Men’s Health: Lycopene Unleashed!!! (a “Prostate Friendly” antioxidant)

Thirty Seconds About Lycopene

Lycopene is what is called a "carotenoid", that is, a pigment that gives many foods such as tomato their bright colors. It is sometimes called an antioxidant, but in essence, that only means the nutrient has "antioxidant properties", as far as attacking so called "free radicals" in the body.

Carotenoids are broken down by the body, often during the process of absorption into the bloodstream from the small intestine. They make their way to specific tissues and organs where they have been shown to protect against the type of oxygen damage that can harm your DNA.

Of the many health benefits of this process, much attention is now being focused on Lycopene as a Prostate Cancer Preventing nutrient,  as well as supporting overall prostate health in men.

I don't advise waiting around for the American Cancer Society…..

…mainly because I trust my instincts and research, and secondly it seems like there is a blatant or not so blatant desire to confuse people about the benefits of natural cures, so that the trillion dollar health industry machine can keep rolling.

But I'm not here to get into conspiracy theories, I'm employed by "Mother Nature" and just spreading info on what seems to be an important nutrient lacking in the Western diet, that seems to be of great benefit for Prostate Health.


I'm a "Scientist" who hates Scientific Studies

…because they are so confusing and laced with "vested interests" of the researchers. It seems to me, The American Cancer Society, and others always seem to do these studies on Lycopene and Prostate Cancer, and they always seem to come up "inconclusive"

For example, many of their studies come up as "inconclusive" because the tests are on men who already have prostate cancer. This doesn't make sense to me because certain stages of cancer are not reversible, just like a deadly gunshot wound is not reversible. Better to avoid the gunshot as opposed to treating it after the fact…….

The "Big Boys" of Lycopene

Gac (a.k.a., Fak Khaao)
Rosehip herb,
(although I have not found Pitanga available in the USA)

For the other lesser players, i.e. watermelon, papaya, grapefruit, and so on, it wouldn't hurt for daily smoothie drinkers to consistently consume these fruits by dicing them up, throwing in the freezer, and adding them to daily smoothies (health and great taste all in one!!!)

More on Gac in a second, what's up with Tomato?

The tomato has been known for a while as the "Lycopene Champion" in the West. Most scientific study and testing pertaining to Lycopene is based upon the nutrient in the tomato.

Much evidence is starting to "trickle" out of science that eating large amounts tomatoes helps reduce the risk of prostate cancer (although it obviously must be combined with other nutrients, and healthy lifestyle choices).

How much Tomato would one need?

…is the question I'm sure someone is going to write to me and ask. My research shows that recommended amounts vary. It seems you need tomato every day. Also it is shown that cooked tomato (as in pasta sauce) activates more of the Lycopene nutrient than raw tomato.

However, I can't see myself eating enough pasta sauce in a given week to take advantage of Lycopene. That's why Gac powder in my smoothies, which has 70 times more Lycopene than tomato , is a more practical approach for me, since I drink smoothies daily. I eat  lot of tomato in my salads, but just cause I enjoy it.

Rosehip, the Ultimate Lycopene Herb

I personally have not got into Rosehip, but for people wrapped up into their herbs and/or trying to actively influence prostate health, one might want look into rosehip for daily intake. Consistency is key!!!

The good thing is that it can be consumed in a variety of ways, in tea, via extracts, or my favorite way to consume any great nutrient, in powdered form in my daily smoothies, the rosehip powder can easily be found on Amazon

Gac, the King of the Lycopene Hill

Gac is "second to none" in Lycopene!!! The weird looking plant is native to Southeast Asia, but most importantly is  available in the USA now, in powdered form for smoothie lovers, and can be had on Amazon , I have recently been ordering Gac straight from the Royal Tropics Website).

The Gac (a.k.a., Fak Khaao) plant has many amazing properties. I have been using the dried powder in my smoothies for two years now. It resolved the problem of how to get enough Lycopene into my daily regiment, I just add it to my smoothies.

I wrote a full article on Gac [as relates to prostate health], that article can be found here.

More Lycopene Power
(based upon testing on humans or animals)

Antioxidant properties
fights Atherosclerosis (clogged arteries)
fights high cholesterol
fights breast cancer
fights cancer in general
cervical cancer prevention
Coronary Artery disease Prevention
Eye disorders (such as age-related macular degeneration, cataracts)
Gastrointestinal tract and colorectal cancer prevention
fights gingivitis
fights high blood pressure
helps address male infertility
kidney health
lung cancer prevention
ovarian cancer prevention
prostate cancer prevention (the main emphasis of this article)
immune system stimulation
helps with lung function after exercise

Lycopene and Green Tea, Nature's Dynamic Duo

….because several studies exist that show that when lycopene is consumed cosistently (as in daily) with green tea, the anti-prostate cancer effects are increased dramatically

I wrote a full article on that subject that article can be found here

I'm not a fan of supplements

…which is different from, as and examle, a whole food dried, in capsule form. A supplement is  nutrient extracted from food or man made version of a nutrient.

But studies show, especially with the tomato,  Lycopene benefits of the tomato work in conjunction with the entire vegetable, as opposed to a separate isolated nutrient extraced from a plant. Makes sense, I always say, go with whole food sources of nutrients before supplements, whenever possible.

The Gac powder I use is a good example of although it is a dried powder and can be taken in capsule form, IT IS NOT A SUPPLEMENT, but the full fruit dried into a powder. I doubt if I will ever take a Lycopene Supplement Pill, especially since I can purchase Gac powder in the USA

Lycopene helped me "Heal Thyself"

…after I got what I self diagnosed as an "inflamed prostate" caused [I think] by and abnormal reaction the male testosterone booster Tongkat.

To heal myself, I took in a ton of "Prostate Friendly" Superfoods, one of which was the Heavyweight Champion Gac, and I was totally healed in a few weeks, and even got propelled to a new level of vitality, with morning erections and so forth.

It wasn't just the Lycopene I'm sure, but I'm convinced Lycopene was one of the nutrients that saved me from a prostate health catastrophe.
Read more on how I healed my [assumed] prostate ailment here

Is Prostate Health worth 30 minutes of homework?

Like I always ask people on these issues, is it worth 30 minutes of your life to look into these issues? The health care industry [arguably] has failed us, its up to us to take care of ourselves.

I'm quite sure this knowlege saved me at least once from catostrophic prostate issues, I'm glad I took my 30 minutes a while back and look into what was VERY relevant to my health and wellness.

~stay healthy~


how Lycopene protect against prostate cancer

article from National Standard on Yahoo health about Lycopene benefits

Tomatoes found to lessen prostate cancer risk

….many more articles on the web invest 30 minute and do some homework!!!!

click here or photo below for all my articles in "Men's Health"

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