Tapping into my health and healing “life force” energy, the Qi (pronounced “the Chee”)

The time has come, I'm ready for the next level in my health and wellness journey. I've done some good work in 2012, established myself as the "King of Research", even healed a few things on the ol' bod via my research, logical thinking, and God given insights (I'm not special, we all get these gifts or others), and I've been  flattered and humbled by dozens of emails from my blog readers, telling me I have impacted their lives and/or health in some way or another.

…..oh, and I forgot, I also think in 2012 I've created some rather "sexy", healthy sandwiches and recipes, merging the seemingly separate concepts of healthy eating with insanely tasty eating (my pride and joy).

However, in 2013 and beyond, I need to know, how deep does the health and wellness rabbit hole go? Is that ancient health and wellness wisdom sitting right in front of those willing to reach out and grab it?

Divine energy itself compels me tap into and harness the power of my Qi (you might have heard people use the word, pronounced "Chee"). The Qi is the energy that runs through all of us and governs life, health, healing and all the rest.

This is sure to be an amazing journey of discovery. First things first, what is this thing that we all hear about called "The Qi" ?

At conception, the refined essence of the mother and father merge and become one within the new fetal cell and this new life takes up residence in the womb. This united essence creates an energy which forms the foundation of the new human being's life. It is called the Original Qi (or Pre-natal Qi).

During pregnancy, the fetus relies upon the mother to nurture and protect the Original Qi.  After birth, the Original Qi becomes active and aids in the transformation of foods and thus in the production of energy. It is generally believed that the Original Qi has a major determining influence over both the length and the quality of one's life.

It is considered to be extremely difficult to enhance the Original Qi after conception, although it is not difficult at all to deplete and weaken it, and thus to weaken and in fact shorten one's life. The only way to strengthen the Original Qi is through specific highly sophisticated yogic techniques such as those developed by the Taoists in combination with the intake of certain extremely potent tonic herbs known as essence tonics.

However, it is possible, through proper living, to protect the Original Qi and to ensure a long and happy life. Excessive stress and abusive lifestyle are the factors that use up the Original Qi (pre-natal essence) before its predetermined time.  Sexual excess, dietary excess, emotional excess, drug excess and work excess deplete the Original Qi.

When food enters the stomach, the Original Qi acts upon it, resulting in the extraction of Qi from the food.

This extracted energy is known as Grain Qi. Grain Qi is directed upwards to the Lungs, it mixes with the electromagnetic energy, known as Air Qi, resulting in what is known as the Essential Qi, which can now be used by the body and psyche for all its functions.

The Essential Qi emerges from the Lungs in two forms, one known as Ying Qi and the other called Wei Qi. The Ying Qi (nutritive energy) circulates through the blood vessels and meridians (energy circuitry). It is said to be a combination of Heavenly and Earthly energies. Because it is nourishing, Ying Qi is considered to be relatively yin when compared to the Wei Qi. The Wei Qi (defense energy) also is derived from the Essential Qi and its function is not to nourish the body and mind, but to protect it.

The Wei Qi is responsible for maintaining soft, resilient, active skin that is capable of adapting to changes in the environment and protecting the tissues and organs that lie under them. The Wei Qi is yang in nature because it is fast moving and resides primarily at the surface of the body. If there is an abundance of Ying Qi, the excess enters a system of reservoirs known as the Extraordinary Channels. These channels maintain an immediate reserve of extra Qi that the body can utilize at the spur of the moment.

This stored reserve of energy is known as Jing (the word Jing means literally "essence," or "extract"). This  surplus energy of the whole body is stored in the Kidney (that is, the Kidney as defined by Chinese physiology). The Kidney is thus a reservoir of this highly refined energy that can be utilized by any organ at any time. One of the first goals of Chinese tonic herbalism, Taoist yoga and the higher forms of acupressure is to develop large reserves of Jing so that the body is always prepared for emergencies and extreme stress.

If one never dips too low into this reserve and maintains an abundant supply of Jing, a long secure life will result. If on the other hand one is under perpetual or acute stress and the reserves of Jing Qi in the Kidneys are used up, the only backup beyond that is the Original Qi. Further stress will result in a depletion of this pre-natal Jing and this will in turn result in an overall weakening and breakdown of the body, mind and spirit and will result in a shorter life, even if the stress is overcome.

This idea of avoiding extreme stress and thus avoiding the depleting of one's Jing while cultivating strong reserves lies at the heart of many of the standard health practices of the Oriental masters. All of the energy transformations described here can be specifically influenced and coordinated with the tonic herbs. The use of the Chinese tonic herbs, as well as breathing exercises and diet therapy, profoundly influence the manufacture and transformation of the life energy.

A knowledge of these energies and their transformations can lead to a better life — and not even just our own. It is possible, by cultivating our own energy and by protecting our Original Qi, to enhance the energy that we pass on to our children. Jing, which is stored in the Kidney, is refined to an absolutely pure state in the reproductive glands, and it is this primal essence that energizes the sperm and ova and provides the genetic potential of our offspring. This primal essence is in fact the final distillation of our life to this point, including the way we have eaten, acted, felt and thought.

Enhancing this primal essence is one of the ultimate goals of life, whether we recognize it or not, for this is the determining factor in the survival of the species. Modern Western man has apparently not yet grasped the long range results of the way we treat our bodies.

It is time to take the bigger view of life and remember that what we do at one moment will have consequences far into the future. We start by refining our character, practicing moderation in all things, accumulating Qi, cultivating essence (Jing), and protecting ourselves against the unnecessary loss of our Jing.

I am starting with a herbal tonic from a great company called Dragon Herbs, called the "8 Immortals", this herbal tonic addresses the protection and enhancement of the Qi. The text of this post is mostly from that product's description page, and product info can be found here.

I be writing more on this "next level" subject in the future, stay tuned………..

~stay healthy (and at peace, with abundant Qi)~

….as you know by know, I love adding music to my blogposts. This track by the smooth jazz band "Hiroshima" is just to us leave the article with a smooth Zen-like vibration in the molecular structure. You know, activating that Qi.

The name of the song is "Tabo", and its obvious she's singing about the elusive and all encompassing Qi.

Take a listen if you are so inclined, either way, thanks for stopping by and reading

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What a beautiful post. Simply put, clear, and those are gorgeous pictures. Thankyou for that.


Thanks for your comments. I don’t blog for money, comments like yours are my payment (and motivation) ~stay healthy~

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