The New [Superfood] Kids on the Block (Part 9) : Sea Buckthorn

Sea Buckthorn is no doubt one of the most underrated unknown superfoods that even many health food junkies don't know about, but well worth checking out!!!

Sea Buckthorn, the quick, Nutrition Science, bla-bla-bla…….

Sea Buckthorn (botanical name Hippophae rhamnoides) originated in China, Siberian Russia, and Mongolia. Though now, it is cultivated in many places around the Globe, though it favors northern climates like Canada, Europe, and Northern USA.

Sea buckthorn oil contains powerful phytonutrients, anti-inflammatory properties and even exhibits anti-cancerous elements, and has been historically praised for its nutrient dense, anti-aging qualities.

I admit, I am somewhat obsessed with finding foods that help give youthful appearance and vitality as we progress through the years.

I figure I can milk this "40-something athletic" flow for another 30 years if I play it right.

Actually, I'm over forty something, but I don't have the heart to tell co workers and such, often in their early and mid forties, that I am older than they are, when they think I'm younger or the same age. 

As long as I keep finding foods like Sea Buckthorn, I can keep the "age scam" going.

Known as the “Holy Fruit of the Himalayas,” sea buckthorn has been cherished by native Tibetans, Siberians, and other areas of Asia for centuries for its incredible health and healing qualities.

I'm always fond of those plants, fruits, and veggies that grow in those frigid Siberian type climates, because they develop into rugged, nutrient dense, hearty plants.

So the legend goes, in the 12th Century BC, the ancient Greeks in Eastern Turkey turned their horses out to die after a battle. They were shocked when the horses came back days later rejuvenated with shining coats. The miracle was traced to the sea buckthorn plant.

Modern science continues to confirm what the ancients knew about this incredible plant. You're on the web, there is a wealth of reliable information on the incredible properties of this plant. Nonetheless, I will list a few tidbits below…………………

Sea Buckthorn Power……

-Its one of the only natural sources for the rare Omega-7 fatty acid, which has been found to aid weight loss, help prevent type 2 diabetes, and improve the look and feel of skin

-It’s impact on skin health has led it to be used as an effective treatment for burns and dermatitis, and it’s anti-aging power will transform your skin

-No fewer than 3 different clinical studies found sea buckthorn was able to aid in weight loss or prevention of weight gain from a high fat diet

-It contains over 190 different nutrients, including every vitamin known to man

-Besides this, it’s been shown to enhance immunity, lower cholesterol and boost heart and vascular health, plus much more..

-You're already on the web, so you can pull up much info on sea buckthorn.

I am purchasing my Sea Buckthorn….

from a company I rave about on this blog called Genesis Today. I love their products, GojiAcaiMangosteen, and  Sea Buckthorn, because they  use the 100% total fruit bottled in glass including seed oils, juice, pulp, skin or inner rinds as opposed to just fruit juice, thus giving a more balanced and well rounded nutritional profile of the fruit, closer to the way nature intended it, not like many scammers who take advantage of a product becoming popular, and mixing a little of the nutrient with cheaper fruit juices.

Genesis Today is not an inexpensive product, but the benefits of products like this are well worth the money to me. I've never been sick a day in my life beyond a bad cold after a half century in this crazy toxic world!!!! (knock on wood). I have no affiliation with Genesis Today, just trying to help those getting started with wellness to steer away from cheap and bogus products and get the higher quality ones.

As I  will start to do with all the products I recommend, to help people determine how to find a quality product, below is a list of pointers to help find a quality sea buckthorn product (if you want to try something other than Genesis Today) such as Sea Buckthorn capsules.

3 Things To Look For When Buying Sea Buckthorn

1. You want both berry and seed oil. The exciting research on this plant has found incredible benefits from both the seeds and the berries. But some things the seeds have been found to do, the berries haven’t – and vice versa.

2. You want 1000MG of pure Sea Buckthorn per serving. If the label doesn’t say how much actual sea buckthorn is in the product it’s a sure bet there’s barely a trace amount there. If a company doesn’t even show the label on the website – run the other way.

3. If Taking capsules, a good option for daily intake, You want a 30 to 60 day supply. Seldom will there results and sense of better well being in less than 30 days. You want to take 1,000 MG twice a day. Most manufacturers will break 1,000 MG into two 500MG softgels so that it’s easier to swallow. This means anything less than 120 softgels is NOT a full 30 day supply. My opinion is that 90 days is a better trial period.

4 Things To Stay Away From When Buying Sea Buckthorn

1. Stay away from juices and blends. Juices have very little actual Sea Buckthorn in them. And any product claiming a “proprietary blend” is masking the fact that it, too, has very little to offer. Check the label for “other ingredients” and if you find any, this is not the product you want. (Genesis Today Sea Buckthorn, my favorite, is not technically a juice, but more like the entire Sea Buckthorn Plant put in a blender, containing all of the seed oils, pulp, beat, skin, the entire berry)

2. Products that sell only seed oil or only berry oil. As we said above, the science shows incredible benefits from each – and both have properties the other doesn’t. To get the full benefit of Sea Buckthorn, get oil from both the seeds and berries.

3. If taking Sea Buckthorn in capsules (a good option to get the nutrients everyday), stay away from companies that manipulate the dosage to make it seem like you have more than you do. Some big name companies will sell 120 capsules, but only include 250 MG of Sea Buckthorn in each. Unfortunately, you really have to pay attention.

4. Be careful with Sea Buckthorn powders imported from China, as they are vulnerable to containing lead and other contaminants.

They call me Mr. Smooth[ie]

As I have said a gazillion times,  to take advantage of these amazing superfoods now popping up un the USA ……


This superfood is perfect for my milkshake tasting daily smoothies, because its is easily assimilated into smoothies, and will make a great Nutrient/Vitamin "booster", especially in winter months.

Remember, "Doubt is their Greatest Weapon"…..

… one author recently titled his book on how the Pharmaceutical Industry, Modern Medicine, and the Processed Food Industry will do ANYTHING in their power to convince us that these miracles of nature are a hoax or a scam.

Big Business is actually paying people to spread confusion on the web as these new Superfoods try to take root in the lucrative USA market to compete with their manufactured and processed foods and laboratory made medicines.

They are even coming after me and my blog now…..sigh :(


~stay healthy~

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I have been buying & eating the seeds with my morning cereal. Will this work & how much shold I take of the seeds.


Actually, I have never heard of anyone buying Sea Buckthorn seeds by themselves. But I eat apricot seeds and use the seeds from apples, pears, and other fruits in my smoothies (meaning I throw the core into the blender). Nonetheless seeds are normally a treasure trove of nutrients. I think the Genesis Today liquid Sea Buckthorn that I use contains the seeds as part of the mix, so if if were me, I would eat the equilavent of a Genesis Today serving which I suppose would come out to 15-20 Sea Buckthorn Seeds


I have been deeply involved with growing and consuming Sea Buckthorn for a number of years now.  As far as I know, I have the largest Sea Buckthorn orchard in the United States.  There are quite a few in Canada, but the U.S. is behind the 8 ball in that regard.  My plants are too young, to produce berries in past seasons and I hope to start harvesting some this year.  It is all a big experiment which is going well so far.  My blog has lots of information and I posted a summary recently at this address  There are plants and seeds available to the green thumb types.  Please come visit and comment away.  People may especially like the recipe page.  
All the best to all the seaberry lovers!  – Tom


Your Comments
Please send any information on your product and where to
seabuckthron 100% seeds and fruit berries oils, teas etc. is there
a catalog or a monthly magazine by usa mail.

Thank You
Bridgette Taylor


I also drink the Genesis Sea Berry juice every day. I would like to share another way to make the drink more platable. Mix 1 oz SB liquid with 2 oz POM juice. The POM juice is too sweet for my taste anyway, so adding the SB helps with that and you get the added benefits of the POM juice.


Interesting recipe, since I can get pomegranetes, I actually put the seeds from 1/4 to 1/2 of a pomegranete into my smoothie. I agree with the sweetness of the POM juice, that why the seeds work for me because they have that “raspy” taste…not sweet.

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