Massive amounts of imported medical drugs are being exposed as fake and untested…….sigh

See, this is why I have this seething issue with certain aspects of our medical industry.

Not disrespecting the many hard working people in that field, and I do agree with one "Hospital Hater" that in spite of everything, we do have the best crisis care in the world, like if I had to get treated for a broken wrist.

But it's the whole "Money Driven Medicine" side of it all that I so loathe, as many of the the companies shipping drugs into the USA, such as Ranbaxy company in India, are intentionally sending us bogus drugs………..sigh

Ranbaxy Drug Company + Cholesterol Drug = 600 million in 6 months

80% of drugs prescribed in the USA are "generic" drugs, and 40% of all  drugs in the USA are from overseas, where oversight and monitoring is very weak. Ranbaxy Company of India is one of the overseas giants in this scam….uh, I meant in this industry.

Ranbaxy made 600 million dollars in the 6 months of the release of the popular drug Lipitor (a cholesterol lowering drug)…..even while they were under scrutiny and investigation for "foul play" on other Ranbaxy drugs.

Fraud: The Competitive Advantage

According to whistleblower Dinesh Thakur, Indian drug maker Ranbaxy used "fraudulent" data to get USFDA nod to sell its generic drugs.

Furthermore, Vince Fabiano, a former vice president of Ranbaxy, said, "In essence, they used the fraud as a competitive advantage to build and grow the business here in the U.S."

For example, it was found out [eventually by the FDA], that Ranbaxy would sell and ship drugs to the USA in which no data…no test results…no anything………

Ranbaxy forges test results

Dinesh Thakur said he became suspicious when he gave his son Ranbaxy drugs for fever, but they never worked. However after giving his son other fever medications from other companies, his fever go better

Dinesh Thakur also pointed out how test results were allegedly manipulated, he said. He said there was a time when a blood sample rework for one patient was copied 23 times, in order to satisfy a 24 patient requirement of a certain generic drug having the same effect as the real thing.

The Punishment: Close two of several plants…..huh?

Eventually Ranbaxy pleaded guilty to 7 felonies and had to pay half a billion dollars in fines.

However, I don't know how the FDA is perceiving this thing, but The USFDA had banned Ranbaxy in 2008 from shipping 30 generic drugs to the US from its two units in India. Strange, because nothing was said or done as pertaining to the other Ranbaxy plants in India which continue to sell drugs WTF???

The FDA: "Don't Stop Taking Ranbaxy"…….(Give me a break!)

FDA says patients shouldn't stop taking Ranbaxy, but does anyone trust the FDA anymore? Some American consumers have taken the other approach, which is to go to their medicine cabinets, look on the labels for the Ranbaxy logo, and flush possibly bogus meds down the toilet or throw them in the trash

I can't  judge Dinesh Thakur motives for whistle blowing on Ranbaxy, since as a Whistleblower for the FDA, he was awarded $49 million. Perhaps a little integrity and a lot of money, but whatever…….


I don't do meds…….

I always make the joke to people about prescriptions and medications, "I don't do meds". I have instinctively though like that decades before I got wrapped up into blogging for wellness.

For me, I'm sticking to the mantra, "Let thy food be thy medicine" -Hippocrates, 430 bc

~stay healthy~


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