Ooo La La … Healthy Habits to Help Boost Fertility

It's always an honor when someone requests to write a guest article on Gaia Health blog.

I always wanted this to be a place to share wellness ideas, as I still love to learn from others.

Enter Amanda Kaestner, who has some interesting comments male and female fertility. The following text is Amanda's, word for word, so let me get out of the way, I'm gonna go check out some ESPN Sports Channel, and let her "handle her business" pertaining to this important topic.

Health and wellness is a lifelong pursuit…….

… too is continuing your genealogy. Unfortunately for some 10% of women aged 15-44, conceiving a child is a problem. But it's not just a woman problem.

In fact many men are the real issue behind why a couple can't get pregnant. Here are some health habits to employ and to avoid when it comes to your own fertility.

Male Infertility

There are several causes for male infertility, but the most common case that’s often found is caused by a problem known as varicocele.

This basically means a man's veins in his testicles are too large. The size of the veins leads to heated sperm; hot sperm are either lessened in his ejaculate or are misshapen.

Thanks to technological advancements……..

…….in today’s healthcare industry, leading experts in urology offer minimally invasive robotic surgeries that can help with varicocele. Cystic fibrosis is one thing which men can have which can cause infertility. Or a man may be born with these problems.

However heavy alcohol use, drugs, cigarettes, pesticides, lead, radiation, and age can all cause infertility. Also things like medicines, mumps, and kidney disease can be a high cause for infertility in men.

Ways to Help Male Fertility

There are many things men can do to encourage their fertility. Cleaning out their medicine cabinets for starters. No hormones or other steroid type substances. Eating healthy and sleeping regularly can also help. Some recommended foods men can eat that may help improve their fertility could include foods high in zinc like meats, wholegrain cereals, seafood, eggs, mushrooms, and selenium.

You also may want to stay off your bike for reasons of jostling. But above all else, it’s important to enjoy sex with your partner again. Make it fun. Make it often. You may just get pregnant faster than you know!

Female Infertility

There are all kinds of things which can cause a woman to become infertile as well. Perhaps the most obvious of these is age. The chance of a woman becoming pregnant drops off fairly consistently after the age of 30.

Some things women should avoid are smoking, alcohol use, stress, poor diet, heavy athletic training, being overweight or underweight, and STD's. If you have certain health problems that can also lead to hormonal changes, make sure to talk with your doctor.

Ways to Help Female Fertility

There are many healthy habits that women can look into to increase fertility. Try out a healthy diet and regiment to give your body the naturally healthy nutrients it needs to boost your fertility. Try things like calm breathing, yoga, meditation, and invigorating walks during the daytime.

Also use more unsaturated vegetable oil, vegetable protein, whole milk, plant foods with iron like tomatoes, beets, pumpkin and spinach, and you can even take a multi-vitamin. It's also wise to drink plenty of water and skip the sugary drinks and alcohol. Whole grains, vegetables, whole fruits and beans are also great "slow carbs" which can heartily increase your fertility.

Of course you need to be prepared……

….to have a child in order to do so. But if you wait too long you could run into some of these fertility issues. Make sure you speak with your doctor and keep after it!

The world needs more parents who care enough about their kids to try hard to have them in the first place!

~stay healthy~


….about guest writer Amanda

Amanda Kaestner is a downtown resident of Phoenix. She’s an avid seeker of the latest innovations and research in healthcare and technology and has experience working in hospital and healthcare facilities

for questions, contact Amanda via Twitter at (@AmandaJaylene)


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