“Coming to Life”…… (With Amazing Spring Salads) !!!


"April is not the cruelest month, if I may disagree, with the eloquent gloom, of the poet of doom "
–Michael Franks (from the song "Coming to Life")


Below, Moroccan Spiced Carrot-Date Salad (click on photo for recipe)

Wow!!! was it just me, or was last winter psychologically hard to get through?

Anyhooz, we made it!!! April is here, and it is definitely not being cruel, life is coming back, and no better way to celebrate than with colorful, vibrant, spring salads.

I will never become a totally raw foodie, some veggies are healthier cooked than raw, my near daily Wild caught salmon is necessary for Vitamin D, but after an ailment where I healed myself with a lot of raw foods, I have been off the grains for 5 months (though I will probably still have a Whole Foods slice of Pizza or two or three this year), but my body is loving these "post-workout" salads……so, I'm just collecting and sharing recipes……..



Girl Talk: “Food Based” Gamma Tocopherol (Vitamin E) shown to help fight Breast Cancer

Much of this article is the same info from my Men's Gamma Tocopherol and Prostate Cancer article.

However,  I wanted to write a separate one to specifically highlight the health and healing powers of "Food Based" [as opposed to supplements], Gamma Tocopherol (a form of Vitamin E), as pertains to fighting Breast Cancer.



One Shining Moment!!!! NCAA March Madness, 2014!!!


"From the beat of your heart, to the wind in your face, its more than a contest, it's more than a race"
–Luther Vandross (from the song "One Shining Moment")

I love the NCAA basketball tournament, but I love the final "One Shining Momement" more than any other part of the tournament. See if your school pops up, check it out while it's here, sometimes the TV station removes the video from the web after a day or two…..



Finally!!! A raw Stevia product with no aftertaste, and no “questionable” ingredients

Note: I have no affiliation with this company whatsoever, note this is an "Ad Free Blog", and I only promote a product when I use it myself and think it is worth looking into, to help those that don't have the time to research this stuff….


How many of you are like me, on a years long quest for an acceptable sweetener? Like trying to find and honest man in Congress……..


My criteria for acceptability are:

** should be a sweetener that has had traditional use for hundreds if not thousands of years

** Should not have any added "questionable" ingredients, like maltodextrin (often made from GMO corn) or others you can't even pronounce

** Should not be a man made chemical

** Should not "pretend" to be stevia, by a company making an unnatural, labaratory alteration to the stevia plant and using the word "Stevia" to falsely market it as real stevia  (i.e., TruVia, Pur Via, and Stevia in the Raw)

** It should not be processed in any way (like common table sugar)

….and MOST IMPORTANTLY, if it survives the gauntlet of my criteria, it should have a decent taste


……many folks like me have found nothing on the market to meet all this criteria, until I ran across NaturAmericas, "Dul-C" Stevia



Popsicle Toes!!! (Part 2) Tequila-Spiked Mango Popsicles with Chile

Popsicle Toes?….just a song by my boy Michael Franks (song below), with a subtle, playful, sexual innuendo.

I only got to do this once a few years back, but I find it a cool thing when a dude is chilling out with a girl on an "at home" date, watching one of her favorite movies like "Pride and Prejudice" (my movie review here) and having a surprise treat for after dinner movie watching.

I keep going back to a crude but funny Humphrey Bogart  line from a movie, when he was trying to get an engine to start and it needed to be fed some gas…..he said, "An engine is like a woman………you don't feed them, they don't do nothing"

…..I would suggest feeding them these Tequila-Spiked Mango Popsicles with Chile



New in “Dinner and a Movie”: [200 years of] Pride and Prejudice


On the Menu: British Style Beef and Guinness Pie (with Grass Fed Beef)

to view the post, click on any of the photos, or click here


Tapas Time!!! “Rustic” Tomato Fritters

I sooooo love tomatoes, not just for the taste, but if I can break my rules and slip in a little "health science" in my Cookbook Section of the blog, tomatoes are very high in the antioxidant Lycopene, that helps fight prostate and breast cancer.

I ran across an awesome recipe for what I call "Rustic" Tomato Fritters, a perfect tapas treat to add to my ever growing arsenal of healthy/tasty tapas and appetizers (I got this thing for irregular shaped home made food as opposed to perfectly symetrical mass produced).

Anyhoo, as always, I use my tapas recipe articles to mentally prep for that long awaited day where I can live out my ultimate culinary fetish, which is to cook in the ultimate outdoor kitchen….note I said ULTIMATE………TA-DAAAAA (play dramatic music in your head for photo below)!!!!



Food for Thought: “Heal Thyself”

a.k.a., My coming face to face with "The Beast"

What is "The Beast"?

I call sickness and illness "The Beast"……………

Like those monsters in our dreams, "The Beast" can be terrifying, something we fear all our lives, an enemy that can take our lives it seems anytime he wants.

But, I stood face to face with "The Beast", my only weapon being my website…….and after a short but intense struggle, I totally defeated him. And even propelled my health to the next level…..



Zesty Roast Chicken

I'm somewhat addicted to Whole Foods pasture raised chicken, raised locally here in Seattle.

I realize that I been "Duked" my whole life with chicken, in that I never knew what chicken is supposed to taste like until I bit into one of these "bad boys"

Here is a recipe to make that naturally flavorful Pasture Raised Chicken even more flavorful….Zesty Roast Chicken.



Body, (Part 17), a.k.a. “Flirt”

….another "Fitspo" slideshow

Flirts kinda amuse me because they think they can get any man to do anything. I kinda see through the game, but if they throw it at me, I'm gonna look and take it for what it is……but I suppose we all use what we got

An my favorite "Old School" band, Cameo, is gonna kick the title tract with some of that 80's funk………



“Eating Our Landscape”: A British Town [hopefully] starts a new “American Revolution”

Pam Warhurst (above, right) tells how she and her community decided to start a revolution by growing food in public spaces in Todmorten, England.

They didn’t consult.

They didn’t write reports.

They didn’t ask for permission.

They just did it…

In just a short time, their town,  Todmorten, England, became a lush garden, full of food-growing plants.

Says Pam…… "Almost everyone can be involved, and after awhile, almost everyone wants to be involved. That’s the power of people doing something for themselves. Nothing can stop us!"



No Airport Food for Me!!! : The “Bánh Mì” Breakfast Sandwich

My normal "quick note": I actually eat very little bread and grains. I just went 3 months without any grains of any kind. When I do eat bread and/or meat, I utilize papaya enzymes to help digest gluten and meat

That being said….I have the worlds longest commute, I live in Seattle and work in Portland Oregon. I'm always at the airport, but always find it amazing how an entire airport can not have one selection of food that lives up to my "Healthy but Delicious" standards.

Thus, I am making my own creations and eating them why I am waiting on my 30 seat, United Airlines Express Jet, that  "kinda" looks to me like a private jet if it weren't for the propellers, very nice.

I always make a sandwich for the plane ride also, as many of us know that most planes don't serve food free anymore (airplane food was such a big thing when we were kids and teens on our first plane ride, now such a big letdown).



Fifty, Fit, and Fabulous!!! Mary Dent, age 53!!! (She Lives Around The Corner From The Fountain of Youth)

It's time again…….to bring another Fifty, Fit, and Fabulous player onto my growing squad of amazing 50 and over ladies.

Her "teammates" on the Fifty, Fit, and Fabulous squad (linked at the bottom of the article), are all inspiring women (to all of us), proof that the ages old saying is real, in that "Age ain't nothing but a number"!!!!

So, presenting Mary Dent, age 53, my newest FF&F girl, who is challenging the current though process of age, health and fitness….and doing it well, it seems :)



Baked Halibut “en Papillote”, a.k.a., “Halibut in a Bag”

Its not all about how many Facebook "Likes" or Pinterest repins I get on my food recipes, but I found myself wondering why my "en Papillote" recipes, a.k.a. my fish or chicken "in a bag", don't get shared as much.

I keep getting the feeling that people think its hard to cook, and not something they can bring into their regular routine. Let me say again, it is the easiest thing in the world to do.

And I simply love baking "en Papillote", like this Halibut recipe that I ran across……



Lolo Jones: Overcoming Life’s “Hurdles” (Pun Intended)

Okay sports fans, Lolo Jones is beautiful…let's throw that out there and move on, so we can get down to business.

I remember her from her beginnings as a professional track athlete, hearing of her story of  a very rough upbringing, never really having a real home, having to work hard for everything she has accomplished.

However, I won't get "wordy" , I'll just let post some pics and quotes from the video embedded below, so Lolo can speak for herself…….



Men’s Health: The EXTREME importance of “Food Based” Gamma Tocopherol (Vitamin E) for Prostate Health

….and why synthetic Vitamin E from supplements can be detrimental to Prostate Health

I thought these "young guns" might help set my theme for youthful male vitality.

I wanted to write one final article to tie together all the information I have been running across on this subject matter, and of course to do everything I can to beat home its importance to men.

I wrote two recent articles Culinary Argan Oil fights Prostate Cancer and Black Sesame Seeds Fight Prostate Cancer.

What is at issue here is the food based nutrient, Gamma Tocopherol, a form of vitamin E,  for men to understand it, and make use of its health and healing powers, since it is almost imperative for over health, and Prostate Health in specific.



“My goal is no longer to be skinny, but to be fit”……Keri Horn (Age 46)

                   2012                                       2014


This is an important article for me to write for a couple of reasons.

First, I admit I'm obsessed with "The Art of the Blog", with my perfectly sculpted food and people, like all those buffed bods'  in my "Body Slideshows". However, in spite of "The Art of the Blog", I still strive to "keep it real", with real people, real inspirations, and real experiences.

Secondly, I find in all my Blogging research a lot of stories of people being propelled into a wellness lifestyle after illness or injury.

Enter Keri Horn, age 46, out of Tampa Florida. I wanted to print her story in her own words with a backdrop of a routine that I recently got into, and let me say it is a grueling routine, that being "Tire Flipping" and "Tire Sledge Hammering".

Keri (on the photos above): "The photo of me in the orange dress with the black bow was taken summer 2012 – that is how I looked after 17 years of CARDIO only – NO weight lifting at all – and I worked out 5-6 days a week an hour a day!! No joke – LOL."



Pumpkin Ice Cream with a Gingersnap Honey Swirl

I admit I haven't used my "overly stylish" Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker as much as I expected.

However, I am always trying to perfect what I consider my healthy, real food alternatives to treats that would otherwise be considered junk food. I only do grass fed dairy, and along with other quality ingredients, even ice cream can be made a healthy/delicious "innocent pleasure".

This Pumpkin Ice Cream with  the Gingersnap Swirl was a recipe I absolutely had to try.



Sam Bryant, 70 year old bodybuilder, says “It’s mind over matter!!!”

"People ask me when I’m going to retire. I say 'never'.  I say most people die retired than they do on the job working. I love to work. I love to work out".

"I’m 70 years old if that means anything. I’ve been doing this for 27 years. I started out when I was 44. I was in a bad marriage. And so to relieve stress I went to the gym"

….says Sam "Sonny" Bryant, here are a few more of his quotes with his great inspirational video below.



“Caveat Emptor”… that infamous Poison, Aspartame, changes its name to AminoSweet

Aspartame is the most controversial food additive in history, and its approval for use in food was the most contested in FDA history. In the end, the artificial sweetener was approved, not on scientific grounds, but rather because of strong political and financial pressure. After all, aspartame was previously listed by the Pentagon as a biochemical warfare agent!

It's hard to believe such a chemical would be allowed into the food supply, but it was, and it has been wreaking silent havoc with people's health for the past 30 years.

The truth is, it should never have been released onto the market, and allowing it to remain in the food chain is seriously hurting people — no matter how many times you rebrand it under fancy new names.



Making Your Own Flavored Pink Himalayan Gourmet Salts

If you read my blog articles and recipes, you will find one of my most "harped on" whole foods is Pink Himalayan Salt, especially how I think it is superior to sea salt

An amazing whole food, with 84 minerals in perfect balance, in its pristine condition from when it was created 250,000,000 years ago. This ain't your mamma's Morton Salt!!

I ran across this great article to make Pink Himalayan Salt even better, by creating your own Pink Himalayan Flavored Salts……



Girl Talk: D.I.Y. Skin and Body Care (Part 2)….a.k.a. “Blue Horizon”

I thought these Dreaded Ladies might help set the theme for a tropical, Caribbean "Blue Horizon-ish", earthy, natural flow, for making your natural, mostly food based skin and bodycare products (blogging is such hard work ~chuckle~).

By taking advantage of food based nutrients, one can come up with their own simple, and effective bodycare products that you will swear by.

And of course, your skin soften, glow, and will thank you for controlling your ingredients, keeping those toxins out of your body.



Garden of Life RAW Protein (my favorite smoothie product, til today) found to contain heavy metals, such as tungsten, lead, and cadmium

…cheap brown rice protein from Southeast Asia seems to be the culprit, in America's #1 selling Vegan Raw Protein

Note: many of the links in this article may be disabled, because Natural News has removed them, I assume as part of the deal with Garden of Life, they have even removed this article form their website, but I wanted to post it exactly as I copied it before they deleted it.

UPDATE 2/6/2014…..Garden of Life, SunWarrior, Natural News reach industry-leading agreement for the future of brown rice protein…..
read more here

Well hey, I got burned on this one, although I am lucky to take chlorella everyday to help remove heavy metals from the body, but I will stop using Garden of Life Protien immediately. This is why I stay diligent in understanding what I put in my body……………..

I would also be concerned for any protein powder or smoothie mix, since brown rice protein is in many products and many other products can be affected.

This entire article was pulled totally from Natural News.

(NaturalNews) Natural News has confirmed, via three different laboratories, the presence of significant levels of the heavy metals tungsten, lead and cadmium in Garden of Life "beyond organic" raw protein products. This has been confirmed across multiple lots of Garden of Life Original, Vanilla and Chocolate Cacao and Vanilla Spiced Chai. Tungsten has also been found and confirmed in Garden of Life "Raw Fit" products.



New in “The Wanderlust Food Diaries”: “Baila Me!!” (“Dance with Me”), In Granada, Spain

On the Menu: "Tempting Tapas!!"….and other international appetizers

to go to the post click on either photo, or click here



Misty Copeland
The lone African American in the American Ballet Theater


Blood Orange Roasted Chicken
(made healthy)


"Body", Part 17, a.k.a. "Flirt"
...another "Fitspo" Slideshow


The 'Banh Mi' Breakfast Sandwich (made healthy)


"Girl Talk"
D.I.Y. Skin and Bodycare (Part 2)


"The Art of Tea"
...hot and cold tea, and tea infused drink recipes


"The Wanderlust Food Diaries"

Baila Me!! (Dance with Me) in Granada, Spain
On the Menu: Tempting Tapas!!


"Heal Thyself"
My Website vs. A sudden illness that came after me


Tequila Spiked Mango with Chile Adult Popsicles


"Cacao Power"
(a.k.a., "Food of the Gods")


"Fifty, Fit, And Fabulous!!!"
Mary Dent, Age 53!!!


The "Gangsta Gardener"
(He plants gardens in vacant lots all over South Central L.A.)


Roasted Olive Oil Tomatoes with Manchego and Basil


Making Your Own Flavored Pink Himalayan Salts


Dinner and a Movie

Pride and Prejudice
On the Menu: Beef and Guinness Pie


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(same name, different blog, no need to fight about it)

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Special 'shout out' to this food blogger. Totally different style than me, but my favorite food blog in creativity. She inspired me to start my 'Dinner and a Movie' and "Wanderlust Food Diaries' articles.

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