Eggshell Membrane: it really works for my joint pain

I have always believed most of the stuff our minds tells us we have to accept as the years go by, we don't have to necessarily accept, perhaps the exception is grey hair, but I still fighting that one tooth and nail with experimenting with the Ho She Wu herb. The joint pain is more at issue for this post, because eggshell membrane really works wonders for me.

I don't have any serious joint pain, just some "creaky knees" that I only really feel when I am at the gym. However the philosopher Lao Tze one said, "Deal with a big problem while it is still a little problem". I ran across eggshell membrane when a supplement store worker said the "older people" having big problems with joint pain love this stuff, and the store can't keep it on the shelves.

I think we may be ignorant of the point that most if not all of the body's cells can regenerate themselves given the right conditions. I found this out from the fact that I had cavities back in my twenties, now dentists tell me I have none, because teeth can "remineralize", and cavities can reverse themselves. Think about how you can break a bone, get it set and put in a cast, and the bone tissue will fuse back together and totally heal itself.

Why wouldn't the same apply to joint cartilage and tissue? They are cells just as is bone, teeth, and skin cells. Joint cartilage and tissue, like any machine, wears down over the years from all types of strain and abuse we put on our joints, those joint structures begin to become "rusty hinges". Eggshell Membrane seemingly allows those cell structures that make up the tissues and cartilage of the joint regenerate themselves. From what I have researched, this even applies to arthritis suffers!!!!!

Before I first tried eggshell membrane, many of my leg lifting exercises and walking up the stairs at the health club gave me those slightly painful "creaky knees". Eggshell membrane seemed to totally knock it in two months. Since I always say, "I am my own lab rat",  to verify my now youthful joints were because of the eggshell membrane, I stopped using it for three months. Low and behold the creaky knees came back. I'm back on it now, and the discomfort is mostly gone after a few weeks.

I didn't want to get too deep into the science of it all in this post (in my quest to be more concise), but it you want more detailed reading on eggshell membrane, then go here.

Taken in capsule form, the product I use is called Genuine Health Fast Joint Care. The product is found at Amazon also.

Remember, I'm just an average person and not affiliated with any product I endorse and link to in this blog, I'm just spreading the word on things that worked for me, perhaps saving some else time and money, and hopefully helping with some relief from conditions such as this.

……and, I just love cheating Father Time.  

Eggshell Membrane is in my personal list of "My Top 10 'Fountain of Youth" Superfoods". These superfoods are from all over the world, but are readily available and accessible for purchase in the United States to help us cheat "Father Time", with the help of "Mother Nature". Go to my Top 10 list below.

~stay healthy~

My Top 10 "Fountain of Youth" superfoods (Part 1)
~click on link above or photo below to see my list~

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Thanks for the info. It is good to know this. Even i was also unaware of this thing. This is good for getting relief from joint pains.


Very interesting! Do you know if we could just eat the membranes from our eggshells? We go through lots of eggs in our family, plus we peel the membrane off of the shells anyway to use the shells for feeding our water kefir crystals. Sounds kind of yucky though…maybe drop them in a smoothie or something. 🙂


Good Question, but why not just take the one a day capsules? I guess it would be to save money on the $40 monthly supply. If it were me, I would look into the company’s website and try to see if there is some sort of special extraction process, or if they are just taking that lining or membrane, which I assume is that thin film on the inside of the egg, and placing it into a capsule.


I' just started taking Kordel eggshells membrane and wonder it side effect coz after taking it once a day capsule I hv difficulty sleeping at nite. 


Hi Peggy,

Never heard of Kordel. Remember, they could be putting something else in tge capsule as well. I had sleep issues with certain things, and I normally stopp immediately, and maybe try that same brand a month later, if the seep issue comes back, I know I’ve gor my culprit.

Try the one I link to in the blog also,

Doug at Gaia Health Blog


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