The New [Superfood] Kids on the Block (Part 7): Black Seeds (….and Black Seed Oil)


I must be slipping……

…because I saw myself, admittedly less humble than I should be, as the "King of Research", but I had never heard of Black Seeds until 2016 (many thanks to a reader of my blog who hooked me up).

So, though a "New Kid" from my point of view, Black Seeds are an ages old Superfood, revered in history. And after research, I had to immediately bring this "New Kid" into my daily regiment.

Black Seeds, the quick, nutrition science bla-bla-bla….

I try not to get pulled into the hype of any superfood, since superfoods are often over-hyped as "cure all" miracle superfoods, to get a buzz going, to cash in on the lucrative American Market…..

….However, I personally believe much attention must be paid to the ancient claims and "catch phrase" that Black Seeds can "Cure anything but Death"

Note: the Caviat to that phrase above is that historically, there were specific Black Seed treatment methods and dosages for every ailment, such as, Black Seeds combined with other things for a specific treatment, so we can't look at it too simplistically, as in, if we take one teaspoon of Black seed oil, our arthritis is totally gone. There can be a lot of imbalance in the body with any ailment, such as low magnesium, low iron, intestinal toxins, etc., which may prevent healing and the body getting back into balance. That's where skilled naturopaths/herbalist might have to come into play.

A little more nutrition science bla-bla-bla….

"Nigella Sativa" [botanical name] is one the most revered medicinal seeds in history. It's actually hard to find one paragraph to describe what's going on with this superfood (devote 15 minutes to "Google").

With a seed containing so many constituents and having such a long ethnobotanical history, it is not surprising that historically, black seeds is said to be good for all that ails us. However, the claims are not outrageously far-fetched …. if one considers how complete the seeds are in terms of their many chemical constituents.

Should I try Black Seeds or Black Seed Oil ?

I've been actually been hearing more about the Black Seed Oil than Black Seeds themselves. Black Seed Oil gets rave reviews, and seems [to me] to be more truth than hype.

I'll tell family and friends to start with whichever allows you consistent consumption. I think it will be harder to find a quality Black Seed Oil brand. Apparently, a lot of scam Black Seed Oil products out there. If anyone is looking for suggestion I'll buy my Black seed Oil from Healthy Traditions. Quality company, this product is tested for toxic/cancer causing Glyphosate Pesticide, and I hear Turkish Black Seed is higher quality than Egyptian and Indian . Since Healthy Traditions has been out of stock lately, my last purchase was  from Amazing Herbs on Amazon (Amazing Herbs is my "current" top brand sold on Amazon)

Black Seeds, vs. Black Cumin Seeds, vs. Cumin vs. Caraway, a little confusion….

…because of similar names, abbreviated names, nicknames overlap, in some languages, all are same name, but Black Seeds are like small Black Graphite Pellets, the only one of the bunch that are jet black, easily separated from the look of lighter, rice shaped Cumin and Caraway.

If still unsure of what you are purchasing, just make sure the package says "Nigella" or "Nigella Sativa", the Botanic name of Black Seeds.

Note: I removed the name "Cumin" from this post, now only using "Black Seeds", since one article I read claims "Black Cumin Seeds" and "Black Seeds" are two different things read more.  Note both have the same name below. As mentioned before, look for the name "Nigella Stativa"

[photo source]

Black Seeds and Black Seed Oil, Beauty and Brains….

A nutrient dense "brain food" for sure, but there are also a lot of people who swear by Black Seeds or Black Seed Oil for youthful skin, better hair, nails and so forth.

Actually the hair on the top of my head seems fuller since starting Black Seeds a month ago, but I can't be certain, could be my imagination. But for sure, my nails are growing super fast. Just something I noticed…….

Black Seed Oil…the secret to losing  Bodyfat????

I keep reading about people harping on this issue, and I wanna try this experiment myself.

But check out this interesting video of this guy who says ….. when Black Seed Oil is taken internally with water and honey, "supposedly" sheds pounds of body fat from the body in days/weeks!!!

I hear the Black Seed Oil tastes bad though 🙁

But alternately, I found a product on Amazon, Black Seed Oil Soft Gel Capsules, I actually purchased this product for myself, to try the oil right away.

The company, Amazing Herbs, seems, at my current best judgment, to be a good company (a lot of their Black Seed products are Turkish Seeds, which is a good sign, though I'm not sure if this specific product is Turkish Seeds),  I can only make my best judgment.

So, for me, soft gel capsules for daily oil, and the Black seed Oil from Healthy Traditions, or from Amazing Herbs (Amazing Herbs is my "current" top Amazon brand on Amazon). I'll keep in the bathroom to use on my skin, I'll rub in my skin and let it sit before my morning shower, and see if a year from now I notice any differences.

Update 4/15/17 … On a positive note: when I tried the black seed oil with Manuka Honey, water and Ceylon Cinnamon (a milder more neutral tasting cinnamon than common Cassia Cinnamon), it actually was not bad!! I don't think I'll need the capsules so much in the future, since this is "supposed" to be the magic formula for shedding bodyfat. We'll see if this formula gets me "ripped", but even if not, I can definitely do this tonic the first thing every morning before I eat anything!!!

The only "New Kid" that doesn't work in my smoothies 🙁

Smoothies make it so easy to get these "New Kids" in daily, but Black Seeds taste more like a peppery spice, doesn't work for my fruity-delicious daily smoothies 🙁

I could blow them off and move on to the next superfood, but health and healing power of Black Seeds compelled me to take another approach to consistently get this into my daily regiment.

How I am preparing and using my Black Seeds

If I'm correct, the way Black Seeds have been historically prepared, is to lightly roast them in a pan. This is supposed to take a way the brash taste, and it seems it did when I did my roasting.

Roasting merely entails simply heating in a warm skillet, and giving them an occasional stir. Not truly sure how much time to roast, but I kept tasting them and stopped when the brash taste seemed to fade.

After roasting, I grind the seeds……

…….in my inexpensive coffee grinder. As with most seeds, I prefer grinding to eating whole whenever possible.

Why? Because any whole small seeds in food may not get chewed, and often pass through the body without being digested. Grinding opens the seed and unleashes the oils and nutrients so they can be absorbed by the body.

Ground Black Seed in Capsules is my current approach…..

….same approach I do with Turmeric/Curcumin, another VERY important superfood, the only difference is that I can easily find Cucurmin pre-made in Capsule form.

So, I bought empty capsules on Amazon, and manually filled them with my ground black seeds. Making capsules is a pain, but only for the hour or so as I you sit there filling 100 capsules looking like a heroin drug dealer {chuckle} ……. but after that, I'm good for 2-3 months.

…if that all seems like too much of a pain for you, I'd suggest just start with Black Seed Oil. Alternately, an even more practical approach, since the oil is said to taste bad, is to try this product I found on Amazon that I'm trying, Black Seed Oil Soft Gel Capsules.

You could just eat them straight……

….I tried them ground/crushed on a spoon with Manuka Honey, since Black Seeds traditionally were taken with honey, but for me, I wasn't "feeling" the taste, the taste was "bearable", though not "horrible". But, if I don't like the taste of something, eventually I'll stop using it.

I tried it in my salads and it was similar to pepper, wasn't too crazy about it (has this "gunpowder" taste going on), and I don't eat salads every day, so the capsules was my best option to get it in daily.

Black Seeds cracks my list of Top 5 "Big Boys"

…as my research and instincts tell me they are probably one of the top 5 things to consistently put in my body for overall health and wellness.

I've got maybe 15-20 or so other "heavy hitting" superfoods that  are VERY important, but 5-6 that "feel" like they are miles ahead of all the rest, and Black Seeds is now one of my personal top 5. That is perhaps half science/research, and half instinct.

Consistency is key……

…to reap the benefits of any superfood. My site is merely a log of everything I use and learn about, because family and friends don't like to research things, so they often do what I do. Even if something didn't work for me, like if a superfood gave me a rash, I always add that to the article. Just logging all my wellness experiences, and research…..

My opinion, for myself, is Black Seeds are something I should be consuming consistently (for me, that's every day all year, with maybe a 2-3 month break, as I do with all my superfoods).

Remember, "Doubt is their Greatest Weapon"…..

… one author recently titled his book on how the Pharmaceutical Industry, Modern Medicine, and the Processed Food Industry will do ANYTHING in their power to convince us that these miracles of nature are a hoax or a scam.

Big Business is actually paying people to spread confusion on the web as these new Superfoods try to take root in the lucrative USA market to compete with their manufactured and processed foods and laboratory made medicines.

They are even coming after me and my blog now…..sigh :(

~stay healthy~

More info on Black Seeds

10 benefits of Nigella Sativa

Preferred way to prepare Black Seeds

Benefits of Black  Seeds

Even more confusion: This post says "Black Cumin Seeds" are not "Black Seeds"

16 more reasons Black Seeds are the remedy "for everything but death"


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8 Responses


Doug, have you heard about “hidrolyzed collagen”? Do you use it/have a brand that you really can trust?


Hi  K414na(Karoenna),

I have never heard of hidrolzed collagen. But as fate will have it, I bet I will start hearing the word pop up in my research, not sure why that happens to me. Same thing happened with Black Cumin Seeds, hearb about them one day last summer, and they been popping up ever since.

Doug at Gaia Health Blog


I have bought some (organic) Black Cumin Seeds hoping that would help me with my allergies that are really really bad, BUT it didn’t, I mean, problably I didn’t take that long to see any improvement, I still take it but not everyday, where I really saw, notice, improving my very bad allergies within only a few days of taking it was taking Reishi mushroom capsules, I am still completely amazed by this, seriously and truly, my allergies are so bad that I just could’t stop sneezing and sniffling untill I take allergy pills, this every day, every day, today is the last day of 2016, and I am just taking reishi since Dec 22 and I can tell the total difference with my allergies and I’ve learned about reishi here in your website, I just love this website since I found it out, which is less than 3 weeks 🙂 Thank you so much for this space here 🙂


Hi K414na (Karoenna),

Thanks for you compliments in my website. I’m not in this for money, those comments are my only payment, and it’s always a thrill when I get one.

I think one thing I learned about those Black Cumin Seeds, is that there was a certain formula and method for each individual ailment. I think unless you know an herbalist or natural path skilled and trained in Ancient/Historical methods of healing, you may or may not have success with a particular ailment, unless you just get lucky. Also keep in mind, many people have other unknown things in their diet, body or lifestyle that may prevent a certain superfood form being effective. For example, I think if a person is low in certain minerals, they may have trouble metabolizing magnesium. Or I even heard if you eat a lot of nuts, it forces the body to rub muscles of other minerals. It all gets real complicated. Sometimes, people have so much bad stuff going on in the body, a few weeks of a superfood may not do much good. They may need a cleanse, or whatever.

That’s where that “Can cure anything But Death” catch phrase for Black seeds gets a little tricky, because I think there is more to it that just taking a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil and expecting to be cured from Diabetes in one week. Fortunately for me, I have had very few ailments in my adult life to ever try to treat myself for anything specific with herbs/superfoods.

One thing I can see from all my research, is most of the healing formulas using Black Seed included other things, such as Honey, or Cinnamon, etc.. As with many herbal healing formulas, one has has to know how the chemical constituents of each ingredient work together, how different body chemistries are affected, and so forth. Then there’s one more thing people don’t consider, in that you may not be using a quality version of the product. As with anything, once Black Seed get more popular in the American Market, bogus products will creep in to the market, the scammers know they can make money just because the product is getting a following in the USA.

For me, I always try to take these superfoods as preventative medicine, and for overall wellness.

I’m glad you ran across my Reshi article, they are another very powerful superfood.

According to the ancient book, “Shinnoh Honzohkyo”. The “Shinnoh Honzohkyo” is the Japanese name of the ancient Chinese text in which several hundred top health and healing plants and herbs are ranked. Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum), was the top ranked of all herbs.

If you haven’t looked into Reishi Spores yet you might want to cheek them out, The spores are the dust that are on the Reishi Mushrooms. It is basically the reproductive material that blows in the wind, and lands on other trees to start a new Reishi mushroom growing. Supposedly the Spores are hundreds of time more potent than Reishi Mushrooms themselves. In my Reshi article, , I have a link to Primal Herbs Reishi Mushroom Powder with Spores, I simply love that powder. Like I said, I don’t take it to treat anything specific, and it’s hard to tell, since I take in so many superfoods, if it is has a specific benefit. I do know it helps give me a sense of energy and well being in combination with all the other superfoods in my smoothies, so it’s definitely part of a winning formula for me.

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment

Doug at Gaia HEalth Blog



thank you for take time to clarify all this information, I really appreciate that. I also thought that I might be doing something wrong and maybe that is why I was not seeing results, also, I got excited to try the Black Cumin Seeds in oil form (so I ordered, I’m waiting for the package). About the Reishi Spores, yes! I also found this out here 🙂 but that website (so far) ran out of the Reishi Spores version (also on Amazon is sold out), I am getting from other source until I can get my hands on this Spores version (I can’t wait!). So far I am very happy with all these super foods that I have discovered here on your blog, I am brazilian and I live in U.S. for only four years now. From Brazil, I already knew about Graviola (Soursop) (we had this tree in our back yard! and so Cacao tree, Papaya too! Guava and so on we were so lucky but then we had to move out for some reason, but always had some kind of tree like Mango, Banana, Coconut tree in our back yard), Acerola and Acai, Pitanga, to my taste, very delicious food 🙂 and I already got all the other ones too, that I have never heard about, like Mangosteen… and I also got them for well being reasons, (the Black Cumin tho, I got because of my allergies).

Once again, thanks for this clarifying replay 🙂 🙂


Hi K414na (Karoenna),

That was very good question though, since it provoked me to add a note to the article as pertains to Black Seeds curing everything, and how they had specific formulas for every ailment, so far as Black Seed combined with something else.

I think you just described my ideal orchard and garden I want to grow in my house when I move to the Caribbean. With outdoor kitchen, so I can pull things straight off the tree while I am filming my cooking show. Fresh Tropic Free Range Chicken with Mango Salsa, with Mangoes right off the tree 🙂

I think one of the things about Brazilian Superfoods, is many are very amazing and very beneficial, but they are so perishable, they cannot be shipped and sold overseas in the USA. I think that Pitanga can be a very potent superfood due to its high Lycopene content which prevents Prostate Cancer in Men and Breast Cancer in women, but no on in the USA knows about it 🙁 Also, I think it is considered an “Invasive” species, in that it can start growing out of control and take over everything, as has happened with other plants introduced to Hawaii that they are having trouble with. But the Peruvians are shipping out a lot of superfoods lika Maca, and Camuy Camu, and Chileans are shipping out Maqui, so I’d like to see the Brazilians figure out a way to get Pitanga to the USA, and even give us more access to Soursop, which is in the Caribbean also (though with soursop, the US government is actually trying to keep it out, because the medical industry doesn’t want it here, because it cures cancer, and they would go out of business if it got here……sigh, the fight goes on)

So Far as the Reshi pores, I’m actually buying my superfoods for the month, and you’re right, I think Primal Herb is out on Amazon.

There are a couple of other brands I might order.

Samsara Reishi Spores (though I never heard of that company)

Jing Herb Reishi Spores (that company has a good reputation, but I like Primal Herbs better)

You can also get Primal Herbs Reishi spores straight from their website

..though I think I am going to go out to Primal Herbs website and order their product and get their Reishi Spores, because it “seemed” to be better than Jing Herbs, I remember the day I took Primal Herbs, I had an “eerie” sense of well being and I was laughing all day for some reason, and I had noticle morning erections after that (sorry if TMI). That could have been the reishi, or the alignment of the planets, but something I just noticed. With about 10 superfoods in my smoothie, it’s hard to tell what is doing what

Good Luck!!! and I’m glad to see you are getting some value from some of the information on this site 🙂

Doug Wallace




Doug, could you possibly recommend a good Black Seed Oil? I am finding it difficult to locate reviews/recommendations regarding the quality and potency of these oils. I see that Amazing Herbs Premium Black Seed Oil is popular on Amazon. What about brand names such as The Blessed Seed (3 diff potencies), Kiva, Panaseeda, Tropical Traditions, Mountain Rose Herb. How exactly do we know that we are getting pure black seed oil and nothing else mixed with it since I assume many of these companies import this oil due to the origin of the seeds in Turkey, Egypt and God knows where. Very frustrating.



Hi Tyler,

Very good question. You question is the main irritating point about trying to go healthy. Once a product become “Hot” or the “Latest Craze”, a lot of poor and inferior products flood the Lucrative American market, because they know most people wont do their due diligence, and just grab anything off the shelf. But as I wrote in another article, we even have that problem with Olive Oil. But this is why I try to write for health, in a not-for-profit way, just to share ideas, and speak on what I learn. And when I make a bad call, which has happened with maybe 7-8 healthy products, I’ll mention that too and try to keep moving forward

You gotta look at my advice as me telling you “Hey, this is the best call I can make for myself right now, and this is what I advise family and friends, I could make the wrong call, but this the best decision I can make for myself right now…….”

My first bottle was from Tropical Traditions (now Healthy Traditions). I get coconut oil and other products from this company. I think they are a quality company in general so I am comfortable with their Black Seed oil. The problem, is after that first bottle, they are now out of stock.

For my next bottle, I took the same philosophy you mentioned, in that I wanted to look for a Black Seed oil with Turkish Black Seeds, which are supposed to be highest quality. When you search for companies that use Turkish exclusively, that’s where the craziness that you mentioned begins.

What I did was purchase a brand from Amazing Herbs, it is an Artisan Black Seed Oil that specifically labels itself as using Turkish seeds. “Artisan” means to a certain degree, “hand made, in small batches”. This particular Amazing Herbs bottle looks totally different from their standard bottles you see on Amazon, I only ran across it by accident. When it comes to these type of shopping challenges, you just have to make your best call, and I think this is a good buy. The link to this Black Seed Oil is here

This brand is not cheap, and I bought 3 bottles, so you’re talking $190 dollars, but that’s the cost of good health.

Amazing Herbs is supposed to be the premier brand of commercial Black Seed, but it seems line not all Amazing Herbs Black Seed is from Turkey. However, Amazing Herbs does claim that their Black Seed oil has the highest levels of the key nutrients,  Nigellone and Thymoquinone, as confirmed by independent labs. So in general, they “seem” like a good product.

I have got other products from Kiva, but cannot confirm the source of their Black Seeds….Egypt? Turkey? India?

So for me, until Tropical Traditions/Healthy Traditions is back in stock, I’ve got my 3 month supply of the Artisan Amazing Herb I linked to above, and after that, I see if Tropical Traditions is in stock, if not, I’ll have make the same decision all over again. I’d also be wary of companies that do not put their product in glass bottles….


Doug at GAIA Health Blog

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