My Top 10 Breast Cancer Prevention Superfoods (Part 2)

Note: These are just as important as Breast Cancer Prevention Superfoods (Part 1), these are the result of additional research over the past couple of years……

…also, remember these are not "magic bullets", in that, it is not about eating a handful of berries and healing cancer. It more about having as many "foot soldiers" as possible in your daily nutrition that allow your body's immune system to fight and prevent Breast Cancer.

A good approach is adding as many as possible to salads and/or daily smoothies.

……AVOID CONVENTIONAL DAIRY, if doing milk, cheese and the rest, go for GRASS FED milk, cheese, and other dairy. There "seems" to be some link to whatever is in the composition of commercial dairy, and breast cancer. Also I would beware of the dangers of soy.


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My Top 10 Breast Cancer Prevention Superfoods (Part 1)

~stay healthy~

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Vitamin D3 and iodine deficiency are found in women with breast cancer. Breast cancer is higher amoung black women because they are more resistant to sunlight. Breast cancer rates are also higher in the Northern States than the Southern ones.


I agree 100%. I wrote several article on the very subject matter

The issue with African Americans is in these Northern Climates are out of our natural geographical element, compounded with a diet that is often different from what has been taken historically. One interesting I ran across about Vitamin D is that one guy measured Vitamin D levels in as many tribes and races as he could across the globe and he found that Massai tribe in Africa had the highest Vitamin D levels in spite of their dark skin. Of course, they are cattle herders and out in the sun near the equator all day, but somewhat proves that Africans can get plenty of Vitamin D given the right conditions.

~stay healthy~




This was a very informative read.  Thank you for the info


Hi Florida Cosmetic,

Thanks for the comment, there is a lot more than we think, that will defeat cancer, I don’t think there is even a reason to fear it as much as we do.

~stay healthy~


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