My Top 10 Eating Habits to help Lose Bodyfat, Cellulite, and Weight

One of the reasons people can't take off and keep off weight is the majority of our food is "fake food", which the body stores as bodyfat and cellulite , since the body was never designed to process so much of what we eat. Just like when we don't wanna throw away stuff at home, we just throw it in the garage or basement, it slowly accumulates, and over time that garage is a big mess……so goes the body.

The Good: After your "eating revolution", you will find the taste of food more pleasing than ever, an you can eat as much as you like since you will be eating real food the body knows how to process as energy as opposed to store as fat.

The Bad: Healthy eating is expensive, and requires several lifestyle changes (although, watching 9 or 10 pounds drop off in a few weeks will motivate one to continue, and you won't care that your friends are laughing at the small container of olive oil/apple cider vinegar salad dressing in you purse when you are out at dinner)

The Ugly: I think it can't be done with most commercial store bought products, even so called healthy products such as "Balance Bars", "Fiber One Cereal", "Vitamin Water", "So called Healthy Yogurts", "Lean Cuisine", "Natural bla bla bla",  and all the rest. They are amongst the too many products promoted as healthy, but have hidden unnatural ingredients the body will store as fat and under the skin as cellulite.

Be sure to read my notes below the slideshow…….

Miscellaneous other notes that came to my head on this topic………………….

Once you drop 10 or 20 and your body is re-programmed to be receptive to healthy eating, I found you can cheat when you want. And my desire to eat healthy came right back for the next meal.

 I had a char broiled polish sausage  the other day [sorry vegan friends], but that urge hits me once or twice a year,at picnics and such, and I'm back to my routine with no effort. Not forcing myself, my body just prefers healthy food over junk. No discipline needed.

You have to find out what are the truths and myths of dropping bodyfat as they relate to your own biochemistry. Along with what I mentioned in the list of eating healthy fats VERY liberally, like eggs and Coconut Oil, I found out that eating before bed is irrelevant to me, I do it all the time ( I suppose because my body is now "programmed" to burn good fat as fuel).

I'm not sure how you can drop weight naturally without preparing your own meals and snacks. If someone has another solution leave a comment below.

Don't start off trying to identify with a certain diet, i.e. Paleo, Gaps, Vegan, Vegetarian, especially just to have a name to identify with or to tell people in conversations. Let your unique style come to you.

Even with 15-20 free range eggs a week, I haven't gained an inch on my waist in 7 years, and my cholesterol scores are perfect, my Good Cholesterol was an amazingly high 80, and bad cholesterol was an amazing low 79 !! Seems like perfect balance… 

Your body can become addicted to healthy food just like junk food, and eventually will hate when you put junk food in it. When you get there, you will see "discipline" is not necessary. My classic example is "sugar cravings". I avoid bad sweets with no effort whatsoever now (the thought of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is nauseating to me now, too sweet). 

Don't beat yourself up if you stray away for a day or at a picnic or Christmas or whatever. I pig out like everyone else on these occasions, but my body doesn't like it when I do it consistently (I feel sluggish, feel "full" but not "nourished", have lack of energy as opposed to the vibrancy I get from quality food, etc.). If you successfully dropped 12 pounds, you won't gain it back from 1 bag of fries.

It worked my ex girlfriend to buy all her food for the whole month [except for veggies], I made her snacks (coconut cake, quality muffins, trail mix) for when she wanted a treat, told her to eat as much as she wanted, and she dropped 14 pounds that month. Just to prove the point of controlling your ingredients. We still broke up though 🙂

If you can, read Brendan Brazier's book Thrive, or at least skim through it. I'm not a vegan like him, but great book. He bought to me the concept of the more nutrition in the food, the less food your body will ask for, and vice versa……..

I'm not hating on "Weight Watchers" or "Jenny Craig", "Lean Cuisine" and all the rest, but I think a person can do a better job on their own, and tailor their healthy diet to the things they love to eat.

The real reason I think people "pig out" at "Old Country Buffett" or wherever, is that there is no nutrition in the food, and the brain keeps sending your body signals to keep eating to get the minimum nutrition. Conversely, when you body is truly nourished (as opposed to filled up by volume), the brain will send signals to stop eating…..automatically.



Below: Doug (me), age 49, 2011. I never had weight issues, but for sure I would some sort of "gut" by now if I had not applied my eating principles.  Just trying to maintain 🙂


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Sorry about the girlfriend. This is so true. When I finally convinced my Hubby to make the switch he lost 40 lbs. 40lbs eating bacon and eggs every morning. We eat gallons and gallons or lard, tallow, butter. Tons of raw milk. The key is the source of the ingredients. We tried to save a lil cash one month and bought our meat from a farm that supplemented grain in addition to pasture and boom. I gained 8 lbs. WOW. so we're about to put our own pastured cow  &B pig in the freezer. We have started raising everything ourselves from milk, meat to veggies & fruit. I am pregnant with our third and have to say I lost te baby weight with the previous kids wihin 6 wks all due to awesome eating!


Very interesting. I have an article in my head called “make friends with a farmer”. Because in many states, if you really look hard enough, you could find a farmer in the outlying areas of the city, drive out there 30 miles or so, and get some good pasture raised meats, eggs, butter and all the rest. In the end you kinda have to get into it and watch your body’s reactions to everything I do. I write a lot of turkey, beef, chicken, butter, and bison recipes, but I don’t touch conventional animal products at all. Funny you mentioned the tallow, it’s not my thing, because coconut oil supplies all my needs. However, people can’t understand the statement I always make, “you are better off cooking in pure lard than these newfangled oils”. The girlfriend thing was no big deal, hence the smiley face. Just found it funny that I put all that work into something to no avail. But a person can do that one month experiment, they will find it works, although it doesn’t work with many because people are always slipping in commercial products like regular milk, these stupid energy bars, so anything with a gazillion ingredients where you don’t know what is in there. Thanks for taking the time to comment…………..


..forgot to say Leah, sorry we haven’t chatted in a while, I find it easier to post my article to pinterest that go through the weekly Linky’s Like Real food Wednesday


I eat tons and tons of protein, it works like a charm. I'm talking around 2 pounds of pure animal protein, every single day. Keeps me extremely full and cut. Other than the protein, I stick with veggies and fat. That's it. 


Well said, I’m sure it’s real food, and that’s all we really need…………….


Thanks for the top 10 tips, it really helps people who want to loss weight and reduce cellulite. Good job.

Check out the 5 Exercises To Reduce Cellulite And Burn Fat Fast


Hi “Exercises to Reduce Cellulite”

Thanks for commenting to my blog. I hope my list is of help to someone stryggling with weight issues.

~stay healthy~


To be very frank body fat don't bother me as much as cellulite does. I hate cellulite. I have tried many thinkgs to get rid of the same as well. What I like about your post is the fact that it can be banished by improving the food habits only. I am so going to try this. 


Hi Aliceie,

Interesting comment, thanks for talking the time to read and comment

~stay healthy~


My friend is dealing with cellulite and your blog will really helpful for her. I will definitely share this blog with her. Thanks for sharing these tips.

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