Home Cookin’ !!! “Tell Me What I Gotta Do … To Get To Your House”…. in Costa Rica, For Some “Sweet Treats” Made Healthy

(below) Orange Sherbet Cake  (more info further down)

Desserts to me are like Making Romance….

…in that for me, it may only come around every Blue Moon, but when it does, I savor every morsel, with no guilt, and no regrets 🙂

Sorry if TMI 🙂

But, I digress……

…there are so many philosophies about sweet treats and healthy eating, mine is fairy straight forward, once I got past the science of it all.

I'm not feeling the Gluten Free Flour thing……

But that's just me, to each his or her own (though I do have some GF recipes further down), the taste doesn't work for me. I actually went Grain Free for 2 years, but have since lightened up a bit.

Now, I just enjoy wheat/flour/bread occasionally, try to make it Organic, quality flour, especially since I've learned gluten issues may not be the wheat itself, but the Glyphosate pesticide they spray on non-organic wheat is the "possible" source of Gluten intolerance symptoms .

I'm a "Real Food Freak"….

My other "Real Food Freak" Rules are: 1) Avoid conventional dairy and stick to pasture raised real milk, cream, yogurt and butter grass fed butter list here    2) replace processed sugar with Healthy Coconut Palm Sugar    3) Use organic Flour/Cake Mix (since organic wheat can't "legally" be sprayed with Glyphosate, the possible cause of Gluten intolerance symptoms)

4) Pasture Raised eggs (whole Foods has them, expensive, but very good, and eggs are very good for you)   5) Swap in full fat Coconut Milk whenever you can (coconut is EXTREMELY Healthy   6) Buy all organic ingredients     7) I use Papaya Enzymes to digest Gluten, meat, and anything else   8) use Coconut Oil and avoid Toxic Canola like the plague!!!

OK, enough "Egghead" Nutrition Science…

…but that's the real reason I'm here, everything else in the Blog is just a ploy to suck you in 🙂

So, now that you're sucked in, lets get to some decadent "Food Porn", and "HGTV Porn", and maybe somebody can "Tell me what I Gotta Do", to get to this amazing crib in Costa Rica!!

(5 food photos above and 1 below)     Orange Sherbet Cake (…I wish the recipe creator would have went into more detail with recipe ingredients, but the advantage to that is it allows me to fill in with quality organic, whole food ingredients. I can see a Tropical Style, "Mango Mamma" Cake created from this theme  (click any 5 food photos above or 1 photo below for recipe) 

(below) Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (…note my sugar comments above)     (click photo for recipe)

(below) Strawberry Yogurt Cheesecake (click photo below for recipe)

(below) Coconut Cake (…replace white sugar with Coconut Palm Sugar, and follow rules above)    (click photo for recipe)

(below) Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Raw Tiramisu
(…I wanna to master a couple of GF desserts for my GF friends, but you have to work at great taste)   (click photo for recipe)

(below) Raw, Blueberry, Spirulina Cheescake
(I'm not GF or Vegan, but this would be  great GF recipe to master……)          (click photo for recipe)

(below) Raw, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Lemon Ginger Chia Cheesecake
(This Blogger's amazing recipes are inspiring me to come up with my own super healthy/tasty signature GF dessert)  (click photo for recipe)

(below) Banana and Coconut 3 Milk Cake (I  avoid Conventional Dairy like the plague, so I would have to find a Grass Fed Milk From Whole Foods, or a Farmer's Market, but I will concede the point on the Condensed Milk if I have to…)   (click photo for recipe)

(below) Dairy Free, Refined Sugar Free, Raw Peach Cheesecake   (….click photo for recipe)

(below) Lemon and Thyme Cake   (….click photo for recipe)


Al Jarreau:

"Tell Me What I Gotta Do"
(…..To Get To Your House)

(….in memory of one of my Top 5 favorite musicians, Al Jarreau, 1940-2017. Rest in peace my brother.
The vibrations we send out in this life, echo forever through all space, time, and eternity!!)


…about the crib

Designed by Canas Arquitecos, even with its sleek modern design, the house still succeeds to fuse with the amazing nature and scenery around it, on the Peninsula Papagayo, on the Pacific side of Costa Rica.

Overlooking natural forests on both sides, one of them is luckily, for the owners, a Forest Reserve that will never be developed. 

The owners asked for a house where you could enjoy these views and live in the air. The internal spaces (especially those of the social area) had to be integrated with the exteriors so that even the interior felt like being outside.

The main room contains a double height living room and kitchen and opens with large windows overlooking the pool terrace.

The double height window opens with sliding glass doors erasing all barriers between the inside and the terrace. The pool merges with a mirror of water surrounding entirely a living room outside beneath the master bedroom framed by a set of columns diagonally.

The ground floor bedrooms overlook the Forest Reserve. It is a rich journey in sensations produced by the diversity of spaces, the quality of light, and by differences in heights, scales and views.

The home, in short, a house designed to live outside enjoying the sea breeze, the sun, the sea and full of tropical flora and wildlife and forest.

photos mostly from HomeAdore.com (see copyright disclaimer below)

~stay healthy~


click here or photo below for all my great homes and food in
"Home Cookin' "    (Great Homes, Great Food!!!)

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