly distinct salty-sweet taste of Himalayan Salt gently with the food.

So, time for another "Dressed to Grill" segment, with some shots of my favorite "Culinary Obsession", that being Custom Outdoor Kitchens.

So what's all the rage with grilling (or stovetop cooking) on a Salt Slab?
Well, grilling on a Pink Himalayan Salt Slab allows for an amazingly smooth infusion of natural minerals into the food, with its 80+ minerals in perfect balance….as nature meant it.

As I say all over the blog, until you have tasted it, you haven't tasted real salt….as a culinary pleasure that is!!!!

When you buy a Pink Himalayan Salt block, or even use Pink Himalayan salt from a shaker, you are using a 250 million year old product, straight off nature's "production line", created deep back in time.


(Below) Food Prep Looks Great and Tastes Great On Pink Himalayan Salt Slabs !!!
Photo from
My Gourmet Cooking.com, a Canadian Company with Salt Slabs, Pink Salt, and more!!!

You are almost consuming the essence of the sun and earth, and consuming the very vibrations of mother earth from ages ago, when the earth was pure, and all the earth's energy was in perfect balance and harmony.

In a quote from The Salt Works Website where I buy my Pink Himalayan Salt…….

"Himalayan Pink salt slabs, plates, and bricks are harvested from deep within the ancient Himalayan mountain range of Pakistan. There, they have remained protected from pollution and impurities for centuries, making this what many consider the purest, cleanest salt in the world."

More salt slabs can be purchased at "The Meadow"

Here are a couple if recipes I will be trying as soon as my salt slabs arrive…..cant wait!!!!

Scallops on the Grill

DIRECTIONS  FOR SCALLOPS * Place Himalayan Salt Slab on grill. Heat grill gradually to 400 degrees Fahrenheit

* Mix together olive oil and fresh diced garlic
* Brush uncooked scallops with olive oil/garlic blend
* Place scallops directly on salt slab and sear
* Flip scallops as needed until cooked through
* One minute before pulling scallops off the grill, sprinkle generously with Sweet Onion Sugar. Sugar will melt slightly creating a delicious, sweet glaze.

Additional suggestion: Sauté 2 tablespoons grass fed butter, 2 tablespoons honey, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 1 shallot chopped, 1 garlic clove minced in pan on medium heat for 5-10 minutes. Pour directly over cooked scallops and then top while still hot with Sweet Onion Sugar.

Shrimp on the Grill

DIRECTION FOR SHRIMP    * Place Himalayan Salt Slab on grill. Heat grill gradually to 400 degrees Fahrenheit

* Squeeze fresh lime juice directly onto uncooked and peeled shrimp
* Drizzle salt slab with olive oil
* Place shrimp on salt slab
* Cook shrimp on both sides until they are pink and firm
* After pulling shrimp off the grill, coat lightly with Fusion™ Chile Verde Salt or Fusion™ Habanero Salt.

Veggies on the Grill (video below)

One of the other things I learned about Pink Himalayan Salt Blocks is they are anti-microbial. What this means is that if you are cooking chicken , all you need to do is rinse and wipe down the block and no bacteria will develop…..ever!!!!!

Actually, I'm buying two salt blocks, one for grilling, but since the grilling block will lose it's trademark pink color from the fire, I'm ordering another for serving purposes. This will be great for "presentation purposes", especially for outdoor dining alfresco.

The "Presentation Salt Slab" will lightly infuse cheese, sushi, or anything with a little moisture with a smooth vibrant infusion of natural mineral for a subtle but distinctive salty-sweet taste.

And, if my guests even get past the great taste, I suppose I can explain the health benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt. I love "tricking" people into eating healthy.

However, as much as I'm into health, I'm obsessed with "Style Points"……..

…..after all, I'm "Dressed to Grill" 🙂

UPDATE: 6/1/2015 –  (Below) The outdoor grills are finally built in my apartment complex (with my edible veggie garden nearby as you can see), I'm "Dressed to Grill" !!!!

~stay healthy~


click here or the photo below to see all my "Dressed to Grill" articles within in "The Healthy Chef's Corner"

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You are divine! 


Hey Terah,

not sure what I did, but mamma always said, “take the compliment and shut up” 🙂

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