Food for Thought: Breast Cancer Awareness — Are we “aware” of Mother Nature’s solutions?

…..or are we just wearing pink, waiting for a "cancer pill" to be invented?

When I was doing my "guy thing" on Sunday, watching football all day, I noticed the games were "Pink Overkill". To the point where the penalty flags thrown by the referees were getting confused with pink little towels falling off of the players, the ones they keep on their waist to wipe away the sweat.

It made me think that this whole "Pink Thing", the more "in your face" they make it, the less people might take it seriously. Why? It just seems like people are now acknowledging there is no solution, and the "The Pink" represents an epic, noble quest to solve the unsolvable at some point in the future.

…..although I know in my heart, nature has already solved the problem

Observing the movement of "The Pink", many people, especially young women, might start to think that we have to donate millions, mainly to organizations with a vested interest in making a profit, hoping someday they will solve this disease, and henceforth put themselves out of business.

My article on Thermography, a painless, non invasive procedure that is said to be able to detect breast irregularities 10 years before they become tumors and/or cancerous, when they can be treated naturally……………….(click photo below to check out the article)

As I learned in my research of the Guyabano/Soursop plant, when they realized they could not extract the breast cancer fighting nutrients from the plant and bottle and sell it, they actually withheld the information from the American public about the potential of this healing plant

……….how many lives have been lost because of this greed? As far as my mother and  sisters, six of eight lives lost


My article on the Guyabano, a.k.a., Soursop plant, which has an OVERWHELMING amount of research that this plant is one of the most potent breast cancer (and other cancer) killers in all of nature (click on photo below for article)

"Let thy food be thy medicine" –Hippocrates 420BC………..

I guess I realize that it might not be a natural thing for many to see that instead of man-made manufactured drugs and medicine, the food we eat is the main thing that determines, and preserves our state of health and prevents cancer


My article on My Top 10 Breast Cancer Fighting Superfoods (click on photo below for full Top 10 list)

Not judging Angelina Jolie, since she has the right to do with her body what she wants, but I learned in my research that genetics does not dictate whether a woman gets breast cancer, her activities, dietary habits, and so forth, get the final verdict.

We may have genetic "tendencies" to certain diseases within our cells and DNA, but we also have cancer fighting and disease preventing cells and DNA within us, and either/or can be invoked based on our lifestyle choices…..and BTW, doing nothing and saying "whatever happens happens", is a choice.


My article on Angela Jolie which I titled "Let's not start trying to cure a headache by cutting off the head" (click the photo below to view the article)

I'm no smarter or dumber than the average college grad, but I do recognize my gifts, and am very smart at taking advantage of my God-given gifts.

When I dived into this research on the American Diet, it became pretty logical to me that genetics, race, and so forth were not the main culprits in breast cancer (or any other cancer), the real culprit is the modern, All-American Diet.


My article on the obvious implications of Japanese Nationals having very low breast cancer rates until they adapted the Western lifestyle and diet (click the sushi photo below for the full article)

I also learned there are so many misconceptions about food itself. Specifically, I learned that some cultures, such as the Inuit Native Americans (Eskimos) were verifiably historically cancer free UNTIL they adopted the Western diet, even though their diet consisted mostly of meat and fat during some seasons.

The short version of that story, is the Inuit/Eskimos ate animals that themselves ate the healing plants, and thus obtained the cancer fighting nutrients indirectly.


My article called "The Mysterious Case of the Cancer-Free Meat Eaters" (click photo below to check out the article)

I supposed I am deeply passionate about this breast cancer issue, always thinking of my mother after her mastectomy, and a thought came to me when I was sitting with her at the Chemo ward at Chicago Northwestern Memorial hospital.

It occurred to me that they are gonna look at our health practices as pertains to Breast Cancer as "barbaric", same as we look at the barbarity of the "bloodletting and leeches" as medical practices in the Dark Ages.


My article called "Are we misreading Cancer the Same as they Misread the Black Death  700 years ago" ? (click photo below to check out that article)

I think one point we might fail to remember is that Breast Cancer rates vary wildly from country to country, region to region of the world, it is not some discriminate "time bomb" or "land mine" that randomly hits every woman equally.

In some remote areas of Thailand in Southeast Asia, where they consume the cancer preventing plant Pueraria Mirifica, it is said, although I can't confirm, that the women have very little breast cancer at all.


My article called Another Cancer Killer? Pueraria Mirifica, a Breast Cancer Fighter (click on the photo below for article)

So, looking at back the the work I have done, what I at  least tried to throw out there over the last year or two, I can at least feel comfortable that I have gone beyond Breast Cancer "Awareness" to Breast Cancer "What can we take upon ourselves to do about it"?

That is the challenge to all of us, as it is with men and prostate cancer I suppose. Awareness is step one, now we must get to action, use all resources around us…..stop living in ignorance and fear….and take back control of our lives.

Now you are "AWARE" of where The Gaia Health Blog is coming from…….

for a REALLY good article on this subject, from the "Butter Believer" blogspot go here


~stay healthy~


click here or photo below for all my articles in "Food for Thought"




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