New in “The Wanderlust Food Diaries”: “Smooth Sailing”, The “Necker Belle” Catamaran (based in the British Virgin Islands)

On the Menu:
"Smooth Sailing" Caribbean Lunch Inspirations

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The New [Superfood] Kids on the Block (Part 6): Acerola

[photo source and info acerola tree planting kits]

I don't think vitamin supplementation is necessary when you find the right whole food nutrient sources.

Acerola, being very high in Vitamin C, eliminates the need for Vitamin C supplements, which is especially important, because most Vitamin C supplements are now made from GMO corn :(



Fifty+, Fit, and Fabulous !!! Pamela Bonita Jacobs, Age 53 (She lives around the corner from the Fountain of Youth)

"Coconut Oil is my secret weapon for my youthful look"
             –Pamela Bonita Jacobs 

With her clear skin, enviable figure, and thick, dark hair, Pamela Jacobs, in Leeds, England, looks every inch the "yummy mummy". But while she might look like someone in her late twenties or early thirties, Mrs Jacobs is 52 [in 2015], and has a 21-year-old son.

Much to her son's horror, she also gets attention from younger men, and embarrassingly, has been mistaken for his girlfriend in the past.



Men’s Health: New Studies Reveal Importance of Zinc In Maintaining Prostate Health

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death among men, and considered "epidemic" amongst African American men.

Researchers have uncovered data revealing that the trace mineral zinc plays an active role in maintaining prostate health. Studies reveal that the presence of zinc in the body helps suppress tumor growth, especially in the prostate.



“Vertical Harvest” in Wyoming to grow 50 tons of indoor produce a year

In cold Wyoming Winters, a new Vertical Farm keeps fresh produce local. Winters are notoriously harsh in Jackson, Wyoming, where temperatures can plunge far below zero and snowstorms regularly pummel the surrounding mountains.

The conditions make for world-class skiing, but they aren’t necessarily conducive to growing heirloom tomatoes.



Home Cookin !!! “I Got To Go” …to a Quiet Cabin, for a Quiet Breakfast, in Vastra Karup, Sweden

On the menu:
Charred Tomatoes with Fried Eggs on Garlic Toast               Yeast Molasses Pancakes with Herb Fruit 
Papaya Lox with Dairy Free Cream Cheese                              Easy Sweet Potatoes & Eggs
Baked Eggs with Ricotta, Thyme, and Chervil                          Egg White Pizza
Baked Egg Breakfast 

[below] Yeast Molasses Pancakes with Herb Fruit (more info further down)

Whether I eventually become the Modern Day, Hip-Hop Mr. Darcy, in my "Yo-MTV Cribs" style
Pimberly in the Caribbean, flying off on my private jet…..

…..or remain the current "aspiring but content" Mr. Darcy living in my Seattle studio, either way, I have to have the exact same style quiet place in the world to escape to………



Going “Deep Cover” : Exposing Whole Foods’ “Dirty Little Secrets”

I mention Whole Foods Supermarket a lot in my blog, and I still like them a lot for certain things. For example, I still think their seafood, chicken, and fresh organic fruits/veggies are second to none.

And right now, where I'm living in Seattle, it's the only supermarket in walking distance for a guy like me with no car, so Whole Foods and I are kinda married right now……

……..but my "once faithful" bride has been cheating on me :(



“Short Story Long”, a.k.a., “The Adventures of Lee Litumbe” … (Part 1) Alberta, Canada … A Road Trip to the Rockies

…one blogger [myself] enjoying the travel adventures of another blogger [Lee Litumbe]

Hey, I won't lie, I enjoy the many "accolades" of readers telling me I have inspired and/or motivated them in some way through my web-spot…..but hey, us bloggers need to be inspired sometimes!

I have so little time to follow anyone over the web, but I really love what Ms. Lee Litumbe is doing over at her "Spirited Pursuit" website.



Body (Part 36), a.k.a., “Summertime”

Taking my bi-monthly break from my "egghead" health and nutrition science to get this one in, in the summer heat.

It's what I do to stay "balanced" :)



“Dressed to Grill” : “Now that the Summer’s Here…..”


"In slow-motion I'm reborn,
  I need a week to mow the lawn,
  I eat dinner with my flip-flops on, now that the summer's here"
               -Michael Franks (from the song "Now that the Summer's Here")

As much as I enjoy my HGTV style presentations of "Cool Cribs" and Custom Outdoor Kitchens and all that, major life changing events will sometimes have one take a step back…..

…….and appreciate what you have in the here and now.

[below] Chicken "Under a Brick" with Grilled Avocado (more infor further down)[photo source and recipe]



ESPN 2016 “Body” Issue: Behind the scenes with fencer Nzingha Prescod

Age: 24
Height: 5'-4"
Weight: 138 pounds
Member: USA 2016 Olympic Fencing Team

"Yes, there are Black fencers"
Nzingha Prescod



Workout Tech: The Adrian Peterson “Driven” Workout App

Not to get all off into the philosophical, I don't like using terms such as "getting older", or even telling my age anymore.

But, at "this stage of existence", if I can put it that way, I'm moving to incorporating some new technology, and new of exercises techniques into my routine to stay youthful and healthy.



Girl Talk: Beauty Secrets from Africa

"Africa’s ancient beauty secrets are finally coming into the forefront"…….

…..says Afya  a premium organic skincare brand inspired by the healing traditions of Africa's myriad tribes, whose stories are elegantly told through the eco-friendly packaging and design.



The videos that every African American needs to see (…and though it shouldn’t matter, it’s from a “White Guy” from Texas)

You all know me by now, I'm all about multi-cultural, positive energy at this site (and I do end this article with a bit of multi-cultural positive energy).

I'm not one for posting emotionally charged videos and such from all the madness surrounding us in this country, with no end purpose but to spew emotion and frustration, but people of color need to devote 10 minutes your life to this video.

And this video is from a "White Guy" from Texas who brilliantly nails this whole subject down.

I think I've shown in my blog that I don't get all wrapped up in the racial issues and Cultural Chaos all around us, my blog is multi-cultural celebration and expression…….



Food for Thought: “Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?” -Prince Ea

Artist "Prince Ea" speaks "Proxy" for me in my "Lone Wolf" mindset that we're in a Cellphone and Social Media connected world in danger of spinning out of control, leaving us more dis-connected than ever……

Check out Prince Ea's video at bottom, where he masterfully breaks down what I've been struggling to formulate in my head, yet alone put into words. I thought I was the only person who sees it from this angle…..

……..I printed a few of my favorite quotes from the YouTube video posted below:



Home Cookin’ !!! “Take Me With You” to a Gig Harbor, Washington State getaway home , for some West Coast Seafood

On the menu
Pan Fried Cod in a Citrus and Basil Butter Sauce           Grill Salmon with Blueberry Sauce  
Shrimp Po' Boy Sliders with Remoulade                           Tarragon Crab Cakes 
One Pan Lemon Roasted Salmon                                        Shrimp Rolls
Salmon Souvlaki Bowls  

[Below, Shrimp Rolls, more info further down]

I live in downtown Seattle, Washington, and when I saw this amazing photo shoot of this "out in the forest, by the lake" getaway in Gig Harbour Washington, I had no clue where that was.

But, after a little "Google Earth-ing", I could see getting there would be one those mega-pleasant, Great Northwest rides a ways from Seattle, though all this amazing forest and mountain scenery.



The New [Superfood] Kids on the Block (Part 5): Lucuma

This ancient superfood, now available in the USA, has the nickname of "The Gold of the Incas".

To the Peruvian people, Lucuma is a symbol of both longevity and fertility. Lucuma is full of essential nutrients and can be used as a healthier substitute for sugar.



PATIENTS’ LIVES MATTER!!! Doctor caught making millions from false Cancer Diagnoses and unnecessary Cancer Treatments

I'm not sure why this story has not made national news…….

For years, Dr. Farid Fata of Detroit, Michigan, gave patients [almost all African Americans]  harmful and painful cancer treatments they did not need, all so he could bill insurance companies for the services, and in turn, put money in his pocket.



Goodbye Mom … Barbara Wallace 1939-2016

I wasn't planning to put anything on my blog after mom's passing, not really my thing, and it didn't seem like it would have been her thing……..

She was proud of my work on my blog, but complained about too many "Shake Girls" on my website (whatever that means) :)



New in “The Wanderlust Food Diaries”: “Seven Days” (…a.k.a., The Jane Restaurant, Antwerp, Belgium)

On the Menu:
"Seven Days" of Brunch in Belgium

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(below) Green Onion and Salmon "Dutch Baby"


The “Cool School” (Part 4) …. Refreshing Summertime Adult Drinks

  (1 above and next 4 photos below)  lavender kumquat shrub drink   
(click photo above or any of next 4 photos for recipe)



Body (Part 35), a.k.a., “Smooth” (…..a “Caliente” Slideshow)

"Caliente" (kah-len'-tay): (adjective: Spanish) from Latin calēnte, singular ablative of calēns, present participle of caleō.
hot, warm (exhibiting heat or warmth),  sexually aroused  (slang)

I'll eventually be doing a feature article on the Dominican born fitness "phenom" that is Massy Arias, and her story of going from near death depression, an abusive relationship, and many other obstacles……..

…to where she is now, which is, inspiring a lot of people towards better health, and getting that ultimate "Hard-Body".



New in “Dinner and a Movie”: “The Walk”

On the Menu:
Dinners for a Frenchman in New York

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(below) Homard en Croute (Lobster Pot Pie) 


Home Cookin’ !!! “Love Me Down” in St. Barts, French West Indies (…and I love me some breakfast down in St. Barts, French West Indies)

On the Menu:
Avocado Breakfast Toast 6 Ways                                                      "Clean Eating" Mango Bread
Smoky Chorizo, Haloumi and Spinach Breakfast Waffles            Tropical Breakfast Muffins
Dairy Free Rum Pancakes with Vanilla Maple Syrup                   Breakfast Egg Wraps
Chocolate Espresso Waffles with Caramelized Bananas  

[Below] Chocolate Espresso Waffles with Caramelized Bananas (more info further down)



"Body", (Part 36)
a.k.a. "Summertime"


Yeast Molasses Pancakes
with Herb Fruit


Health and Safety Tips When Deciding to get a Tattoo


Putting Monsanto in Your Vagina?
Many Tampons and feminine products contain Monsanto's toxic Glyphosate


Cilantro-Lime Grilled Shrimp


Mens Health: New Studies Reveal the Importance of Zinc in Maintaining Prostate Health


Grilled Chicken Under a Brick
......with Grilled Avocado


"The Wanderlust Food Diaries"
"Smooth Sailing"
On the Menu: Caribbean Lunches


Girl Talk:
Beauty Secrets from Africa


The New Superfood "Lucuma"
Packed with Nutrients
Powder is Great in Smoothies!!!


The Prostate Cancer Fighting
(Pomegranate, Green Tea, Turmeric, and Broccoli)


Papaya Lox With Dairy Free Lemon Cream Cheese


Fifty, Fit and Fabulous!!!
Adrienne Galloway, Age 52 !!!
Wellness Coach


Baked Egg Breakfast Skillet


Men's Health:
Black Sesame Seeds help fight and prevent Prostate Cancer


Green Onion and Smoked Salmon "Dutch Baby"


Cool Fitness Gear!!!
(Part 5)


"Clean Eating" Mango Bread


Food for Thought: "The Day I forgot my age" (thoughts on age, youthfulness & ignoring numbers)


Tarragon Crab Cakes


"Ballet, something pure in this Crazy World" --Misty Copeland


"A Brand New Ending"
...the most inspiring 5 minutes
I ever had on the Web!!!


Shrimp Po' Boy Sliders
...with Remoulade


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(The Art of Food)


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(The Science of Food)



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(and also some fun cooking blogs)


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Special 'shout out' to this food blogger. Totally different style than me, but my favorite food blog in creativity. She inspired me to start my 'Dinner and a Movie' and "Wanderlust Food Diaries' articles.