Girl Talk: D.I.Y. Skin and Body Care (Part 2)….a.k.a. “Blue Horizon”

I thought these Dreaded Ladies might help set the theme for a tropical, Caribbean "Blue Horizon-ish", earthy, natural flow, for making your natural, mostly food based skin and bodycare products (blogging is such hard work ~chuckle~).

By taking advantage of food based nutrients, one can come up with their own simple, and effective bodycare products that you will swear by.

And of course, your skin soften, glow, and will thank you for controlling your ingredients, keeping those toxins out of your body.

The Best (and Simplest) Natural Mask Ever!!
The "MAO Mask" (Manuka Honey, Argan Oil, Olive Oil)

I took upon myself to "gently" confront a woman at work, who was very beautiful (to me), but had very bad skin, with acne flare-ups, dryness, and so forth.

I told her I wanted put some stuff together for her to use as a pre-shower or bedtime mask, just try it for 2 months. Two months later, she was totally flabbergasted at her newfound amazing skin!!

The "MAO Mask" (with Manuka Honey, Argan Oil, Olive Oil)

Manuka Honey
(I don't recommend any other honey for this mask, because Manuka is the best in the world with a highly active chemical composition  that  nourishes the skin) read more on finding real Manuka here (with links to purchase Manuka on Amazon)

Argan Oil
(my favorite brand is Slice of Nature, which is available on Amazon)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Directions for the "MAO", Manuka, Argan Oil, Olive Oil,  Mask

The Manuka Honey is the main ingredient. Put about 1/3 to 1/2 cup in a sealed airtight jar.

Depending on the amount of honey add about 15 drops of Argan oil for every 1/3 cup of honey. (You don't need to overkill the Argan Oil, plus, it is not cheap, so you wanna make it last)

Add a little Olive Oil to get the concoction to the consistency you want. I use a butter knife to stir. Add a little stir, add a little stir. Like with the Argan Oil, you don't need to overkill the Olive Oil. Too much will make it greasy.

If your skin starts to like the formula, you can experiment with adding a little of any of the following to the formula (just a little mind you) Ginger, Nutmeg, Turmeric, Ceylon Cinnamon (not common rust colored Cassia Cinnamon!!)
Go here for info on how to identify real Ceylon Cinnamon with its awesome essential oils

The "MAO Mask" works great for an hour or so as a pre-shower mask, or a pre-bedtime mask. Works great when you let hot water and steam from a shower take it off!! Apply the layer as thin as possible, because ingredients are expensive, a little goes a long way!!


More D.I.Y. Facial Masks and Peels

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Coffee and Coconut mask for all skin types



Strawberry Facial Mask Recipe



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The Anti-Aging Enzyme Peel


IMPORTANT: Bad skin is often a result of imbalances deep within the body, often provoked by what we eat (or don't eat). Bad skin is usually the result or the body's natural process of pushing excessive toxins to the surface.

You have to work from the inside out for good skin. To get more info on this subject, check out my article….
Ayurvedic Skin Care: "Beauty is not skin deep…it goes much deeper"


Did you know?………….

…more toxins are absorbed into the body from what we put on our skin than from what we eat? Studies also show we pull in more water based toxins from showering than the water we drink.

Consider investing in a quality shower filter such as Aquasana.

The Skin Goes Nuts over Coconuts!!

Unrefined Coconut Oil is truly a gift from nature. You can use it for just about everything, from hair repair to dry skin, to leg shaving formulas, lip balm, cuticle remover, to fry an egg 🙂 ,  the list is endless.

Here are some great formulas to get you started on your own Coconut Oil DIY…………

The 3 Ingredient Whipped Coconut Body Butter

Coconut Deodorant

Coconut Moisturizing Loting

Rosemary Mint (with Coconut Oil) Leg and Armpit shaving cream

Coconut Oil and Olive Oil Body Scrub

A lady's 5 ways to use Coconut Oil in her Beauty Routine

Coconut Oil and Citrus Scalp Treatment

Coconut Oil Sugar Scrubs, for the Lips and Body

Coconut and Almond Oil Cold Weather Protection Cream

Lime and Coconut Body Scrub

Did you know?………….

Many skin issues, be it bikini line rash/bumps, cracked heels, dry skin, sunburn, acne, dry elbows,  and many more, can be dealt with simply by applying some Unrefined Coconut Oil. Give it a try before purchasing some complicated formula……

For the Body

"Lemony" Foot Scrub

Citrus Salt Scrub

Salt and Honey Scrub with Grapefruit and Rosemary

Sweet Orange Body Scrub

"Simply Sweet" Sugar and Coconut Oil Body Scrub

Lavender Body Powder

Summer Cocoa Body Cream

Orange Spice Foot Mask

Lavender Sea Salt Scrub

Did you know?………….

…that for some people, Aloe Vera can be irritating to the skin. My research showed the same chemical in Aloe that treats skin conditions can be irritating to some people.

Do you you have some "mysterious" skin rash, redness, or irritation from commercial bodycare, but cannot identify which product and/or which ingredient, try laying off anything with Aloe Vera in it for a month, and see if Aloe was the culprit.

For the Bath

Ginger Detox Bath

Lavender and Oats Bath Bags (To toss in the bath for scent, or to scrub and exfoilate the skin)

Rosemary and Lavender Soap

Martha Stewart's Home Made Bath Salts

Homemade Chocolate Milk Bath

Citrus Salt Bath

Epsom Salt Detox Bath

This is just a sampling of an infinite number of formulas that you can use for the body and skin. Pretty soon you will be experimenting with your own concontions, and you learn more and more of what your body likes.

Any other favorites? Shoot me a link and I will be happy to post!!!


Well, I'm out, I gotta go back and scroll through the photos in this post about 20 more times!!!


Maysa – "Blue Horizon"

You know how I do by now, any excuse to post one of my favorite songs. 

Soulful artist Maysa hit the nail on the head with track "Blue Horizon".

If I ever get one of these dreadlocked ladies down in the islands on the beach, in front of the bonfire, roasting some lobster tail, drinking rum punch, this is the first song I will play!!!

Take a listen if so inclined, otherwise, thanks for stopping by 🙂


~stay healthy~


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