Body, (Part 20), a.k.a., “VICTORY”, (The ESPN Magazine “Body Issue” Slideshow)

I'm not saying I'm using the ESPN Magazine "Body Issue" series as an excuse to put "societally acceptable" nude people in my blog, increase blog traffic, blog exposure, and all the rest……..

…but like in sports, when you have an "open shot", you take it :)

And, as J.T. Taylor says in the title track "Victory"…."People get ready, it's time to show what you got"



Pasture Raised Eggs, a Near “Perfect” Superfood: A Quick bit of info, Sunny Side Up…..

Before I say anything, Let me say I TOTALLY AVOID COMMERCIAL EGGS (I explain why below)

Eggs…..half of us love them, my guess is 70% of the other half don't eat them because of perceptions that eggs are bad for your yealth. I beg to differ, because, for non vegetarians, pasture raised eggs are one of the healthiest things you can put in your body.



Ray Allen’s Advice to Duane Wade on addressing his injury plagued career: NUTRITION!!!

This is more a nutrition post than a sports post, but sports sure helps make a point…..

If you are a basketball fan you need no filling in, but for the others, the short version is…Lebron James leaves the Miami Heat, Duane Wade (age 32) stays in Miami, but his body has been so "beat up" over the last couple of years, most of us wonder if he will ever survive two or three more years in the NBA.

Apparently he wonders himself, and when asking teammate Ray Allen (age 38), his advice on how to extend his NBA career, Ray Allen's advice was simple…..NUTRITION!!!!



Home Cookin’ !!! Chicken Recipes with “Personality”, in a crib with “Personality”, Fire Island, New York

Roasted Chicken with Green Sauce and Chili
Iraqi Yellow Spiced Rubbed Chicken
Roasted Chicken with Dates, Olives, and Capers

Initially, I didn't want to like this crib on Fire Island, New York, but it has such great modern design, good "Feng shui", and such great, shall we say "personality", that I had to post it (I only post the ones that move me)

….and what better in a crib with "personality", than chicken recipes with "personality" ?



“Easy Peezie” Healthy Flavored Grass Fed Butters, for “Butter Believers”

If you follow my blog, you already know that I don't touch any dairy that doesn't come from grass fed animals.

For the "eggheads" amongst you who wanna hear my theory on why grass fed is so much healthier than commercial dairy, read here.

Anyhooz, health nuts like myself know  that real butter, eggs, and dairy are not [inherently] bad for you, and once empowered with that information, you can start doing some great things with read foods from animals raised in the traditional way. These flavored butter should illustrate the point…..



My Top 10 Best (and Worst) States to Buy and Eat Local

"Strolling of the Heifers", a Vermont-based local food advocacy group, has released its third annual Locavore Index, a state-by-state ranking of commitment to local foods.

The 2014 Locavore Index incorporates four measures for which current data is available for all states…..



Popsicle Toes!!! (Part 3)…..Cool, Refreshing, Summer Adult Popsicles


Below, Irish Coffee Pops, replace powdered sugar with Ultimate Sweetener Birch Tree Xylitol – Click below for Recipe

Another batch of cool refreshing summertime popsicles for adults. F.Y.I., I prefer Stainless Steel Molds, you can get stainless steel popsicle molds at amazon (or alternately, glass molds).

For recipes with alcohol, you can omit the alcohol if that is not your thing, but a few drops for a "hint" of alcohol won't kill you….

"everything in moderation…including moderation" –author unknown  




Home Cookin’ !!! Fresh Clean Salads, in a modern Hong Kong Crib that is “So Fresh and So Clean”!!!

Fresh Green Apple Salad
Fresh Heirloom Tomato and Onion Salad
Fresh Radish and Watercress Salad

When I saw this crib situated in a lush forest in Hong Kong, it didn't say "Asia" to me. You could drop this open, airy, modern crib anywhere on the planet, and it would say "Fresh and Clean".

Imagine pulling some "fresh and clean" veggies from the garden behind the kitchen of this crib for some colorful vibrant salads.

……..sigh :)



“Easy Peezie” Healthy Homemade Mayo that puts that unhealthy store bought Mayo to shame

For those concerned about health, weight loss and childhood obesity, high cholesterol, and all the rest, this post is more important than just a cool recipe…….



New in “Dinner and a Movie”: Crimson Tide

On the menu:
"Not so Classic" Submarine Sandwiches for a Classic Submarine Movie

……and a few notes on making them healthy

click any of the photos or click here to go to post


….some of the subs in the post below


             Buffalo Grilled Shrimp "Po' Boy" Sub                                                                                  Meatless Avocado, Gorgonzola, Fig Sub


       Slow Cooker Chicken Cheesesteak Sub                                                                                             Turkey Artichoke and Basil Sub                       



Girl Talk: “Lycopene Unleashed” …….on Breast and Ovarian Cancer

I thought Serena Williams "unleashing" her skills and strength on the court might help me set the theme of this health discussion about this readily available cancer fighting nutrient…..



Home Cookin’ !!! West Coast Seafood Overlooking the “Blue Pacific”, Big Sur, California

West Coast Mussels with Cafe de Paris Butter
Tarragon Roasted Halibut with Hazelnut Brown Butter
One-Tray Baked Cod Provençal

This amazing crib down the coast from me in the sparsley populated Big Sur area of California, is so amazing!!!

Fresh caught seafood, a good bottle of wine, overlooking the "Blue Pacific"……that's when you know you've made it!!



Style Points!!! Heirloom Tomato, Avocado, Zucchini Stacks, with a Tomato Almond Pesto

I love putting together these stylish "Eat Treats" for guests, where it actually looks like I know what the hell I'm doing. Its all in the presentation.

As in this recipe I ran across for Heirloom Tomato, Avocado, Zucchini Stacks, with a Tomato Almond Pesto…….colorful goodness!!!



Home Cookin!!! 3 Mango Recipes “Chez Nous” (“In Our House”), Saint Barts, French West Indies

"Mangoes for breakfast, me and you, definitely 'Chez Nous' "
–Michael Franks (from the song "Chez Nous" ["In Our House"] )

Fried [or scrambled] Egg & Mango Salsa Waffle
Coconut Chicken Skewers with Mango Salad
Mango and Avocado Chicken Salad (Omit Chicken for Vegetarian)

I've done mango recipes in a Caribbean Villa before, and trust me, when you get the perfect breeze, the perfect music, perfect weather, and perfect company, there is nothing like it!!!

This amazing villa on the island of St. Barts in the French West Indies should illustrate the point………….



Men’s Health: Lycopene Unleashed!!! (a “Prostate Friendly” antioxidant)

Thirty Seconds About Lycopene

Lycopene is what is called a "carotenoid", that is, a pigment that gives many foods such as tomato their bright colors. It is sometimes called an antioxidant, but in essence, that only means the nutrient has "antioxidant properties", as far as attacking so called "free radicals" in the body.

Carotenoids are broken down by the body, often during the process of absorption into the bloodstream from the small intestine. They make their way to specific tissues and organs where they have been shown to protect against the type of oxygen damage that can harm your DNA.

Of the many health benefits of this process, much attention is now being focused on Lycopene as a Prostate Cancer Preventing nutrient,  as well as supporting overall prostate health in men.



Body (Part 19), a.k.a., “Miami” (a “Caliente” Summertime Slideshow!)

Caliente: from Latin calēnte, singular ablative of calēns, present participle of caleō.
hot, warm (exhibiting heat or warmth),  (slang)( aroused)

That time of year people… see who was "faking", who was "shaking", and who was "baking" last winter with those exercises routines.

And my boy Will Smith is gonna get this co-ed beach party started, with the title track, "Miami"



Home Cookin’ !!! Breakfast in the “Sunlight”, Provence, Southern France

Banana Bread Waffles
Wild Garlic Omlette
Avocado and Egg Croissant Sandwich

When I first ran across the photo shoot for this amazing home in Southern France, the first thought that came to my head was…."damn, that house must get some breathtaking sunlight in the morning"

……My second thought was…."I could cook a serious breakfast for a pretty girl waking up over there. That house and pretty, warm-hearted girl, that's a hell of a lot of 'Sunlight' "



New in “The Wanderlust Food Diaries”: Loves Times Love (A Bright Brooklyn Wedding Affair)

On the Menu: "Matrimonial Munchies" (Wedding Food and Favors Ideas)


to go to the post, click on any of the photos, or click here


(Below) a sampling of the "Matrimonial Munchies" in the post…….


   Herb Infused Olive Oil Wedding Favors                                            Colorful Blood Orange Salad for Wedding Meal


Coffee from Honeymoon Destination (i.e., Jamaican Roast)                           Sea Bass With Fennel and Orange Entree


Home Cookin’ !!! …while living in the Past, Present, and Future, all in one Jaffa, Israel crib

Lamb Rib Chops with Quick Cherry Pan Sauce
Couscous with lemon
Spicy Lamb Wraps

One thing I didn't want to do in this new blog section of mine "Home Cookin' (Great Homes, Great Food)", is to force myself to present these totally authentic dishes form all over the world. That's not what I'm trying to do, just tying to creat a "cyber-cookbook" of things I wanna try, with a little theme…you know.

And this home in Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel , peaked my intrest because, like me, it is not trying to be totally traditional…it is a bit of the traditional, but well designed for the present, and a hint of the future of urban living………………….



Food for Thought: “Heal Thyself” (Part 2)

"The man who says he can, and the man who says he can't………are usually both correct"

Okay, what the hell is going on here?

After never being sick in my life, and my triumphant slaying of "The Beast" (a.k.a., sickness and illness) last Thanksgiving, that I wrote about in Heal Thyself, Part 1, "The Beast" is coming after me again? WTF?

This time a two week long massive headache and feeling like I wanted to pass out, my "paranoid"
[I admit it] mind is thinking about brain tumors, aneurysms, and blood clots……but taking a step back, I figured out the problem…….



Aqua Spinning? hmmmm, interesting……………

photo credit AquaStudioNY Tribecca Website

The idea of aqua spinning, alone, raises many questions: What does one wear to class? What is the temperature of the water? Do you sweat heavily? Is that sanitary?

And these are all fair concerns about a workout routine that, until now, has been relatively under the radar and only popular among Europeans.

For those willing to try the water-based cycling class, and see how the above questions are answered, Aqua has just opened the first studio of it's kind in the United States in New York's Tribeca neighborhood.



Home Cookin’ !!! …Hacienda Heaven!! down in Mexico (“It sounds so sweet, with the sun sinking low” –James Taylor)

Chorizo con Papas (Mexican Potatoes and Chorizo)
Tequila and Lime Marinated [Grass Fed] Steak
Chipotle Wings

Anyone looking for traditional, authentic Mexican architecture and cuisine might find this post a little "anti-climatic".

I'm only obligated to be authentic to my "mind's eye", and my individual soul.

Which is why I posted this amazing villa that provoked my "mind's eye", in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico…and some arguably "not so authentic", South of the Border recipes……



Home Cookin’ !!! African Stew 3 Ways at an “Awesome, African, Ashanti” home in Cape Coast, Ghana

Simple African Chicken Stew
West African Fish Stew
African Peanut Stew with Greens (Vegetarian)

I remember talking to an African cab driver (who actually had PHD degree) back in Chicago, we were talking about Africa, and he comment that "All of Africa is not just grasslands, jungle, desert, and mud huts"

This sharp, eco friendly crib, called Villa Amina in Cape Coast, Ghana in Africa, 70 or so miles west of the capital Accra definitely proves the point that African architecture is moving into the 21st century.

I can smell the fresh spices in these "Easy – Peezie" African Stews cooking right now…………



Home Cookin’ !!! …. Moqueca de Peixe (Seafood Stew), at a Sao Paulo house full of the “Aguarela do Brasil” (the “Watercolors of Brazil”)

I'm kinda "brushing up" my Latin Style Cooking, for both the coming World Cup and the coming Olympics in Brazil. This "simpler than you think" Moqueca de Peixe (Brazilian Seafood Stew) should do well for replacing my annual Superbowl Seafood Gumbo…

And the "Aguarela do Brasil" ("Watercolors of Brazil") come forth so creatively and smoothly in this amazing,  retro, eclectic Sao Paulo Brazil crib, in this segment of "Home Cookin' "…..



Misty Copeland
The lone African American in the American Ballet Theater


Chicken Recipes with 'Personality'
in my latest ....'Home Cookin'
(Great Homes, Great Food!!!)


"Body", Part 20, a.k.a. "Victory"
...The ESPN 'Body Issue' Slideshow


Grilled Chicken Kebabs with Roasted Pepper Dip


...A Bright Brooklyn Wedding Affair
On the Menu: "Matrimonial Munchies"


Ray Allen's advice to Duane Wade on extending his career


The 'Cool School'
refreshing drink recipes
(and advice on healthy sweeteners)


"Girl Talk"
"Beauty Behind the Mask"
(D.I.Y. Facial Masks)


"The Art of Tea" and cold tea, and tea infused drink recipes


Style Points!!!
Heirloom Tomato, Avocado, Zucchini Stacks, with a Tomato Almond Pesto


"Heal Thyself"
My Website vs. A sudden illness that came after me


"Cacao Power"
(a.k.a., "Food of the Gods")


"Fifty, Fit, And Fabulous!!!"
Mary Dent, Age 53!!!


The "Gangsta Gardener"
(He plants gardens in vacant lots all over South Central L.A.)


Roasted Olive Oil Tomatoes with Manchego and Basil


Making Your Own Flavored Pink Himalayan Salts


Dinner and a Movie

Crimson Tide
On the Menu: Submarine Sandwiches Made Healthy


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(The Art of Food)


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