New in “The Wanderlust Food Diaries” : A land called “Fantasy”, Lamu and Manda Islands, Kenya

On the Menu: The "Swahili Supper"

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The Dangers of Soy

I want to finally post an article I saved off some time ago from one of my favorite blogs,  The Food Renegade

Are you convinced yet about the dangers of soy? Many aren’t. “Is soy bad for you? …Really?” I hear the question so often I want to scream.

After decades of hearing marketing spin about how soy is a wonder food, a protein-rich legume able to rescue us from our dependence on meat, I suppose it’s understandable why so many people have yet to understand fully the dangers of soy. Really, you’re not going to get the full story unless you research it on your own. And why would you, when soy is “universally” touted as a health food? Well, it isn’t.



Cancer Doctors Profit from Chemotherapy Drugs ……..sigh :(

It is a unique situation in medicine: Unlike other kinds of doctors, cancer doctors are allowed to profit from the sale of chemotherapy drugs.

"The significant amount of our revenue comes from the profit, if you will, that we make from selling the drugs," says Dr. Peter Eisenberg, a private physician who specializes in cancer treatment.

Doctors in other specialties simply write prescriptions. But oncologists make most of their income by buying drugs wholesale and selling them to patients at a marked up prices.



Healthy Herb Fries

One of the tricks I mentioned in My Top 10 Ways to Lose Bodyfat, Cellulite, and Weight, is to create healthy and tasty versions of your favorite junk foods, so there is no reason to ever go back.

I could write on and on about this, but make these fries once, and taste the first one….and I won't have to say anything else……………..



Home Cookin’ !!! “Green Cuisine” in a Sao Paulo home surrounded by “The Color Green”

Cajun Shrimp Guacamole
Cucumber-Honeydew Salad with Feta
Avocado, Egg, and Green Garnish Breakfast

I once told someone, "It would take me a thousand houses and a thousand lifetimes to live out my house fantasies". And for sure, one of them would be a house "plopped" in the midst of a "Garden of Eden-like" landscape, like this amazing house in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

But hey, who knows if there is such a thing as "Alternate Universes" or not….. maybe I'm up in this crib chillin' right now, picking fresh herbs and veggies right out back, preparing "Green Cuisine" …yep :)



Fifty, Fit, and Fabulous !!! Tosca Reno, age 55 (She lives around the corner from the Fountain of Youth)

Well well well….it seems a year or so after starting the Fifty Fit and Fabulous "Dream Team" on my blog (see all the ladies at bottom), these posts are perhaps my most popular group of articles (I didn't see that coming!!!)

But hey, now I have a full roster on my FF&F "Hoop Squad"!!!



Men’s Health: Nutrients for Male Vitality and Well Being (Part 2)

….a.k.a., "Dig In" !!!  (…to some vital Men's Health info!!!)

I thought my boy Lenny Kravitz, now 50 years old, could help me out with some of that "Mature, Machismo, Male Vitality" vibe, to help me mask some of my "egghead, overly scientific" vibe that I'm always trying to hide over the web.

I wanted to touch upon another batch of food based Male Vitality nutrients…….

1) Selenium

2) Lycopene

3) Curcumin



Nike Training Club: Sydney Leroux

….teams up with Ali Krieger for a "PARTNER POWER" Workout !!!

Nike Training Club is an Apple (or Droid) based app, a variety of workout routines straight from professional athletes and other "famous people".

It can be downloaded to choose workout routines, set fitness goals, monitor calories burned, share results with others, and much more!!!



Moroccan Spiced Meatballs With Egg, Red Bell Pepper, and Tomato

I wanted to name this article "Paleo Power", but I'm holding off, because I'm not "technically" Paleo, I still reserve the right to a Whole Foods slice of Pizza if the moods hits me, though it hasn't all year.

And I do have some grass fed cheese, and a few other things that I think aren't Paleo, I don't wanna split hairs to identify with a diet label.



Recognizing Depression, and Ways to Overcome It

My blogging buddy, Amanda Kaestner, the guest writer who wrote the well received article,
"Ways to Help Boost Fertility" , is gonna follow up for us on a subject that became discussed more frequently in recent weeks, after the suicide of one of my favorite actors, Robin Williams.

So, cutting short, I'm gonna step out of the way, and let my girl Amanda say what she has to say on this serious subject matter, the following text is Amanda's, word for word……..



Home Cookin’ !!! Dominican Cuisine in a Tropical “Concrete Jungle”

Pollo Guisado       (Dominican Braised Chicken Stew)
Albondigas de carne                  (Dominican Meatballs)
Batida de Lechoza       (Dominican Papaya Milkshake)

The amazing Casa Kimball, in the Dominican Republic,  is a "sturdy looking" villa, made from reinforced concrete and local coral stone.

It's not in the jungle, but on the oceanfront, on the outskirts of the North Shore town of Cabrera. I'm trying to set up my theme for the Bob Marley song, "Concrete Jungle", so work with me here!!! :)

The villa has three of my "House Hunter's" passions, a home that feels like a Fortress, a home that also feels like the modern version of a Castle (that's a "guy thing" f.y.i.), and a tropical paradise that sits on a Promontory (a promontory is a peninsula of land that majestically juts out into the water).

I could do some serious Caribbean Cookin' down there. I can feel that breeze kicking now…….yep :) .



Girl Talk: … Skin, Hair, and Body Care (Part 4) ……. a.k.a. “East”

….. beauty secrets from the Far East (that you can try right now).

My mantra I always try to tell to men and women pertaining to health and wellness is to "Love all we have here in the USA, but let's not forget the whole planet has a bounty of plants herbs, and nutrients available to us everyday"

There does seem to be a growing "cult" of women taking advantage of the beauty secrets from the Far East, but in essence they are not really secrets, much of what is used in the East is available in the West (thanks to FedEx, UPS, and Amazon).

Henceforth, the theme for this segment of "Girl Talk"…….



Saucin’ Like a Chef

photo credit to the 101cookbooks website

Why are we all so intimidated and mesmerized by those highly trained chefs who somehow always have a French accent making these "precision sauces" that seem impossible for regular folks to create?


             below is a shot from my Dinner and a Movie: "Sabrina" (it just randomly popped in my head :) )Saucing Like a Chef - make your own professional sauce

Anyhooz, enough blatant, blogger's self-promotion, let's make some tasty/healthy sauce…….

In the end, with an olive oil base and your favorite spices, you can create a great sauce to address those dry leftover chicken breasts, or to top that meat off the grill, or whatever else.

I might suggest starting with this sauce from the website I found, and let yours evolve from there. But, trust me, just get started and you will have a Sauce like a chef in 10 minutes on your first try.



New in Dinner and a Movie: “Red Tails”

On the Menu: "The Red Dinner"


Italian Style Chicken with Capers, Anchovies, and Tomato

Spicy Tomato Soup

Watermelon, Hazelnut, Mint Salad

Baked Lamb and Oregano Meatballs

Strawberry Lemonade


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Men’s Health: Nutrients for male vitality and well being (Part 1)

1)   Zinc
2)   Flavonoids, Polyphenols, and Catechins
3)   Gamma Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

Don't Worry, I won't get too wrapped up into the scientific "bla-bla-bla" of these important nutrients.

But moreso, why they are important, and a few suggestions of how to get them into the daily diet (CONSISTENCY IS KEY!!!).      

Even I, Mr. "Health Nut", didn't think mother nature could have such a positive effective on my physiology, but when my morning erections came consistently back (Sorry for "TMI", but this stuff is important) at age 53, and I bulked up with 15 lbs of muscle, and felt "beyond incredible" everyday, I was convinced!!!



I Accept the Challenge !!! (of creating a grain free Pizza Crust that tastes like delicious, “real pizza”)

I feel like, if I can accomplish this for myself and mankind, then this will be right up there with the invention of the wheel, man on the moon, and all the rest.

I didn't intend go "grain free", I'm not one for latching on to the latest health craze, but when I cut out the grains when healing myself from what "seemed" to be a prostate ailment (that I brought on myself I think), I felt so much better, I had to go by my own mantra of "listen to you body"

The problem? You know the problem. If I bite into the pizza, an my taste buds say "eeh, this is OK, I can probably force myself to eat it", then that is a waste of my time. This has to be  real pizza!!!! You know what I talkin' 'bout.



Ooo La La … Healthy Habits to Help Boost Fertility

It's always an honor when someone requests to write a guest article on Gaia Health blog.

I always wanted this to be a place to share wellness ideas, as I still love to learn from others.

Enter Amanda Kaestner, who has some interesting comments male and female fertility. The following text is Amanda's, word for word, so let me get out of the way, I'm gonna go check out some ESPN Sports Channel, and let her "handle her business" pertaining to this important topic.



Body, (Part 21), a.k.a., “Snap Shot” (the “Selfie” Slideshow)

I knew when I put out my first "Selfie" slideshow, Body (part 13), a.k.a. "Girls on Film", that there would be others, thanks to this endless "Selfie" craze…I just need the right song to pop into my head.

And although you probably never heart the hot track, "Snap Shot",  by the R&B/Soul Band, "Slave", it is pure "Old School Soul", from a couple of decades ago, but it is right on time today, with the modern "Selfie" craze.



Home Cookin’ !!! Lemon Seafood in a “Room with a View” – Seattle, Washington

Lemon and Ginger Pacific Perch
Lemon/Lime, Honey, Chili, Shrimp Skewers
Alaskan Halibut with Lemon Herb Salt

I only came to live in Seattle because of employment circumstances, and I don't see Seattle as my permanent home, just a temporary stop on my crazy journey.

But, give me the right "warm hearted" girl, and that never ending fresh caught, "straight off the boat" seafood from Pike Place Fish Market, and this amazing "Room With a View",  then I can actually start to see myself settling down here…………..yep :)



Food for Thought: Win or Lose, They’re Already Winners!!! …………. (a.k.a., “Boys to Men”)

Chicago South Side Boys make it to the Little League World Series championship game!!!

I'm writing this article the night before the Little League World Championship game against the South Korean team.

The team from Chicago, called Jackie Robinson West, from the Great Lake Region of the tournament, are not just throwing baseballs, but throwing out lessons all of us adults can learn from.



3,000 eggs later….my Cholesterol scores still PERFECT !!!!

F.Y.I., I'm EXCLUSIVELY eating Pasture Raised Eggs , I AVOID COMMERCIAL EGGS.

It's been almost 3 years since my my last cholesterol blood test I posted on this blog, and I calculated 150 weeks at minumum 22 eggs a week, subtracting the infrequent days where I miss my eggs, that's well over 3000 eggs, mostly fried in heart healthy coconut oil.

As my email came from the independend blood test lab in Portland Oregon, Any Lab Test Now, opening the email was akin to a kid opening a Christmas present, excited to see the what I got.

3000+ eggs later, cholesterol levels are still AMAZING!!!!



My Top 10 “Safe to Eat”, Low Mercury Seafoods (and my Top 10 High Mercury Seafoods to AVOID)

I'm not just "cutting and pasting" off the web here, I poured through dozens upon dozens, if not one or two hundred charts and research papers…….

This list is for me [and family and friends] primarily because I eat seafood almost everyday (albeit 98% Alaskan Wild Caight Salmon…occasional Crab Legs, Mussels, Restaurant Fish, Shrimp, and so forth)

I tried to make this as streamlined as I could, and now, I am even more comfortable with my seafood consumption than before (though I will stay on top of my research in years to come)……….



New in “The Wanderlust Food Diaries”: Barefoot on the Beach………….. at Bayhouse Villa, British Virgin Islands

On the Menu
The Ultimate “Barefoot on the Beach” Caribbean Picnic Spread


Jerk Wings
Flourless/Sugarless Banana-Mango Rum Cake
Rum Punch
Mango Cucumber Salsa
Caribbean Style Rice and Peas view the post, click either photo or click here


San Antonio Spurs hire Becky Hammon as first full time female NBA Assistant Coach

…a first for any major USA male professional sports team

I think it goes without saying that in a decade or two, hopefully this type of news will be "no news", a common, "ho-hum" occurrence not worth writing about.

But in the mean time, there is always a natural sense of interest and excitement about "firsts" and barriers being broken.

Enter Becky Hammon, the first full time female NBA Assistant Coach (and the first in all of the USA major pro male sports) 



Misty Copeland
The lone African American in the American Ballet Theater


Men's Health: Nutrients for Male Vitality and Well Being (Part 2)


Moroccan Spiced Meatballs with Egg, Red Bell Pepper, and Tomato


"Body", Part 21
a.k.a. "Snap Shot"
...The 'Selfie' Slideshow


3,000 Eggs Later......
my cholesterol numbers still PERFECT!!!


"Heal Thyself"
My Website vs. A sudden illness that came after me


"The Coconut Oil Conspiracy": Why Big Business tried to keep this VERY healthy oil from the masses


Dinner and a Movie
Red Tails!!!
On the Menu: "The Red Dinner"


DIY Skin, Hair, and Bodycare (Part 4)
...... a.k.a., "East"
(Beauty Secrets from the Far East)


My Top 10 "Safe to Eat", Low Mercury Seafoods (and my Top 10 High Mercury Seafoods to AVOID)


Nike Training Club:
Sydeny Leroux and Ali Keieger team up for the "PARTNER POWER" Workout


"The Art of Tea" and cold tea, and tea infused drink recipes


A land called "Fantasy"
Lamu and Manda Islands, Kenya
On the Menu: The "Swahili Supper"


The Challenge of creating a grain free pizza dough...that tastes like real pizza!!!


Cacao, next to water, the most important thing you can put in your body ......


"Fifty, Fit, And Fabulous!!!"
Tosca Reno, Age 55!!!


The "Gangsta Gardener"
(He plants gardens in vacant lots all over South Central L.A.)


See all articles in "The Healthy Chef's Cookbook"
(The Art of Food)


See all articles in "Eat Smart"
(The Science of Food)



Links to my favorite sites who are ''Raging Against the Machine''(and also some fun cooking blogs)

(same name, different blog, no need to fight about it)

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Special 'shout out' to this food blogger. Totally different style than me, but my favorite food blog in creativity. She inspired me to start my 'Dinner and a Movie' and "Wanderlust Food Diaries' articles.

Special 'shout out' to this food blogger. Endless adaptable recipes with AWESOME food photography!!!!

Cool site for Caribbean cuisine. Recipes very adaptable to health conscious eating.