Body (Part 34), a.k.a., “Express Yourself” (….a “Tatted” Ladies Slideshow)

Taking my Bi-monthly break from my left-brained, "egghead" nutrition and health science, keeping myself balanced with that other side of my brain I love so much (as I'm sure is quite obvious :) )

But, it's a very healthy place to be, when one becomes so "well balanced" :) ……



Home Cookin’ !!! “I wanna Rock with You”, in a Hudson Valley Forest, New York Cabin (…..with some “Rockin” Chicken Recipes!!)

On the menu:
Grilled Turmeric Chicken with Kohlrabi and Pineapple                  Crispy Chili Lime Baked Wings  

Chicken Tagine with Preserved Lemons and Olives                          Spicy Basil  and Lemon Chicken
Lemon Chicken with Asparagus and Potatoes                                   Cilantro Lime Chicken Thighs
Skillet Roast Chicken with Fennel, Parsnips, and Scallions

[below] cilantro lime chicken thighs,  more info further down

Not sure what was going on with my "warped" mind as a kid in a South of Chicago "Steel Town"…

…but part of me wanted to live out in a cabin in the forest, amidst the trees, the birds……the quiet.



The New [Superfood] Kids on the Block (Part 4): Camu Camu

I don't think vitamin supplementation is necessary when you find the right whole food nutrient sources.

Camu Camu, being very high in Vitamin C, eliminates the need for Vitamin C supplements, which is especially important, because most Vitamin C supplements are now made from GMO corn :(



Cool Fitness Gear (Part 5)

(1 photo above and 2 photos below)   Nike "Power Speed" Running Tight   $150



Cancer Causing Glyphosate popping up everywhere in our food supply (….including unexpected places, like some Whole Foods 365 products)

According to glyphosate laboratory testing conducted at Microbe Inotech Laboratories, Inc., in St. Louis, the Quaker Instant Oatmeal (Strawberries and Cream) sample……

…….tested at the lab contains an astonishing 1,327.1 ppb (parts per billion) of glyphosate weed killer.



Girl Talk: Study Shows Toxin Levels in Women Drop Sharply Just 3 Days After Switching to Natural Makeup

Just three days of using different cosmetics and personal care products led to a dramatic drop in the levels of toxic, hormone-disrupting chemicals in the bodies of teenage girls……

………in a study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.



Wheatgrass for a Healthy Living

…..a guest post, by Jenny Travens of

The growing popularity of wheatgrass in recent times signifies a greater than before confidence in the wonder-wheat plant.  The nutrient-rich food offers enormous health benefits which contribute toward its wide-spread usage and marked visibility across varied demographics.

The availability of wheatgrass, some time ago, was in a tight spot, but not now. Its advent to human health and fitness has largely driven manufacturers to ensure it is easily available, and in a variety of forms, via different sales channels.



New in “The Wanderlust Food Diaries”: “A Long Walk” (…with Jill Scott)

On the menu: A Picnic in a Backpack

To go to the article, click on any of the photos, or click here



One Shining Moment: The Official NCAA “March Madness” Video !!!

….I just love watching this every year, ENJOY!!!!


Home Cookin’ !!! This is “How You Do” … Hawaiian Lifestyle, and Hawaiian Cookin’

On the menu:
Huli Huli Chicken                                      Coconut Crusted Chicken with Pineapple-Mango Salsa
Grilled Mahi Mahi                                    Hawaiian Oni Fish with Pineapple-Ginger Salsa
Hawaiian Pudding Cake                         Hawaiian Carrot Cake
Paleo Pineapple Stir Fry Shrimp

So check it out, here is the current master plan….

Accomplish my "next level" financial independence [which is actually lining up!], and move to
Oil Nut Bay Community in the British Virgin Islands.


(below) Huli Huli Chicken (more info further down)



Men’s Health: The Prostate Cancer Fighting, “Fantastic Four”: Pomegranate, Green Tea, Turmeric, and Broccoli

Landmark UK Study:          "Food Pill"  Slows Prostate Cancer Growth

In June of 2013, the American Society of Clinical Oncology included in its program a report on a “food pill” that had a dramatic impact on men with prostate cancer. The study reported on the role of four polyphenol-rich foods with known anti-cancer properties.

They extensively scrutinized the clinical and laboratory data for foods that have a high chance of an anti-cancer effect.



Garden Graffiti (Part 4): “House of Style”

…a "Made for Browsing" collection of some stylish Gardening/Landscaping that I ran across,  ENJOY!!!


(below) Outdoor "zen  bath" secret garden, by Sydney Australia Rolling Stone Landscapes

(below) Outdoor garden Picnic area with Contemporary Pergola from TLC Design Melbourne



Girl Talk: Are you putting Monsanto in your vagina? Majority of tampons supposedly contaminated with toxic Glyphosate herbicide

Among health-conscious women, the toxicity of mainstream tampons has long been an issue.

"Just as I say heck no to Cottonseed oil, for the same reason I say heck no to sticking toxic cotton up into my 'nethers'…..writes Meghan Telpner, in  her VERY GOOD article, "Tampax Tampons:Toxic Sticks of Death" .



Excessive Lead Found In Some Water Samples In All 50 States

[photo source]

While a harsh national spotlight focuses on the drinking water crisis in Flint, Mich………

…..a USA TODAY NETWORK investigation has identified almost 2,000 additional water systems spanning all 50 states where testing has shown excessive levels of lead contamination over the past four years.



Body, (Part 33) a.k.a. “Get To Know Ya” (The “Fit N’ Fashion” Slideshow)

I wanted to "sculpt" this slideshow partially because women keep writing me saying they wanna lift weights and work out….but they are afraid they will start looking "like a man".

Since nobody on the web is calling it out, let me be the first, in that many of these fitness babes on the web are on steroids :( Don't worry, you won't get a "man face" from natural exercising, read this article.



Home Cookin !!! “Rescue Me”… from boring chicken dinners, in a Catskill Mountains, New York, Crib

On the menu:
Skillet Chicken with Tomatoes, Pancetta, and Bocconcini Cheese
Sumac Chicken with Lemon                   Cilantro-Lime Chicken Skewers
Balsamic Glazed Chicken                        Chicken Skillet with Shallots and Cherry Tomato

I have a lot of female readers, and I have to apologize in advance to many of my loyal lady readers…….

……. because many [hopefully not all] of you ladies may not be "feeling" this amazing Crib up in the Catskill Mountains in Upper New York.

Sumac Chicken with Lemon (more info further down)



The New [Superfood] Kids on the Block (Part 3): The Maqui Berry

[photo source]

Today, practically everyone knows that blueberries, blackberries, black currants, acai, raspberries and elderberries are very good for health.

[photo source]

But few have heard of one of the greatest super berries of them all, maqui berry.

In the southern part of Chile, in the Mapuche native people who harvest the berry, where maqui grows profusely in the wild.



Fifty+, Fit, and Fabulous !!! Adrienne Galloway, age 51 , Wellness Coach (She Lives Around the Corner from the Fountain of Youth)

I'm actually having trouble keeping up with my Elite "Fifty+, Fit and Fabulous" Club. I actually have a backlog of articles to put out on these amazing 50+ ladies, and I honestly didn't see this coming!!!

Nonetheless, now that the FF&F Club is the most popular series of articles on my blog, I gotta keep cranking them out, you inspirational ladies are making me work!!!



Men’s Health: It’s “TIME” to take control of our Prostate Health

See, here's my problem with the medical industry……..

Many people think nothing of their health all year, then take a physical every year or two, and pray the doctor doesn't find anything.

If they do find something, we depend on the Medical Industry's man made medicines to heal us.



Stadiums, Farmers, and Fans all Score with “Farm to Game” Experience

Across the nation, sports fans are being offered fresh, healthy fare during game time……

(above) The Garden at AT&T Stadium, home of San Francisco Giants, featuring veggies grown on site and smoothie/juice bar

Tampa’s Amalie Arena serves hot dogs, nachos, and the rest of the foods that fans expect at an NHL game.

But the arena also offers herb-studded risotto, seasonal soups, and a salad bar—all sourced from
the onsite hydroponic farm at Tampa Bay's Amalie Stadium.



New in “The Wanderlust Food Diaries”: “Spread My Wings” and Fly Away…to Katitche House, British Virgin Islands

On the Menu:
A Tropical Style Spread featuring Caribbean Style Wing recipes

to go to the article, click either photo, or click here


Body, (Part 32), a.k.a., “Attack Me” (The “Black Tape Project” Slideshow)

As I understand it, "The Black Tape Project" was started by a Miami artist who decorated women in only black electrical tape……..

…….for them to sport their "assets" on the Miami club scene.



Home Cookin’ !!! Sophisticated Sandwiches in “Tribeca” , New York

On the Menu:
The "Green Goddess" Sandwich                                             Open Faced Avocado Spread Sandwiches
Halibut Burgers with Coriander Mayo                                Prawn, Lettuce, and Tomato Roll Sandwiches

Grilled Caprese Sandwich with Pesto Arugula

I have to take a little "Blogger's Creative License" with this post, because this amazing Penthouse is actually in The Garment District about a mile up the road from Tribeca, in Manhattan.

But, since I always splice in one of my fav' songs into my Home Cookin' articles to "set my scene", unless I find a song called "The Garment District", I gotta go with what works for my "Cyber Canvas".



The Fountain of Youth: Mom and Her Twins – Which is the Mother?

And Instagram photo challenging everyone to figure out who's the mom caused a fun "Internet Firestorm".  I wanted so bad to leave everyone guessing, but I couldn't be so cruel.

So take a guess first, then read on to get this answer to this mystery that has caused more controversy and debate on Social Media than Donald Trump on a bad day………..



"Body", (Part 34)
a.k.a. "Express Yourself"
(...a "Tatted" Ladies Slideshow)


Lemon Chicken
....with asparagus and potatoes


My Top 10
"Fountain of Youth" Superfoods
(Part 2)


Raw Mango Cheesecake
(....made healthy)


Putting Monsanto in Your Vagina?
Many Tampons and feminine products contain Monsanto's toxic Glyphosate


Cilantro Lime Chicken Thighs


"The Wanderlust Food Diaries"
"A Long Walk" (...with Jill Scott)
On the Menu: A Picnic in a Backpack



Study Shows Toxin Levels in Women Drop Sharply Just 3 Days After Switching to Natural Makeup


The New Superfood "Camu Camu"
(50x the Vitamin C of Oranges)
Powder is Great in Smoothies!!!


The Prostate Cancer Fighting
(Pomegranate, Green Tea, Turmeric, and Broccoli)


Hawaiian Carrot Cake
(gluten free)


Fifty, Fit and Fabulous!!!
Adrienne Galloway, Age 51 !!!
Wellness Coach


Turmeric Chicken Wings


Men's Health:
Black Sesame Seeds help fight and prevent Prostate Cancer


Smoked Salmon and Egg Scramble


Cool Fitness Gear!!!
(Part 5)


Sumac Spied Chicken with Lemon


DIY Skin and Bodycare (Part 7)
......a.k.a., "The Black Article"


Chicken Lettuce Wraps


Dinner and a Movie:
"Enemy of the State"
On the Menu: Enemy of the "State of American Fast Food" Burgers and Fries


The "Caribbean Dream" Cocktail


"Ballet, something pure in this Crazy World" --Misty Copeland


Mandarin Orange Cookies
(.....made healthy)


Babylonstoren Farm, South Africa
...a 12 room boutique hotel embracing the "Farm to Table" experience, NICE!


The "Green Goddess" Sandwich


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(The Art of Food)


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(The Science of Food)



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