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"I don't get my kicks on being right, I get my kicks on finding truth"
–me (Doug Wallace)


From a Reader named April: "just wanted to let you know, 10 months ago i started down the road to a complete change in health, diet, and lifestyle… your blog was one of the first ones i came across that i found real information regarding superfoods and great health habits and i'm so thankful for it! goji, himalayan salt, maca, raw honey, cacao, coconut oil… these are just a few of the things we've incorporated into our diets that were inspired by your blog, along with alternative sweeteners of course!" –april (a blog reader)

To April: Thanks April, I don't blog for money, comments such as yours are my payment (and inspiration)!!!!   :)


The Gaia Theory postulates that all organisms and their surroundings on earth are closely related to form a self-regulating system. That system is called, Planet Earth.

The human body is also a Gaia system in that it, like planet earth, is also self regulating. Given the right conditions and the proper care, the body is totally capable of healing itself, sustaining itself, and performing all the tasks within itself that are necessary to keep it vibrant, alive, and healthy. Treat it poorly, then the body becomes out of balance, becoming susceptible to disease, and all sorts of ailments.

In this day and age, we have all the knowledge and information necessary to make sure that our body has the correct environment to remain a vibrant Gaia system indefinitely, or at least much longer than people often perceive. I think the human mind starts to believe as we hit our forties and fifties, the human body will automatically start to deteriorate and fall apart. I firmly believe this is a misnomer, we have the power to stay healthy and active for decades and decades after age forty.

We must only make the decision to take control of our health through food and other relevant lifestyle choices.

I have always been fascinated with the science of eating and the science of health. It is not my objective to take the place of the doctors and scientists, but to be a facilitator of information pertaining to the subjects of health and nutrition. I see myself as someone who is gifted in loving to research these types of topics and having the ability to make sound judgment calls in spite of contradictory evidence on subjects relating to health and nutrition. I have been fortunate to enjoy perfect health all my life, having sustained nothing more than a decent number of bad colds. I think age is irrelevent, I think I can keep youthfulness going by taking an active role in what I am putting in my body.

Of course, this thing pertaining to health is not all about food. We must develop our mind, our spirits, and our instincts for optimal wellness. In other words, you have to dig into "you". How do you do that?  I don't know, but I'm willing to help you dig in and get started. I can show you through my blog, all the things I have researched and learned, as well as talk about the things that I have tried for myself that have both worked and failed. One friend who I was able to get into this stuff is now showing me new things, and we are now learning from each other. I think you just have to make the decision to start to create a better you, and the universe will bring the people and information that you need into your path.

If I can just say one heartfelt and passionate sentence, I just hate to see and hear about people suffering and/or dying from diseases that I truly feel deep down can be easily avoided with a little extra knowlege.

The great martial artist and philosopher Bruce Lee once said to a student  that "I can only help you explore yourself". I hope that the Gaia Health Blog can accomplish the same thing.

Also, the famous poet Walt Whitman has a line in a poem in reference to the meaning of our purpose in this life: "That the powerful play goes on, and you will contribute a verse.”  The Gaia Health Blog is "My Verse".

Best of health, happiness, and abundant life,

Doug Wallace

contact me at   dxwallace AT gmail DOT com

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