Nike Training Club: The Skylar Diggins “Metabolic Meltdown” Workout

Skylar Diggins comes strong to Nike Training Club on 4/1/2015 with her second N+TC app, the
Nike Training Club, "Metabolic Meltdown" Workout

Following up on her 2014, Nike Training Club Zoom in 5 workout, Skylar once again perfects a high intensity, high agility routine.

Skylar Kierra Diggins, 5'9", 146 lbs (I didn't know she was that tall), is an American professional basketball player for the Tulsa Shock of the Women's National Basketball Association.

She was drafted 3rd overall by the Tulsa Shock in the 2013 WNBA draft.

Nike Training Club is an Apple (or Droid) based app, a variety of workout routines straight from professional athletes and other "famous people".

It can be downloaded to choose workout routines, set fitness goals, monitor calories burned, share results with others, and much more!!!

Ms. Diggins was asked pertaining to last years Zoom workout: "Is this something we non-pros can really do?"

"Absolutely. That’s who it was made for! It’s quick—it targets your legs and core. No matter if you’re a beginner or someone who works out five times a week, you can work your way into it. Go at your own pace and push yourself. As you get more comfortable, you can do it a few more times a week. It’s definitely a workout you can jump into and feel the results right away."

Skylar won this year’s WNBA Most Improved Player award and was asked . "How did you work to improve your game?"

"I learned a lot from my first season in the WNBA, and I took that experience to the offseason. Coming from college straight to the league was a huge learning curve—to play at that level where everyone is so much better! My first year was the most I’ve ever struggled playing basketball before. I looked at my film and my numbers and focused on my struggle areas."

Skylar was asked in the same interview………."What motivates you?"

"I’ve always wanted to do my best at everything. So I’m competitive with myself; I’m always challenging myself to do one more rep or to last one more minute or shoot one more shot. I want to discover a new level of myself in every workout."

~stay healthy~


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