Ginger shown 10,000 times more effective than Chemotherapy Drugs (….particularly Breast Cancer Chemo Drug Taxol)

Ginger naturally contains a compound…….

……..that is up to 10,000 times more effective than chemotherapy drugs at killing the cancer stem cells that make malignant tumors so dangerous, according to a study published in



When Blackbirds Fly (…to Babylonstoren Farm and Hotel, South Africa)


"Let's fly away, so high away from here, where the air and water is clear, you can make bread…..and I'll make beer"
– Michael Franks (from the song "When Blackbirds Fly")

(above and below)  Babylonstoren Chefs gathering Farm Fresh Organics for the day's menu



The New [Superfood] Kids on the Block (Part 2): Moringa

[photo from the website which sells high quality Moringa]

After falling in "Nutrition Love" with the amazing Superfood Baobab, I'm now ready to bring to bring in another "New Kid", Moringa, because I keep hearing so many amazing things about it (I only like to bring in new stuff one at a time to monitor their effects more easily).

There are now several Moringa brands now on USA Amazon (though the first brand I will try will be my fav' brand Aduna Moringa on Amazon)



Body, (Part 30), a.k.a., “Skin Tight” (…The Jeans Slideshow)

I'm a little concerned that, as a "Professional Girl-Watcher", I don't see as many pair of nice jeans as I did "back in the day". What used to be the end-all to who's got it going on, seems now to be in danger of becoming extinct.

Anyhooz, I'm gonna "keep hope alive" with this slideshow. And if you never heard The Ohio Players bumping the title track, I suggest you open your windows, cause it's bout to get FUNKY up in here!!!



Home Cookin’ !!! Seafood Servings “Over and Over”, in a Hamilton Island Australia home

Breaking my own rules and slipping in a little nutrition science into one of my "Made for Browsing" posts, contrary to belief, many seafoods are still very low in mercury.

For example, almost all seafoods fished in Alaskan waters are recommended by the Alaska Department of Health to be eaten in unlimited quantities for everyone, INCLUDING pregnant women.

more on "the real deal" on mercury levels in seafoods here



Food for Thought: My Second Life

My "First Life", from birth until perhaps a year ago, was basically my old "World View", as I call it, my accumulated perceptions on race, on relationships, happiness, spirituality, etc……

……hardwired into my head by Society, Television, Music, Culture, and all the rest.



Fifty+, Fit and Fabulous!!! Ellen Ector (uh..technically, She’s 63, Fit and Fabulous, but who’s counting?)

I think it's time to rename my most popular series of articles (popularity that I did not see coming!!!), to "Fifty +, Fit and Fabulous", adding that small but significant, "+" sign :)

Meet Ellen Ector, a 63-year-old mom of five, grandmother of four, and health inspiration to people everywhere.



Men’s Health: Nutrients for Male Vitality and Well Being (Part 6)

Former NBA Basketballer, now actor Rick Fox is going on age 47 in 2015, and when a "Cool Cat" is pushing 50, he is definitely what I called an "Old School Playa' " .

So I thought a "Slick Rick" photo shoot might give that "Distinguished Gentleman's" backdrop for this next batch of "Male Vitality" Superfoods.

Nutrients for Male Vitality (Part 6)


1)   Garlic
2)   Ginger
3)   Fenugreek



Garden Graffiti (Part 2): Ten Reasons to Love Vertical Gardens

[garden design by marylou sobel design]

When you live in an urban area, bits of greenery can be hard to come by……

……but vertical gardens offer a wonderful way to refresh your living space, inside and out.

[garden design by jeffrey erb design]

From boosting privacy to enhancing small outdoor areas, here are 10 reasons to love this surprisingly versatile garden feature.



New in “Dinner and a Movie”: “Brown Sugar”

On the Menu: Brown Sugar Recipes

to go to the post click on either photo, or click here

(below, Garlic and Brown Sugar Chicken Thighs)


“Do The Funky Chicken” !!! (Part 6) …more Creative Chicken Recipes (and healthy cooking tips)

Photo Above and next 2 Photos Below
One-Pan Apricot Walnut and Brie Stuffed Chicken Breast with Roasted Potatoes.
(click any of the 3 photos for recipe)



Girl Talk: Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep….

….by guest writer Bobbi Hill

Many people define beauty based on the features of our face and the size and shape of our body. In addition to that we use creams, serums, makeup, facials, and various spa treatments to enhance what we have to start with.

Some of these products are very effective since they contain nourishing nutrients, minerals, natural oils and vitamins that give skin hydration, reduce fine lines, smooth out wrinkles, reduce dark spots, prevent acne, minimize pore size and produce a radiant, healthy glow.



Lush Foodie Abudance in a Small Urban Garden

This modest backyard garden provides its owner with fruit and vegetables all year round, thanks to an innovative low-maintenance approach…….

Victorian Spaces by London Photographers Chris Snook


I was spending a lot of money on organic food,” Esiah Levy says, explaining how he came to create his super-productive garden in Croydon, south London.

“So, I set about finding alternative sources of organic food. There aren’t many farmers markets near where I live, so the next logical step was to learn how to grow it myself.” While juggling his day job, Levy attended Capel Manor College in London’s Regent’s Park, learning how to cultivate fruits and vegetables without plant foods or fertilizers, using the innovative no-dig technique.

Victorian Spaces by London Photographers Chris Snook



New in “The Wanderlust Food Diaries”: The Royal Mansour, Morocco

On the Menu :    "Tempting Tagines"

(A Tagine is a Berber dish from North Africa, that is named after the special earthenware pot in which it is cooked.  Tagines in Moroccan cuisine are slow-cooked stews braised at low temperatures, resulting in tender meat, and exotically spiced,  aromatic vegetables and sauce)

to go to the posting click any of the photos, or click here



Sarah Thomas becomes the first full-time female official in NFL history

Sarah Thomas will become the first full-time female official in NFL history.

The league made the groundbreaking announcement Wednesday, promoting the 19-year veteran after eight years with Conference USA.



The New [Superfood] Kids on the Block (Part 1): The Baobab Fruit

The same voice in my head that told me to dive into, Cacao,   Mangosteen,   Sea Buckthorn,   Goji,   Argan oil,   Black Sesame Seeds,   Reishi Maca,   Coconut Oil,   GacManuka

……. and many others I rave about in the "Eat Smart" section of the blog, now is telling me about the amazing Baobab fruit.

[photo credit to the website, which now sells Baobab on Amazon]

With Baobab now available on Amazon (I recommend  Baobest Baobab  or  Aduna Babbab) , it's another "heavy hitting" Superfood that will probably be part of my regiment forever.



Body, (Part 29), a.k.a., “Adult Education”

Okay, it's time for me to "Take to School" all these dudes on the web with the obnoxious "Bimbo", "Hoochie Mamma', "Ghetto Booty",  and "T & A" pages on Pinterest, Tumblr and everywhere else.

I mean, damn, it's obvious I love looking at beautiful women like the next guy, but what happened to the "polished presentation"? The art form? The style? The elegance? Leaving something to the imagination?

Let me show you "Young-bloods" how it's done. Let me give you knuckleheads an "Adult Education".



The Garden of Eatin’ … Episode 6, You say [ to-may'-to ] …………….. I say [ to-mah'-to ]

I remember I was thinking when grabbing a tomato starter from Home Depot saying,  "what the heck, throw it in a pot, whatever happens, happens". Wasn't expecting much with my 3-4 hours of sunlight a day, but it actually produced some "doozies" (if that's a word)

Tomatoes were a surprise treat for my first edible garden this summer, although in reality, I need perhaps a quarter acre of land to make tomato planting practical for all the tomatoes I can go through in a year.



Home Cookin’ !!! “Something Special” …. Special Greek Cuisine, in a Special Greek Home, on a Special Greek Island

It's obvious from my blog that I'm what you call and "Island Man". But that's not just limited to the Caribbean that I'm blogging about all the time.

This amazing home on the Greek Island of Lesvos gets my spine tingling just as easily.

[photo credit]



Food for Thought: Healthy Eaters, Strong Minds, What School Gardens Teach Kids

Tall brick walls conceal a colorful garden at Eastern Senior High School in Washington, D.C., where students like Romario Bramwell, 17, harvest flowers and produce. The program is run by City Blossoms, a nonprofit that brings gardens to urban areas.

School is still out for the summer, but at Eastern Senior High School in Washington, D.C., students are hard at work — outdoors. In a garden filled with flowers and beds bursting with vegetables and herbs, nearly a dozen teenagers are harvesting vegetables for the weekend's farmers market.

Roshawn Little is going into her junior year at Eastern, and has been working in this garden for three years now. "I didn't really like bugs or dirt," Little says, thinking back to when she got started. "Well, I still don't really like bugs, but I like the dirt," she laughs. She gathers a handful of greens, yanks from the stem and pulls up a baseball-sized beet.



Tapas Time!!! Social Security at Your Next Party ….

… guest writer Bobbi Hill

Social Security at Your Next Party

Go ahead. Bite me. How can you resist? Fixing fabulous party foods your hungry guests can eat in small bites can be labor intensive, but the fun factor far outweighs any time constraints.

Delicious and beautiful concoctions satisfy your creative urges and bring smiles to faces and stomachs. Do stomachs smile? Of course they do. This is social security at its finest.



“Garden Graffiti” (Part 1) … “Vines in a Cage”, The Insignia Building, Seattle Washington

I was inspired to start a new series of blog articles when I walked past this building going up a block from me in Seattle, Washington.

I'm calling these articles "Garden Graffiti", I think you can see where I'm going with that.


(Below) Digital Graphic of the Insignia Building, due for completion later in 2015.



“Dressed To Grill” … Sophisticated Skewers (Part 3)

Summer may be winding down, but my list of creative Sophisticated Skewers goes on and on. So here is another batch for my online cookbook.

….and also another of what I call my "Culinary Porn", that being my addictive obsession, Custom Outdoor Kitchens.

And Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, the baddest Outdoor Kitchen/Grill boys in the land, feature another amazing kitchen in Bethesda, Maryland …..NICE!!!!!



Cool Fitness Gear (Part 3)

(Above and below)

British "up and coming" Track Star Morgan Lake sporting (above) the Nike Dual Sculpture Capri, Nike Pro Classic Giraffe Bra, Nike Dri-FIT Loose Tank and Nike Studio Wrap Footwear……

…..and below Rockin' the Nike Tech Fleece Vest and Pants, and Nike Air Max OG  Shoes

all from the Nike Fall 2015 Women's Line,          or, click photo above or below for more info



"Body", (Part 30)
a.k.a. "Skin Tight"
(...the Jeans "Fitspo" Slideshow)


Salmon with Orange and Thyme


Babylonstoren Farm, South Africa
...a 12 room boutique hotel embracing the "Farm to Table" experience, NICE!


Cool Fitness Gear!!! (Part 3)


Grilled Lemon Chicken Skewers


DIY Skin and Bodycare (Part 6)
......a.k.a., "The Orange Article"


Misty Copeland: "It's Time"
The First Female Black Principal in the American Ballet Theater


Dinner and a Movie:
"Brown Sugar"
On the Menu: Brown Sugar Recipes


Easy Ginger and
Lime Roasted Shrimp


"Girl Talk"
Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep


Cucumber, Jicama, and Mango
"Raw Fries"


Men's Health
Nutrients for Male Vitality
and Well Being (Part 6)


My Top 10 Breast Cancer Prevention Superfoods (Part 2)


Rye Toasts with Creamed Avocado and Smoked Trout


"The Wanderlust Food Diaries"
The Royal Mansour
Marrakech, Morocco
On the Menu: "Tempting Tagines"


Tavuk Kebabi
(Mint & Aleppo Pepper Marinated Chicken Kebabs)


My Top 10 Hidden Toxins in our "Supposedly" Healthy Vitamins, Supplements, and Health Foods


"Fifty, Fit, And Fabulous!!!"
Gervel Sampson, Age 55!!!
(Breakin' that Age 55 Speed Limit!!)


See all articles in "The Healthy Chef's Cookbook"
(The Art of Food)


See all articles in "Eat Smart"
(The Science of Food)



Links to my favorite sites who are ''Raging Against the Machine''
(and also some fun cooking blogs)


One Bold Soul: Artist and Writer

(same name, different blog, no need to fight about it)

Real Food Freaks

Kim's "Nutritionally Well"

Special 'shout out' to this food blogger. Totally different style than me, but my favorite food blog in creativity. She inspired me to start my 'Dinner and a Movie' and "Wanderlust Food Diaries' articles.