My Top 30 Superfood “Power Rankings” (….numbers 11 thru 20)

Man!!! This project is harder than I thought,  but that's a good thing…..

Any of the these Superfoods in my 11-20 "Power Rankings" could actually be in the Top 10, but I can't squeeze them in, because I can't drop any of my Top 10 Superfoods down!!!

But that's good news!!! Because now,  my top tier of super-duper foods is really the Top 20, not the Top 10. The top 3-4 are [arguably] head and shoulders above the rest in health and healing power…..

…but any of these "Big Boys" in the Top 20 that you can consistently get into your regiment are a gift from Mother Nature, for health, wellness, and healing!!!


#20 – Chlorella

Smoothie Friendly ? :    Yes

The deep-green algae power is perfect for smoothies (though you can get it in tablet form), and is shown to detox the body, remove mercury and other heavy metals, it's truly a miracle food. I'll spare you the details, but the first two weeks I started taking it, I had this amazingly smooth and natural digestive cleanse, and started feeling simply awesome!
(click photo for more Chlorella info, with my recommended brands)


#19 – Pink Himalayan Salt

Smoothie Friendly ? :    No (but "workout water" friendly)

We actually should be consuming more salt than we do, not Morton Salt, which is nothing but Sodium, Iodine, and Toxins, but more real,  unprocessed Salt. Pink Himalayan salt has been sitting underground for a half billion to a billion years, and is unprocessed with its full mineral profile in its natural state, as nature intended it. A very important superfood, that is probably the easiest to switch over to. 
(click photo for info on Pink Himalayan Salt)


#18 – Garlic

Smoothie Friendly ? :    No

Not only is Garlic good for heart health,  great for immune system, has great antioxidant properties, fights fungus and parasites in digestive system, a detoxifier, and great for skin, Garlic is being shown to be a powerful cancer fighter. In laboratory tests, garlic appears to kill leukemia cells as well as slow the growth of tumors in prostate, bladder, colon, and stomach tissue. It is one of 114 year old Bernando Lapallo's 5 foods for a long healthy life. (click photo for info on benefits of Garlic)


#17 – Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon

Smoothie Friendly ? :    No

When you get into the depths of how Vitamin D deficiency and Omega-3 imbalances are two of perhaps a dozen root causes of Cancer and many other diseases, you will realize your Gourmet Grilled Lemon Salmon Kabobs perform "double duty" as a medicine as well. And don't believe the general rumors about seafoods and mercury. Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon is so low in mercury, it is Recommended by the Alaska Dept. of Health to be eaten in Unlimited Quantities, and is even recommended for pregnant women!! 
(click photo for info on benefits of Wild Caught Salmon)


#16 – Maca

Smoothie Friendly ? :    Yes

This Superfood is no less than a gift from the "Vitality Gods", especially for those 40 years old and beyond. The rugged, turnip shaped superfood grows high in the Andes mountains at 14,000+ feet, where nothing else grows. Those harsh conditions had the plant evolve to be hearty, and packed with nutrients. Red Maca is gaining more attention as a major asset for Prostate Health and Male Libido. Yellow (the main, common Maca), is getting rave reviews by some women desperately trying to find some relief from pre-menopausal imbalances. One of many on this list that should be a "Top Ten-ner", at least for people over 40.  (click photo for women's Maca article)


#15 – Green Tea

Smoothie Friendly ? :    Yes

Another superfood that probably should be in the Top Ten, based on its infinite healing capabilities. The only reason I don't have it in my Top 10 is because it contains caffeine, and some of my family and friends say it makes them edgy and affects their sleep, similar to coffee. I personally don't have those problems with it, so I guess it depends on individual body chemistry. Many studies in the far East show that this superfood is a heavy duty cancer fighter. You can brew it and put in the fridge, and add to your smoothies, if you don't see yourself ever becoming a true tea drinker, or create some amazing cold green tea drinks, like Green Tea and Coconut water with lime, and you can sweeten in the blender with UMF Manuka Honey or Coconut Palm Sugar
(click photo for benefits of green tea)


#14 – Pasture Raised Eggs

Smoothie Friendly ? :    No (Unless you're the type to do the "Rocky Balboa" raw egg in the blender thing)

Eggs are underrated, at least to me, as the amazing superfood that they are. They are actually one of the most complete, and easily assimilated sources of complete protein known to man. And don't be fooled by the myths that eggs cause high cholesterol, because I eat 20-30 eggs a week, and my cholesterol scores are perfect. I keep telling people, eggs are great for you, but often they are cooked in horribly bad oils, like Crisco, Wesson, fake commercial non-grass fed butter, and my arch enemy, Toxic Canola. Cook your eggs in Coconut Oil and you won't have any issues, except what to do with your noticeably better health. You can get Pasture Raised Eggs at Whole Foods. Not cheap, but both "Good Health" and "Bad Health" are expansive. (click photo for benefits of eggs)


#13 – Rooibos Tea (a.k.a., South African Red Tea)

Smoothie Friendly ? :    Yes

Might be surprised that I put this unknown but readily available on Amazon tea higher than green tea, but when you do your homework, you might see how the nutrient profile and potential for health and healing by far surpasses Green Tea (its 50x more antioxidant power than Green Tea, is one example). Another reason is it is Caffiene Free. Even if you are not a tea drinker, you can brew it and leave in the fridge as the base liquid for your smoothies, and it makes great cold drinks, like Rooibos and Coconut Water, and you can sweeten in the blender with UMF Manuka Honey or Coconut Palm Sugar. One of the superfoods that gave me a noticeable sense of "well being" when I first started drinking it. Was so positively bizarre, I was hearing my music with more clarity, laughing more, dancing around the house, AWESOME STUFF!!!! (click photo for the benefits of Rooibos)


#12 – Maqui Berry

Smoothie Friendly ? :    Yes

Another classic case of……. How is possible, this South American superfood, so loaded with Antioxidant Power, Nutrients, and one of the Highest ORAC Levels of any food known to man, is almost totally unknown by "Food Rich" but "Nutrition Poor" Americans, even though it is readily available on Amazon? As the young kids would type on Twitter, "SMH". You've heard of blueberries, and maybe even acai, but none of those blue and purple berries have enough "Skill….to Kill….the King of the Hill",  the King being Maqui
(click photo for more Maqui info)


#11 – Pomegranate

Smoothie Friendly ? :    Yes

Pomegranate's Health and healing powers are somewhat endless, but one thing worth mentioning here, is the pomegranate is kinked to fighting breast cancer in women, fighting prostate cancer in men, and many other forms of cancer. I think we all have instincts this exotic fruit has a powerful punch, the challenge is getting it in consistently. Once again, that's where daily smoothies comes in. And if you can't do it fresh every day, get it in powder form. My Whole Foods fortunately has Woodstock Frozen Pomegranate Kernels, to give a healthy tasty, fruity boost to my smoothies (click photo for more Pomegranate benefits)



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