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Food for Thought: Why Steph Curry Deleted all his Social Media…..

Like rival LeBron James, Stephen Curry is making sure he is focused on the task at hand by eliminating distractions. Zero Dark 30 activated. The Golden State Warriors superstar recently told Chris Haynes of ESPN that he deleted all of the social media apps from his phone before the playoffs began.

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Escapade!!! “Cyber Traveling” with Teri Johnson, aka, “Travelista Teri” (Episode 1) The Making of the Official “Travelista Teri Fan Club” Video

One "Wanderlust" traveler [myself], "non-vicariously" 🙂 enjoying the travel adventurers of another Wanderlust traveler [Teri Johnson, a.k.a., "Travelista Teri"] After I first watched one of her travel adventure videos, I must confess, I was pissed at Teri Johnson, a.k.a., "Travelist Teri"……

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New in “The Wanderlust Food Diaries”: “The Edge of a Dream” ………. (… The Ubud Hanging Gardens Resort, Bali, Indonesia)

On The Menu: "East Java Eats" (Balinese and Indonesian Inspired Cuisine)   to go to the post chick on either photo, or click here   [below] Balinese Chicken with "Dirty" Peanut Sauce

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“One Shining Moment”: NCAA March Madness Official Highlight Video

Love watching this every year…..ENJOY!!!!

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Garden Graffiti (Part 7): “Rain Dance” (…Outdoor Shower Garden Inspirations)

  "In the Rain Dance, I cool it all down, it is the year to come, when this one's run……"               –Stuart Adamson (of the band "Big Country", from the song "Rain Dance")   [below] Outdoor shower in Villa Karma Cantik, Bali, Indonesia My Note: Damn!!! My new Life goal #5,   between  #4-Help Stop Global […]

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Cool Fitness Gear (Part 6)

"Opening Night" Strappy Bra $44.99                "Opening Night" Bomber Jacket $199.99               "Show Stop"  Leggings $149.99 (above and below)     Ballerina Misty Copeland's "Self Designed" Under Armour 2017 collection Women's Studio Long Sleeve $79.99                 Charged PivotMid Shoe $129.99              […]

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Girl Talk: 8 Tips for Protecting Your Sensitive Skin…..

….by guest writer, Sally Wong My Quick Notes: After looking at this batch of photos of Fashion Blogger, Model, Fashion Diva "Extraordinaire", Micah Gianneli, I'm officially making her the fashion "Cover Girl" of my cyber-spot. …..though I know nothing about women's fashion, Micah is simply KILLING the "Cyber Runway" !!! Anyhooz, I'm glad to see […]

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Home Cookin’ !!! “Tell Me What I Gotta Do … To Get To Your House”…. in Costa Rica, For Some “Sweet Treats” Made Healthy

(below) Orange Sherbet Cake  (more info further down) Desserts to me are like Making Romance…. …in that for me, it may only come around every Blue Moon, but when it does, I savor every morsel, with no guilt, and no regrets 🙂 Sorry if TMI 🙂

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Steph Curry: The Secret to his Success? Brain Training…..

It just hit me,  wouldn't a cool nick-name for Steph Curry be …. "The Boy Wonder" ? ….you know, Robin's nick-name in the old Batman and Robin TV show? Anyway, one of the main secrets to Steph Curry's success is the "Brain Training" he gets at Accelerate Basketball, Charlotte company devoted to honing basketball player's […]

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My Top 30 Super Food “Power Rankings” (…numbers 21-30)

The more I got into this project, the more interesting it got!!! Every health blogger should do this, so people can compare and which superfoods always seem to "bubble" to the top, but this task is hard……

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Body (Part 39), a.k.a., “It’s Your Life” (….The “Body Paint” Slideshow)

In case you wanna run off and so some "Googling", the painter is "Ed the Artist".  Great job if you can get it, the one job where I wouldn't mind working overtime and through lunch. 🙂 But, don't even bother writing me asking where I'm going with this one, it just comes out of me […]

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My Top 30 Superfood “Power Rankings” (….numbers 11 thru 20)

Man!!! This project is harder than I thought,  but that's a good thing….. Any of the these Superfoods in my 11-20 "Power Rankings" could actually be in the Top 10, but I can't squeeze them in, because I can't drop any of my Top 10 Superfoods down!!!

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Misty Copeland: Five Ways She Eats, Trains, and Lives Healthy

…text in this article I'm reposting from Self Magazine. Self's final print edition will be Feb/2017. Ballerina Misty Copeland spends hours every day dancing and training to make sure she's performance-ready. SELF's December cover girl….. ……who is the first African-American female principal dancer at American Ballet Theater (ABT), has picked up a few tricks over […]

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My Top 30 Superfood “Power Rankings” (…numbers 1 thru 10)

There is no absolute truth here, just my opinion on which superfoods offer the most overall wellness benefits when taken consistently. Every health blogger will have a different list, and different body chemistries may react differently to different superfoods. I'm going by my OPINION of superfoods I've extensively researched, and personally used, therefore,  there may […]

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Girl Talk: Beauty Behind the Mask (Part 3) ……more DIY Facial Masks

Another batch of "Masks"……and another batch of "Masks",   ENJOY!!!!   [below] Strawberries and Yogurt Brightening DIY Facial Mask   (click photo for formula)

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“The Butter Project”: Is any real Grass Fed Butter left on the Planet?

…plus, some amazing flavored butter recipe ideas for your grass fed butter!!!   [below] Gourmet Homemade Butter with Garlic, Shallots, and Herbs (click photo for recipe) The "Pleasure and Pain" of Healthy Eating The Pleasure?      I'm mean, these first 6-7 food photos (special shout out to the biscuits and Black Pepper Strawberry Butter below). When […]

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“The Art of Tea” (Part 2) : “Plen-Tea” of Style Points

Damn, I was planning the sequel to The Art of Tea (Part 1), six months after I finished Part 1, but now, it's 3 1/2 years later….so many articles in my head, so little time 🙂   [below] Cranberry Spiced Tea (featuring my Fav' African Red Rooibos, many health benefits, to Rooibos!!), click photo for […]

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Black Women’s Beauty Products Likely To Contain Toxic Chemicals… (….a recent study says)

Less than 25% of products marketed to black women got high safety ratings in a new study…… ……..compared to 40% of products aimed at the general public.

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Garden Graffiti (Part 6): “Up the Ladder to the Roof” (Rooftop Gardens)

  "Don't you wanna go up the ladder to the roof, where we can be see heaven much better?"                            -Jean Terrell of the Supremes (from the song "Up the ladder to the Roof")   (below) I must be slipping, I know that skyline, but my mind can't place it [photo source] ..just a "made […]

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“Inner Strength”: Amna Al Haddad “Raises the Bar”

Amna Al Haddad, 27 years old in 2017,  is a former journalist, now professional and Olympic weightlifter from the United Arab Emirates. She is signed to the Nike Women's Team, as Nike continues to promote and celebrate women's athletics.

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Home Cookin’ !!! Buddha Bowls while “Walking on the Chinese Wall”, Fujian, China

On the menu: Vermicelli Noodle "Buddha Bowl" with Pan Seared Salmon               Summer Glow "Buddha Bowl" 15 Minute, Mandarin Orange-Avocado "Buddha Bowl"                      Cilantro-Lime Shrimp Bowls Miso Veggie Breakfast "Buddha Bowl"                                                     Easy Vegan "Buddha Bowl" Grilled […]

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Fifty+, Fit and Fabulous !!! Stephanie Person, Nutrition Coach, Age 50 (…She lives around the corner from the “Fountain of Youth”)

Going into my typical "Super Sleuth" mode on Ms. Stephanie Person, I don't have and exact date of her 50th birthday, but from what I can tell from her Instagram photo and comment, she turns 50 around May 2017. But let's not split hairs, this "Bundle of Energy" is gonna be a stick of Dynamite […]

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The New [Superfood] Kids on the Block (Part 7): Black Seeds (….and Black Seed Oil)

. I must be slipping…… …because I saw myself, admittedly less humble than I should be, as the "King of Research", but I had never heard of Black Seeds until 2016 (many thanks to a reader of my blog who hooked me up). So, though a "New Kid" from my point of view, Black Seeds […]

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Body (Part 38), a.k.a., “Brick House” (….the Abs Slideshow)

Those "Brick House" abs in front of the "Brick House", belong to my girl Lauren Hamlet, up here with me in the Great Northwest……. …..and she's gonna headline this batch of "taught tummies" Although a few stragglers may have slipped through the cracks…… …..I intentionally tried to make this a "No Breast Implants" and "No […]

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"Body", (Part 39)
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The Ubud Hanging Gardens, Bali
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The AMAZING Superfood
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Dinner and a Movie:
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Fifty, Fit and Fabulous!!!
Stephanie Person, Age 50 !!!
Nutrition Coach


Raw, Gluten Free, Blueberry Spirulina Cheescake


Balinese Grilled Chicken


Putting Monsanto in Your Vagina?
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