Food for Thought: The Mayan Calendar (it WILL be the end of the world…………but we’ll still be here)

……..I'll explain myself. Methinks the Mayan Calendar represented a celestial "long cycle" as I call it. On that fateful day December 21, 2012, the solar system moves into the beginning of another long cycle to last 5125 years. I don't think the world will explode or get hit by an asteroid (and if it does, then who's gonna be here to read this blogpost), but just like the winter solstice comes around every year, when the weather psychology changes, especially if you lived in a frigid town like Chicago, moods change, it's quite depressing. I do think December 21 will be the dawn of a new era and a new energy in man, but undetectable……………………..unless you're in tune with it, and yourself.

I do think moods, personalities, world events, and all the rest are shaped by the heavens, in conjunction with our own inner selves. Or, it's possible the inner psyche and the external universe perhaps shape each other because they are a unity. Gets pretty crazy when you start thinking about it.

Nonetheless, those now living I think are at a unique time in history where we can define our lives in the new era that starts this December. Just as people define their "New Year's Resolutions"  annually, and ride the wave of energy that comes with the new year, I think we can do the same with the new energy that will come at the start of this next "long cycle".  However, as I previously suggested, this new energy, or wavelength,  will not be detectable unless you are in tune with it. I think I can tell just by talking to people if they are in tune with those higher vibrations of the inner self, and are using those "vibrations" to direct their lives and livelyhoods.

What does this all mean for health and wellness? If you go back to my article I wrote last new year's eve called "The Happy List,a.k.a. Story Story Long", I basically defined how I want to live my existence in the era to come. Holistic, organic , natural, going back to nature, but taking the best of the modern era, modern science and technology, harnessing all the power of Nature for my well being, and the well being of all those I come in contact with. In this new age, sustainable holistic modern living will become the "in thing", and I am excited about all it has to offer us.

I do think the planet has some rough years and decades ahead, but if we survive (and that's a BIG IF), then there will be a "Golden Age", or "Age of Aquarius", or whatever we choose to call it, that will be the start of a new era. I think it will take the first couple of thousand years of this coming 5125 year long cycle for mankind and womankind to realize December 21, 2012 was actually a turning point. How the "Gods" must envy us!!!!

………..and I think 2000 years from now,  they will envy those who had the vision, and intuitive gifts to live in what I call "The Golden Age". You know how I mix music into my blog by now, music is great medicine via the vibrations it sends through us.

A track I always liked is this cut by a smooth jazz band called Hiroshima called "The Golden Age". I'm going to play it on December 21, 2012, ceremoniously, simply to "calibrate" my inner vibrations and mental energy, and welcome the "Golden Age" that has arrived, just as the baby's birth is celebrated after much toil and travail durng labor.

~stay healthy~


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