Honey and Cinnamon (and more) Electrolyte Water, the ultimate replenishing sports drink!!!!

I simply LOVE my new homemade workout Electrolyte Water, incredible taste, give me that great "vibration", replenishes the body, I should bottle this stuff and sell it.

However, I doubt if that ever happens, I ain't in this for the money, just to spread the word about health and wellness. Of course, if someone wanted to write me a million dollar check, we can talk about it!!

I would suggest however that anyone and everyone considers making their own, and saying goodbye to Gatorade, Powerade and the others with their toxic artificial sweeteners, and cheap ingredients.

What are Electrolytes?

Electrolytes are electrically-charged substances found in your blood and other bodily fluids. They are needed to keep a healthy balance within the body. Electrolytes come in different forms, including chlorine, potassium, phosphate, magnesium, calcium and sodium. You must keep electrolytes balanced within your body to allow it to maintain proper water amounts in your body, balance blood acidity, allow for proper muscle action, and to allow other important processes to occur. Sweat releases electrolytes, so in order to replenish them, you must consume foods and drinks that contain electrolytes.

My ingredients are simple and straight forward, but they are heavy hitters that are so refreshing and replenishing, even on non workout days, especially first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, to get that digestive track on track for another day.

Below is my current recipe. However like Barney Rubble in the basement experimenting and tinkering, I'm sure it will evolve, but these core ingredients are awesome. Especially the combination of honey and cinnamon. Many scientific studies have shown the two powerhouses, raw honey and cinnamon, when combined together, have exponentially advance health benefits. I'll write a post on that dynamic duo soon. (article done!!! go here)

Everyone's PH, biochemistry, taste buds, and so forth are different, so individual electrolyte drinks will differ from person to person. As one gets in tune with the body's "vibration", the body will do everything short of verbally speaking to you about what is like and dislikes.

Doug's Electrolyte Water

-About 4/5  icy cold quality filtered or spring water

-1/5  pure coconut water, my current fav is Taste Nirvana Real Coconut Water

-A pinch of fresh ground organic Ceylon cinnamon

-Quality  Manuka Honey (if you can afford it), good article on fake honey here

-A teaspoon (or more) of the superfood powder Baobab. This is my latest addition to my water and I'm really loving it

Finely Ground Himalayan Salt (will dissolve when stirred or shaken), or Pink Himalayan Salt Sole (Salt to taste, my salt balances out the sweet of my honey)

– Half Teaspoon of Maca Powder

-Optional squeeze of lemon, or lime or lemon/lime slices (though I don't do this much anymore)

-works best for me to put in a blender, and throw in the freezer of be crispy cold at workout time

Note: Experiment, but KEEP IT SIMPLE!! The drink should be simple to make, like in 45 seconds, like during a commercial of a TV show.


I don't wanna give measurements to ingredients, because you should experiment with your own personal taste.

I kinda like that salty flavor over too sweet (similar to Gatorade). The cinnamon may not dissolve either if mixing with spoon, it will kind of float around like sawdust, but in a shaker bottle at workouts, it all mixes well and taste awesome once you get your right blend.

Also, get that digestive tract going right in the morning by trying it on an empty stomach right after Oil Pulling and a Himalayan Salt Sole Oral Rinse

10/21/2012 UPDATE – A week after using this mixture in my water bottle at the health club. Previously, I used to have to consume dried apricots after a workout to get my glycogen levels back up. However after drinking this water throughout the workout, I now longer have that urge to eat something sweet like apricot seeds (or raisins or bananna) after my workout. I interpet that as the sugars and salts in the electrolyte drink are hydrating my body nicely during the workout and I don't feel so depleted whereas I need to wolf down a bunch of dried fruit or regular fruit right after my workout.

~stay healthy~


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3 Responses


Hello Doug! 

Looking forward to trying this homemade water/electrolyte drink. I just wanted to say Thanks for sharing.

Also, I wanted to share  that I have found an easier way to get cinnamon to blend. I mix it with the honey first, like a paste, then add the other ingredients. The paste quality helps keep more cinnamon in the drink. 


Hi Michele,

Thanks for taking the time to comment.

I found the simple solution for me is to put it all in the blender, and it mixed up perfectly!! Actually I do have a batch of Manuka honey with the cinnamon mixed in, but that is in the bathroom for the pre shave face mask. I love this new recipe though because the blender works so well, I now also add a half tablespoon of Maca powder. This drink is really good and replenishing. One day I forgot to put my drink in my gym bag and had to deal with plain water at the club, and I was, to say the least,   “hurting” 🙂

~stay healthy~

Doug Wallace



If you make cinnamon tea first you can use that in place of the ground cinnamon in the mix. Just brew it like tea until you have a pretty clear red drink. I make the cinnamon tea an use it as the base for my other tea an coffee all day bc its sweet an warm. It might help you not having to shake or anything during your workouts ☀️

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