Girl Talk: Kwao Krua Kao Herb, (promotes youthful skin, lustrous hair, firmer and larger breasts, and more!!)

Warning: I still think this herb is worth taking a look into, but please note the comment at the bottom from Ruth on 8.26.16, where she says "It is my understanding that pueraria mirifica [Kwao Krua Kao] is highly estrogenic and like synthetic estrogen can actually be dangerous for woman at risk for breast cancer. "

The paradox of the web is that could be a legitimate comment, or someone paid by Big Business to get on the web to spread false rumors to scare people away from natural solutions. I'm from the camp that you have to do your homework and go find out for yourself, not to ignore the herb or superfood superfood because of a bad comment, because I have personally found superfoods that people on the web were literally saying were poisonous or cause cancer, but that same superfood I depend on for my own health and wellness (Gac, a.k.a., Fak Khaao, is one example of a superfood from this "general " area of the world that I am blessed to have learned about, and I consider Gac to be one of the most important things I am putting into my body for prostate and overall health).

Researching something controversial that may benefit your well being DOES NOT cause cancer :).

And as I stress below, don't run out and put anything in your body unless you know what you are doing. With so much misinformation on the web, you have to find and be confident in your own truth. This article is just to share the information I've run across, but it is the job of the reader to vet it for its validity as pertains to making the decision to use Kwao Krua Kao for one's self.

The problem with the web, is that something may have health and healing capabilities, but big business pays people o write contradictory information to confuse and scare use from using it. At the same time, a product can make false promises promoted by those who only want to make money. Or the product could be legit, but many bogus versions are being sold out there. My belief is that I have to at least look into them and investigate them, because I have found many natural products I swear by for my health and wellness (Maca is another good example of a very good superfood for men and women), but the point is that finding a great addition to your diet takes a lot of work and research, but well worth it.

If anyone is looking for a place to ask more detailed questions on Kwao Krua Kao, I'd suggest contacting Khun Lai Thararat, Holistic Herbalist, of Siam Industries International Co. Ltd., at , I'm sure they have no problem answering questions.

All that being said, let's get down to business…….

I wanted to "introduce" an amazing plant that I have been researching named Kwao Krua Kao. This is the exact same herb I wrote about in my recent breast cancer prevention article where I used its other name,  Pueraria mirifica, just wanna use its second name here.

Note I say "introduce" this herb as opposed to "run out and buy" without doing your own homework. I'm just saying my female readers who have  instincts for the power of  nature's plants and herbs might want to "take a peek" at it.

I wanted to write this follow up article, since not only is this herb a potent breast cancer fighter, but it has other amazing qualities that contribute to female youthfulness and vitality.

I thought these chic modern women, presented alongside info on the ancient healing properties of Kwao Krua Kao, would present and interesting contrast for this segment of "Girl Talk".

In a quote taken from the Siam Natural website (a reliable Asian herbal company which I purchase my Gac Herb for prostate health) they make the following statement about Kwao Krua Kao:

"The ground root bulb herbal powder is unprecedented in terms of women's health, menopausal symptoms, longevity from its rich content in Mirosterol that activates the bodies natural female hormone receptors. It's also an excellent topical skin care & beauty treatment for removing wrinkles, breast enlargement, breast firming & enhancement, and rejuvenating sagging skin".

Upon my research of this herb, the does seem to be some evidence about the potential of this herb. Unfortunately, it is virtually unknown in the West.

(though make sure you read my note at the top of this article, those claims may be true or false, anyone interested in the herb will have to dig deeper and find out themselves).

However, the word is getting out, and European and American women who are using it are starting to rave about it's qualities and benefits for youthful appearance and vitality.

Anti-aging qualities: When Pueraria mirifica is taken as a dietary supplement, its phytoestrogen constituents will naturally alleviate symptoms occurring as a result of the aging process and a deficiency in estrogen levels, e.g. sagging breasts, wrinkled skin, bone loss, and gray hair.

I don't want to bore the reader with scientific "mumbo jumbo" behind this miracle herb, as I said before, those women wanting to take a further look at this herb should do their own homework, and consider talking to a qualified herbalist, naturopath, or the like, to get information and advice.

Other areas of health and wellness where Kwao Krua Kao has been shown to have extensive health and healing benefits are breast cancer prevention, the subject which I wrote my other full article, it supposedly helps with menopausal symptoms, osteoporosis, insomnia, weight loss, this herb is a "heavy hitter"!!!

One area that I kept running across in my research is that this herb can help promote firmer breasts and breast enlargement. Once again, scientific study shows that this is not a hoax, but totally true. This is due to the chemical composition of the herb and how it affects female biochemistry.

I don't wanna get too scientific in my "artfully crafted" blog posts, so I won't get into the science of it all here, but I'm sure some women will at least find it intriguing enough to look into for themselves.

As a caveat however, you have to be careful when you deal with products that claim to enlarge breasts. Perhaps no different common sense caution than with products that claim to increase penis size.

All I'm saying here is that often a plant or herb like Kwao Krua Kao, when used in the traditional manner, may have breast enlargement abilities, but what less than ethical companies will do is use a cheap version, or small amount of Kwao Krua Kao in their formula, with other worthless herbs or fillers, and then promote the product as a breast enhancing tonic or pill. In most cases, this is a waste of money.

I advise women not to let scrupulous products deter you from all Mother Nature has to offer, because underneath all the dishonesty, lurks quality natural products waiting to be discovered.

I do believe that if one can find the quality version of the plant (see my recommended company below), learn how to consume it consistently and in accordance to traditional practices passed down for thousands of years, then one can reap the benefits of Kwao Krua Kao.

I found myself to have successfully done that with plants for male vitality, which I know for sure deliver safe results, but for me, it was after extensive research and homework on what I put into my body. I'm somewhat obsessed with staying young looking, but never to the point of putting anything dangerous in my body (I won't even put McDonalds in my body)

This herb contains several valuable Phytoestrogens where one of them is named Miroestrol and has a very similar chemical structure as found in the safest human estrogen Estriol. I always assume many healing herbs have unknown or un-studied healing properties as well, considering less that 10% of all plants have ever been studied.

In conclusion, you're already on the web, for those readers who have that burning desire to stay young looking naturally, Kwao Krua Kao might be a plant that you might want to at least take a half hour of your life and do a little research on……….

Also if someone wants to purchase, I will advise to read this link because there are so many bogus products out there. The link is here

…..a quick note is that there are two ways to look at this "bogus product" thing. The more bogus versions of a product, the more that means underneath it all there is something very powerful and special, which is why people are selling bogus versions in the first place. I've become an "expert" at finding high quality health products, but so can anyone.

And, as I keep saying, I don't want to advise anyone to rush out and buy this product, but for those women that know what they are doing and are looking for a good place to purchase, I would recommend Siam Naturals. I purchase their Gac (Fak Khaao) product for prostate health. I have no affiliation with them, just helping my readers save time and money. The Siam Natural home page URL is and the products are still available through Hawaii USA

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor of any sort, just an average person with perhaps an above average gift of researching issues pertaining to health and wellness. Products such as this should be addressed in terms of a well thought personal health and wellness plan. I always suggest talking to a qualified naturopath, herbalist, or nutritionist. Unfortunately, conversing with mainstream medical practitioners about these natural healers will probably not avail much. I am not advising women to run out and buy this product without your own homework. But I am advising women to at least look into what mother nature has to offer us for our wellness. I have brought similar herbs into my regiment, but I always  do EXTENSIVE homework, monitor my body's reactions to new products, and be it right or wrong, trust my god given instincts.

As mentioned above, if anyone is looking for a place to ask more detailed questions on Kwao Krua Kao, I'd suggest contacting Khun Lai Thararat, Holistic Herbalist, of Siam Industries International Co. Ltd., at , I'm sure they have no problem answering questions.


~stay healthy~



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18 Responses


Bom dia!
Estou no Brasil, muito obrigada por suas informações, tambem adorei as fotos com maquiagens perfeitas.
Sabe como posso comprar em meu país o Kwao Krua Kao??Ou será que alguém virá para o Brasil e poderia me trazer??
Agradeço muito

English Translation………
Good day! I am in Brazil, thank you very much for your information, also loved the pictures with perfect and toning. You know how I can buy in my country the Kwao Krua Kao??Or will be that someone will come to Brazil and could bring me??


Source Language

Hi and thanks you from commenting. I hope you are enjoying summer in Brasil. I had link in the article where you can order, but if you missed it, I will put it here again. Siam Natural is a reliable company, I have ordered their Gac (Fak Khaao) product for male prostate health several times. They ship to the USA, I am not sure if they will ship yo Brazil. You should be able to email and ask…their email is here

Translate to Portugese
Olá e obrigado por comentar. Espero que estejam curtindo verão no Brasil. Eu tinha link no artigo, em que você pode encomendar, mas se você perder, vou colocá-lo aqui novamente. O Siam Natural é uma empresa confiável, eu comprei o Gac (Fak Khaao) produto para saúde próstata masculina várias vezes. Elas enviam para os EUA, eu não tenho certeza se eles serão fornecidos yo Brasil. Você deve ser capaz de e-mail e perguntar … seu e-mail está aqui


I am a collector of pure Pueraria Mirifica in Thailand. I am looking for serious people to market and distribute my products. I only sell 100% organic powder to produce capsules and creams. No fake products. Just last week the US FDA found that 80% of herbal products selling in the US market are fake, some containing just rice powder, most distributed online from China. My products have certification of source by the Thai Government, and is used for very few very important bio pharmacies in the world. I can produce up to 20000 lbs/year, and send it anywhere in the world. If interested, please e-mail me for more info. Thanks.


Hi Ratchan,

I’m not interested, sorry, but your comment has value in that is is important for cinsumers to be aware of so many bogys products coming into the American market. Thanks for reading and commenting

If someone else in interested, perhaps they can contact you if they are reading my article……………….


Please make note that our Siam Natural home page URL is and the products are still available through Hawaii USA


Hi Lai Thararat,

I upated teh article with that informantion,

Doug Wallace




Thank you very much! We appreciate the kind words in your informative GAIA HEALTH BLOG!


Ten years ago I began researching Kwao Krua White and found Pueraria Mirafica sources direct from Thailand. After intense reading and studying the chemical properties of this herb, I decided to try it for breast enlargement and better health. I purchased 500 mg capsules of 100% pure Pueraria Mirafica, and began taking two each day.

After three months I went from a 36AAA cup to a 36A cup bra. The herb affects the body to retain the fatty breast tissue to create enhancement and enlargement. After one year of taking the capsules faithfully every day, My breasts achieved and retained a 36B size and shape with some enhancement, and I found my hair silkier and my skin much softer. My complexion became smooth and clean.

After taking the herb for 5 years, I noticed one additional item of interest. Hot flashes were eliminated, and emotions were slightly heightened. The slightest touch excited my entire being. My libido increased and I felt young again.

There was one slight problem. After taking it for 7 years, I noticed that my body was beginning to retain more fatty tissue in other places besides my breasts, and my body also began retaining more water. Exercise and careful dieting did not resolve the problem. I stopped taking the herb and much of the water retention diminished, but the fatty tissue retention continued. There is only one conclusion that I can advise and that is to stop the use after two years because the body has reached it's potential. Further use will only be retention of fluids and fatty tissue, and the body will retain the existing enhancements. Your youthful skin and hair will remain without further need for the herb.

After ten years and having stopped taking the herb at 7 years, my body continues to retain excessive fluids and fatty tissue. I exercise regularly and much of the muscle mass absorbs the excess fluid and fat, so I am albe to convert it to useful muscle. The estrogenic effects of Kwao Krua White (Pueraria Mirafica) are accurate and proven. But there are limits to everything and I recommend stopping it's use after two years.



Hi Tammy,

I think this is a very important comment about this herb, as I said in the article, I’m only bringing it up, the reader has to do their due diligence.

I have  a similar experience with the make testosterone boosting herb Tongkat. Not so far as gaining bodyweight, but the general point in that I had abad reaction to Tongkat, and later found out it is not for ongoing use.

I’m only bringing it up because these type of herbs that affect human hormes and such cannot be taken without intimate knowlege of what one is doing, and I am assuming they are not meant to be taken continously.

Also with the retaining of bodyfat, there are a gazillion possible reasons for that, such as something in the American Diet, blood type, estogen levels, age, or God knows what else.

In the end, great points, thanks for writing, becaue I’ve learned that before taking these so called “Exotic Herbs”, it is best to look into real people’s experiences with the herb…..

~stay healthy~


Hi, i read your article about the pueraria mirifica (kwao krua kao) it's very useful information.


It is my understanding that pueraria mirifica is highly estrogenic and like synthetic estrogen can actually be dangerous for woman at risk for breast cancer. 


Hi Ruth,

You could be right, as I emphatically said in the aricle, it something women might want to take a look at, but not run out and put in your body without knowing what you are doing.

I was taking which is Tongkat, a make testosterone booster and male vitality herb,and it gave me an inflamed prostate, very scary, my urinary flow was almost cut off for a couple of weeks. Tongkat is a totally different plant from Kwao Krua Kao, the similarity being that it is another example of a plant/herb totally unknown in the west, that I thew in my body without knowing the ramifications. Though, it could have been a bad lot, it could have been contaminated, or it could be just like someone being allergic to peanuts or shellfish, I don’t know what happened, just saying we have to be careful about new stuff we put in our bodies, but at the same time not be afraid to look into what Mother nature has out here waiting for us to use to make ourselves healthier

Saying that to say, I’m no longer a believer in what I call “exotic herbs”, I think you can get all the health, wellness, and useful vitality from things we are more familiar with.

I’m actually going to put your comment at the top of the article, just like I put warnings at the top of my tongkat article. Mainly because instead of deleting the article, the comments may help people think twice before putting something new in their bodies.

But, this is why I blog, not to try to prove I’m right, but to continue t try to facilitate sharing of opinions and sharing of information

Thanks for commenting

Doug at Gaia Health Blog



We’re not sure who told you that Tongkat ali was
was the male equivelant to Kwao Krua Kao, but it
is not. The male equal to Kwao Krua Kao is called Kwao Krua Dang (red Butea superba) which is
nearly identical in composition to Kwao Krua Kao less the Miroestrol & Deoxymiroestrol phytochemical components.
Tongkat ali is mostly native to Malaysia and Indonesia, although some grows in south Thailand.
It’s not even close to Kwao Krua Dang in terms of phytochemical composition or effects on men.
Like Pueraria mirifica, some unscrupulous sellers
are harvesting unknown ‘wild crafted’ herbs which maybe the wrong species altogether.
Our Kwao Krua Kao & Kwao Krua Dang are organically cultivated chemical free in Green houses in north Thailand – fully tested by HPLC and COA analysis and licensed for export by the Thai FDA.
Read more at: siamnatural com

I hope this information is helpful.

KHUN LAI THARARAT, holistic herbalist


Hi, Jutirat Thararat

No one told me Tongkat is the male equivalent of Kwao Krua Kao, it is a sentence I used to describe how I see the two are both being promoted in the USA as the new solutions for male vitality  (Tongkat) female vitality (Kwao Krua Kao).  I’m not not saying the plants are the same in anyway shape or form. It could be a bad analogy I admit, and might be worth me changing my wording so I don’t confuse anyone. And I will concede the point that the real male equivalent is Kwao Krua Dang, because I was looking into that as well in my extensive research, 

In the end, as I mention in my comment in this article and my Tongkat article, I’m no longer a fan of what I call “exotic herbs”, though exotic has no real meaning, except something that has not traditionally been consumed in the West. That “exotic herbs” comment is a paradox in and of itself, because I use several superfoods from Asia not native to the West. So, “exotic herbs” may have little meaning beyond “unknown herbs”. The ones I swear by like the Gac I mention below is no longer exotic to me, because I know what it is and what it can do for my wellness.That’s just my opinion, But I think I succeeded in saying in the article that Kwao Krua Kao is in my opinion worth looking into, except you have to do your own home work. and go from there. I’m promoting people at least take a look at all nature has to offer………

The other point I’m always making is that the web can get confusing and there is so much misleading information, in th USA you have big business paying people to get on the web and write negative comments about natural herbs and so forth. That is the paradox, so I had to add the Ruth comment from 8.26.16 to the article as a warning, but I would not delete the article because of her comment. I have found so many other superfoods and herbs from all over the world that are a godsent for my own personal health and wellness, and believe it or not you can find people on the web saying foods I use every day are poisonous or cause cancer. Apricot seeds being a very good example.

I have actually bought Gac capsules from Siam Natural and I still rave about them and recommend them in my Gac articles in my blog one of my Gac articles sere —->

Gac is the other side of the subject matter because Gac is part of what healed me from the inflamed prostate, and when you get into the power of antioxidant Lycopene in Gac, Gac is probably one of the most important things a man can put in his body for prostate health, especially African American men who are more vulnerable to Prostate Cancer.

So with the example of Gac, it was well worth looking to the Far East and trying something that is unknown in the west (though some could say gac is an “exotic herb” to me it is a superfood), and I am happy I found GAC, it was well worth the risk to try something new.

But anyway, you sound like you know your herbs and know what you are talking about, hopefully any of my readers wishing to investigate further can contact you at for more information and to ask questions. I say from several places in my blog, especially when I mention Gac, which I use consistently, that “Siam Natural is a very reliable and knowledgeable place to purchase”

….I’m still living and leaning (and other than that Tongkat incident, never been sick a day in my life).

Doug at Gaia Health Blog 


Doug, instead of taking loads of a particular herb, raving about it for a while, then dismissing it as dangerous, why not try a little moderation? You might find that works a lot better.


Hi Paul,

That’s my personal approach, I’m not sure if anywhere in the post I made mention of taking “loads of the herb”. But I did want to report on the possible cautions of this herb, especially since I have never used it and probably never will.

I have a long lead-in in this article that simply warns women to be careful with diving into this herb without doing their homework, based upon a comment from a reader. I even give the email of a person who is and expert in this herb that they can contact for questions.

Also at the beginning of the post I make the quote ” Note I say “introduce” this herb as opposed to “run out and buy” without doing your own homework. “. Implying that I’m just presenting information, so people can investigate further if interested.

So, I’m actually not understanding your comment. I’m not even telling anyone to consume “loads” of the product, now that I went back over the article.

In the end all I’m saying with this post, which I think I mentioned, is that this could be an interesting herb worth taking a look at, but you have to do your own research and homework.

Doug at GAIA Health Blog


Thanks for this Doug – Fact is – Kwao Krua Kao & Kwao Krua dang (Pueraria mirifica & Butea superba may actually help to prevent some forms of breast and prostate cancer. Studies indicate native Thais who use PM have less than 13% of the breast cancer rate of westerners.
A natural/varied diet and varied regiment of fresh natural herbal supplements improves overall well being and longevity in holistic health.

Asian fruits, herbs, and flower teas are a good bet for easier navigating holistic health rejuvenation – Jiagulan, Moringa, Green Tea Twisted Jute, Butterfly Pea, Mangosteen, Gac, Galangal, Chi Wu Cha etc

Well stated about the ‘mis-information’ spread on internet – and beware of totally fake/tainted products on eBay & Amazon.

Unlike Thai FDA -> US FDA doesn’t routinely do actual analysis on what the corporate sellers offer either. Only if there’s a complaint by enough people.
The screening system is automated so fake sellers can beat it a number of ways to get products into America. We recently had a customer report the natural ‘Rhino’ men’s product being sold in stores “worked wonderfully” and wanted to know just what herb was in it that did the trick.
Our research indicated it was tainted with knock-off Viagra and the company had been flagged by FDA in 2015 for mislabeling of their so called “natural men’s vitality” herbal product.

The bad news is its still being sold in stores today and can cause heart attacks/death. Evidently, the company was investigated but that didn’t stop them. Who enforces FDA regulations?
We don’t know because Amazon & eBay have more fake supplements than the regular store chains do.

We recently brought our Kwao Krua Kao and certified organic MoringaThon Energy Tabs to a USA Nevada distribution warehouse and got FDA approval to distribute in stores in our new “NaturePaq” brand.

We hope to bring in more of our organic product line but it is a difficult process because FDA labeling guidelines prohibit grower/manufacturers from stating the facts about what specific use an herb may be good for. ‘Treating’ something is a medical claim which means it is “a drug” under present herbal supplement labeling guidelines.

It’s an outdated system that needs to be updated but as long as lobbyists control the industry [BIG pharma bucks] the word is ‘buyer beware’. Do your homework, siamnatural has a WordPress blog with much authentic info on some rare natural species of holistic herbs that are organically cultivated ion Thailand and Cambodia chemical free.

Tang Mu


Hi Tang Mu,

Obviously you live outside the United States. The greatest country in the world as pertains to many things, but the most discraceful country as far as things such as how the FDA works. But, a great countyry, because, I can write that last sentence with no fear of armed soldiers coming up to my house in jeeps and dragging me away for criticizing the government, then I’m found two weeks later amongst a pile of bodies…………

…but anyway, that the hard part about health and wellness in teh USA, so much mis-information, Big Business trying to scare people away from natural holistic products, it’s a mess.

I have re-orded this article several time, and I like the way I have it now, using Gac Fruit as an example, in that a person dowsn’t want to simply not look into something because of negative infor on the web which could be real or fake, or bogus products that try to cash in on teh lucrative American Market. You simply have to dig in, do you research, and make your best judgement.

I doubt if I’ll ever use this herb, but I think it is worth presenting the information that I ran across to others. I think women should at least take a look into it.

Doug at GAIA Health Blog.

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