Girl Talk: “Food Based” Gamma Tocopherol (Vitamin E) shown to help fight Breast Cancer

Much of this article is the same info from my Men's Gamma Tocopherol and Prostate Cancer article.

However,  I wanted to write a separate one to specifically highlight the health and healing powers of "Food Based" [as opposed to supplements], Gamma Tocopherol (a form of Vitamin E), as pertains to fighting Breast Cancer.

Vitamin E rich foods means less Breast Cancer risk

Nurses Health Study studied 83,234 women at baseline and sought to assess the incidence of breast cancer during a 14-year follow-up. The study showed that pre-menopausal women with a family history of breast cancer who consumed the highest quantity of vitamin E enjoyed a 43 percent reduction in breast cancer incidence compared to only a 16 percent risk reduction for women without a family history of breast cancer.

The data indicates that some of the vitamin E compounds in food may account for the dramatic reductions in breast cancer incidence when dietary intake levels of vitamin E are measured.

"Food Based" Vitamin E fights Breast cancer, (Vitamin E supplements don't)…..

Studies show that gamma-tocopherol, mostly found abundantly in certain foods available in the USA, but not alpha-tocopherol (the Vitamin E normally found in supplements) inhibits growth and induces cell death in cancer cells.

However it does not harm normal epithelial cells, according to several studies…….. including a 2001 Study by Quin Jang at Purdue


The "Big Girls" of Gamma Tocopherol, Vitamin E


Black Sesame seeds (left) and Culinary Argan Oil (right) are the "Big Girls" of Gamma Tocopherol (Vitamin E), both containing abundant amounts of the nutrient.

I add a Tablespoon of Black Sesame Seeds to my twice daily smoothies, and have a teaspoon of the awesome, roasted nutty, peanut butter-ish flavored Culinary Argan Oil in the morning, and I add it to fish salads, as a dipping oil, even in my smoothies, it is perhaps the most awesome tasting oil I have ever tasted….a good plus to keep me using it.

Other foods high in Breast (and Prostate) Cancer Fighting Gamma Tocopherol

black walnuts
English walnuts

pumpkin seeds (a very healthy seed, they can be blended into smoothies)



Smoothies make getting healing foods into the daily regiment easy!!!

Many of you ladies already know this, but for those who don't, if you want to take advantage of the healing foods that you run across and cannot figure out how to get them into you daily regiment, YOU GOTTA START GETTING INTO DAILY SMOOTHIES!!!!

Once you get the hang of it, with diced frozen banana, frozen strawberries, blueberries, or whatever, your smoothie will soon be TO DIE FOR!!!

You won't ever know these healthy healers are there. The Black Sesame seeds above work well in the smoothie, and the nutty taste of Culinary Argan oil is awesome also.

Let your smoothies evolve to your taste buds, and whatever superfoods you choose to bring in for your own health benefits.

Smoothies, ladies…..smoothies are gifts from the Gods!!!


Do your homework, but information on the web is a double edged sword

Once again, I make my mantra to people that "It is worth your while to take 60 minutes out of your life and look into this"…

Unfourtunately, when I research issues like this, especially since I am consuming Gamma Tocopherol rich Black Sesame Seeds and Culinary Argan Oil everyday for prostate health, I find that there is "seemingly" so much misinformation on the web.

Drug companies will scare you from natural solutions………

…even to the extent where some sources suggest Gamma Tocopherol rich foods cause cancer. I doubt if any natural food causes cancer. My extensive research tells me there is nothing for me to worry about (and I am a worrier when it comes to my food).

I truly think the Pharmaceuticals and Medical establishments are putting this misleading and confusing information out on the web to confuse people and keep us away from natural healers.

The "Jury Duty Philosophy"

Just like if any adult gets called to jury duty,  we are more than capable of sorting out information and making proper decisions.

So should it be with information pertaining to health. Divine energy will steer you to what is best for your health…I know it did for me

(if you got a few more minutes, read my self healing story)


~stay healthy~

Other sources

Life Extension Magazine: Does Vitamin E Prevent Breast Cancer

gamma tocopherol's cancer preventative properties

Inflammation, Oxidative Stress, and Cancer: Dietary Approaches to Cancer

Awesome "Somewhat Scientific" paper on argan oil with 40+ references to Argan oil studies and research papers

Some Good basic info on Culinary Argan Oil

Quick abstract on Tocopherols and saponins derived from Argan Oil, an its antiproliferative effect on human prostate cancer

Good paper on the stability of the chemical components of Cosmetic vs. Culinary Argan Oil (oil unaffected by light roasting)

A good paper on the benefits of Black Sesame Seeds



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