“Flip the Script” on the “All American” breakfast

For non-vegetarians who know of the quality of grass fed meats pasture raised poultry and eggs, we instinctively know that the "All American" breakfast doesn't have to be as unhealthy as perceived.

Like most other foods and meals, it can be enjoyed and contribute to health and wellness, once we remove those unhealthy ingredients.

I had to do a separate article on pancakes, because that took a little work to "flip" pancakes into a healthy part of our nutrition.

For the rest of the traditional American breakfast, if you consume quality eggs, grass fed butter, and address your pancakes and syrup as I have detailed in my other article, then you're just about home. I am not a big pork eater and it's hard for me to comment on it, except that I would recommend trying chicken sausage. Whole Foods has an array of awesome chicken sausages. Eventually I want to make my own sausage from pasture raised chickens.

The other important point is that is you are not cooking in grass fed butter and are using oil, consider switching over to coconut oil. I not a big fan of most of the common oils out there, and the most popular one, Canola Oil, is the one I am most opposed to. In my mind they have marketed it as a healthy Omega-3 oil, but I think it wreaks havoc on your health. As I always say, take it out of your diet for 60 days and watch what happens.




To ''Flip the Script'' on the All American Breakfast:

Eliminate:Canola Oil, Wesson Oil, Vegetable Oil, Corn Oil, other poor quality oils(GMO, toxic oils, poison in my opinion, molecular structure breaks down in heat, can cause subtle ongoing health issues such as insomnia, flatulence, dry skin, etc.) ,

Margerine and Conventional Butter(Margerine is TOTALLY unhealthy, conventional butter from commercially process cattle often with poor cattle feed)

       Conventional Bacon and Sausage (often poor quality, often high in sodium)

       Conventional Pancakes and Syrup(Often with GMO ingredients, poor nutrient profile)

       Conventional Eggs(Poor nutrient profile, often from chickens given poor quality feed)


Replace With: Pasture raised Eggs (More nutrients than regular eggs, better taste)

Quality pancakes, preferably gluten free and real maple syrup(better for digestive tract, see pancake article)

Quality chicken sausage (Just my personal opinion here, just perfer it over pork, pasture raised chickens best choice)

       Coconut Oil (Good Fat, Much healthier cooking oil, promotes weight loss, stays stable in heat)

       Grass Fed Butter (Good Fat, totally processable by the body, butter the traditional way)



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Hey, Doug, great article! I love grain-free pancakes made out of almond flour and fried in coconut oil. You have some great suggestions here. Also, thanks for the link, and I'm glad you found yourself some eggs!


Yeah the next level of eggs has me coming my way for a year or so now. After your article I realized it was time. Thanks, I’m letting the grain free thing evolve. An old friend who I got into healthy eating got me back into pancakes. It was more the syrup that I struggled with. He uses maple syrup and my research said that quality maple is OK. BTW I like the way you write I put you link on my page on the sidebar.


Nothing like a great big breakfast, and I really like the substitutions you suggested! I prefer chicken sausage too!


Thanks for your comment. Some of Whole Foods Chicken sausage are spectacular!!!!!


Mmmm pancakes! I make pancakes with egg whites and butternut squash, that's it! 🙂 So delicious!


I can’t wait to try the squash pancakes………………..


Sometimes we can get quality pork sausage that is processed right in our area without preservatives and extra sodium.  Otherwise, I sometimes make my own sausage with a mixture of grass-fed beef/bison and chicken.


I could get into some bison sausage. I am trying to get to that level of making my own.


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