“My goal is no longer to be skinny, but to be fit”……Keri Horn (Age 46)

                   2012                                       2014


This is an important article for me to write for a couple of reasons.

First, I admit I'm obsessed with "The Art of the Blog", with my perfectly sculpted food and people, like all those buffed bods'  in my "Body Slideshows". However, in spite of "The Art of the Blog", I still strive to "keep it real", with real people, real inspirations, and real experiences.

Secondly, I find in all my Blogging research a lot of stories of people being propelled into a wellness lifestyle after illness or injury.

Enter Keri Horn, age 46, out of Tampa Florida. I wanted to print her story in her own words with a backdrop of a routine that I recently got into, and let me say it is a grueling routine, that being "Tire Flipping" and "Tire Sledge Hammering".

Keri (on the photos above): "The photo of me in the orange dress with the black bow was taken summer 2012 – that is how I looked after 17 years of CARDIO only – NO weight lifting at all – and I worked out 5-6 days a week an hour a day!! No joke – LOL."

"The other photos were taken in the last 2 weeks – all of them – after 1.5 years of heavy lifting 3 times a week (hour each time), cardio 2-3 times a week (30 min. each time) and MMA / boxing exercises 1 time a week (hour each time)."

"While I've always been a fan of exercise, I was unaware that I needed to work on building my bone strength. Years of reading women's "health" magazines convinced me I needed to spend my time on the treadmill, drink lots of milk, eat lots of yogurt for calcium and sweeten my water with fresh orange peels. I did all that."

"It was only when, in the summer of 2012, after going for my first "age 40 and over" bone density test, did the test reveal I have advanced osteoporosis in my back. The cause was due to a hysterectomy I had at age 27. Twenty years ago the medical profession was mainly promoting calcium for bone building – not vitamins D3 / K2 and magnesium … much less heavy weight lifting."

"My doctor ordered me to take an expensive monthly drug. I refused the prescription. In my mid 40s I knew I could not go on a bone building drug for what I hope will be another 30+ years of my life."

"Being a teacher and a former librarian, I used my love of research to begin sorting out the most appropriate exercises for people with osteoporosis."

"From somewhere in my days past, I had heard that weight lifting strengthens bones. Scared of becoming an early "hunch back" (medical term: dowagers hump) I decided to begin an aggressive weight lifting regiment. I taught myself to lift heavy (i.e. 45lb dumbbell rows) and do MMA style workouts (boxing / slamming medicine balls / flipping tires)."

"I would STRONGLY encourage anyone (male or female) who has osteoporosis, or thinks they may have it, to research online the BEST exercises for people with osteoporosis. One might be surprised at the exercises you should and should not do – depending on age, current strength level and current medical ailments. of course, YOU (and your doctor if necessary) ultimately determine what exercises work for you and your body."

"The http://nof.org/ (National Osteoporosis Foundation) is an excellent resource for exercise information for those afflicted with osteoporosis. There are many videos on U-tube from rehabilitation clinics that show viewers the best exercise for those with osteoporosis. Just "search" osteoporosis exercises on u-tube."

"And it isn't about perfection – it's about working with your age, your fitness level. I just want to be better today than I was yesterday. I don't desire to beat anyone in their fitness goals."

"Oh, I was prompted to start lifting after discovering I have advanced osteoporosis. (You may include that info. if desired). Needless to say, lifting weights changed my life for the better – including how I feel about myself."

"My goal is no longer to be skinny, but to be fit. Period!!!"


……I get so many messages about how my blog has inspired people, I still love it when I get a little inspiration myself….good for the soul 🙂

~Stay Healthy~


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Hi Keri…It is Steve Rojo, greatguyNOT on POF. Very inspirational. Congratulations

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