Checking in ….on Bernando LaPallo, age 113 (his 5 foods for a long healthy life, and a few simple anti-aging secrets!!!)

Update 5/24/16: Bernando LaPallo passes away peacefully and quietly in December, 2015 at age 114 read more

Just checking in to see how Bernando LaPallo, now age 113 as of August 2013,  is doing since I wrote on him almost 3 years ago, when he was a young man of 110 years old.

He's still going strong, getting a lot of notoriety, and publishing good information on how to stay young and healthy (which seems to be a double edged sword, as the critics, doubters, and haters are coming after him).

The short on Bernando is that his father was a doctor who lived to be 99. His father gave Bernando the simple secrets to longevity, basically what to eat and what not to eat……

From a certain perspective, to all us "heath nuts", these superfoods are "basic stuff", but Bernando has applied this simple food science to his whole life, and the results are there for all of us to see.

He said he's never been sick……..and just look at skin!

Critics are questioning the authenticity of Bernando's age……Whatever……..

I don't think it is worth my time getting wrapped up into all that. From my own personal research, the criticizing and questioning of his age started to trickle in as his popularity increased, as he pushed past 105, and as he started to turn his longevity into a business, with books on wellness and such.

If you really want to split those hairs you can read what he has to say on his website on that subject.

I say, just look at the guy, you can tell he's "very old', but look at his skin……..and you can tell he's been doing something right. I think the "haters" are missing the point…………..

Bernando LaPallo's Five foods for a long and healthy life from my first article

….click on each name or photo for my article and info


1) garlic

2)  honey

3)  cinnamon

4)  chocolate/cacao

5)  olive oil

Bernando's Garlic Paste

I pulled this from Bernando's Facebook page……

"Someone wanted to know if I use olive oil everyday. The answer is yes. I use it on my body and in my food. For example, I make a paste combining garlic and olive oil together by mixing them in a blender until it turns into a white paste. I don't really have a recipe so experiment with the amount of cloves you use per ratio of olive oil. After it's prepared I keep mine in the refrigerator. When I am ready I add it to my Superfood smoothie. I don't use all of it at one time that would be foolish."

"If you think it is too strong add fresh parsley to your smoothie and that should neutralize the odor. Personally, I use a heaping teaspoon of garlic paste and blend it thoroughly with my smoothie. I use fresh orange juice,blueberries, a ripe banana, Dr Schulze's Superfood and then add the garlic paster as I have already mentioned. Garlic is excellent for my health and I eat it everyday. Very high in Vitamin C it helps keep my immune system strong. It is anti bacterial, helps me maintain a healthy heart and so much more. I don't use garlic pills. I use fresh cloves of garlic."

Bernando's secret to wrinkle free skin?        Olive Oil!!!

From his webpage……

"I have been using olive oil all my life on my skin and in my food. My skin is a smooth as silk and that’s not bragging that’s just the truth. When you come in at night instead of going to bed dirty after being out all day long why not take a take a warm shower?  Take the last part of the shower as warm as you can stand it. This will open up your pores and allow the olive oil to sink in. Dry yourself off with a towel and massage the olive oil into your body everywhere it might wrinkle."

"You don’t have to worry about greasing up the sheets as it will go right in after 15 minutes. It’s never too late to do good in life as long as you have not abused your body too much. If you like you can even take a teaspoon of olive oil in the morning or in the evening. Olive oil is good for your insides and your outside. As I said I have been using it all my life and I have no wrinkles."

My note: I actually started doing this, because I was so inspired. I'm single and sleep alone, but I can't see how folks can get away with it if they are married, or otherwise sleep with someone every night. The olive oil does sink in and disappear like lotion as long as you don't use to much, but I still wipe my face down with a paper towel before crashing out, I have noticed my morning shaves are smoother….and I'm sure I'll find out from my next overnight guest if I smell like a Caesar salad 🙂

You can check out more at Bernando's "Age Less, Live More" Website

~stay healthy~


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