Fifty+, Fit, and Fabulous!!! Carla Kemp, Fitness Coach, age 54 (She lives around the corner from the fountain of youth)

Carla Kemp, a fitness coach who just happens to run a company called "Fab N Fit by Carla".

Hmmmmmmmmmm, The "Fifty, Fit and Fabulous" blog Section, meets Carla's "Fab N Fit", the universe knows how to pull like energy together.

So Carla, welcome to my "Fifty, Fit, and Fabulous" (see links at the bottom of article)

When I first saw Carla's photo above, I said "Man, they just don't make 50 year olds like they used to" ๐Ÿ™‚

The "Fifty Fit and Fabulous", crew is taking over. We are proving the current societally programmed mindsets wrong, and we're showing what I have been saying all along.

The body reacts to the mind, and we can program our minds and define these years of 50 and up as nothing but "youthfulness and vitality"…and the body will follow.

I call the photo collage below…..

"The Making of a 'Fine Wine', Cabernet Sauvignon Carla Kemp, Vintage 1964"
…..aged to perfection  ๐Ÿ™‚

Once the mind perceives reality that way, the universe will shift and move the people, insights, and information to become that! Carla is another whose inspiring story will for sure prove the point………

I was able to track down some info on this lovely lady and I found out from an interview she gave where she said:

"My fitness journey began after the birth of my daughter 28 years ago. With a career in the modeling business looking fit and fabulous was definitely a requirement for me."

"One of the gifts from my pregnancy was 50 new pounds! I had to get the weight off if I wanted to continue working as a model. With a lot of hard work I lost the weight and continued modeling for an additional 10 years."

She goes on to say………."As time went on my passion for fitness grew, almost like a calling. I began working for some of the elite fitness clubs in the L.A. area. I worked my way up from sales, to fitness consultant and then management."


Also, says Carla……….

"Recently I started my own company, “Fab N Fit By Carla”. My mission is to motivate and inspire women to be gorgeous from head to toe, maintain a healthy mind and body, and simply feel great about themselves………….."

Carla also says…….."I do 30 Day Challenges online that inspire and motivate women to make changes in living a healthier lifestyle. We focus on eating clean and I tailor workouts around their specific goals. They have me as their Coach and the other ladies as accountability partners so they have everything they need to be successful!"

"I believe if you are still breathing, it’s not the end and as long as it’s not yet the end, make the remainder of your life worth living. My daughter actually did a challenge and dropped 2 dress sizes in 30 days! I’m so proud of her…………………"

(Above) I'm sure Carla is thinking above, "The fringe benefits of working out.  You work out, you get the guys.  Another day at the office!!!"

I wouldn't want Carla's admirers are to think she is all glamor and "prissiness", I think Carla would want her fans to know you gotta "put in some work".

Below is a quick clip of Carla working the heavy bag, one of the better left jabs I have seen on anyone, male or female, man she punches hard, I wouldn't want to get into a fight with her!!

….besides, how would it look if I got knocked out by a woman wearing pink Boxing Gloves ๐Ÿ™‚

More videos of Carka Kemp's workout routine here

[below] as a bit of "Throwback Thursday" trivia fun about Carla, might be interesting to those who were into what is now that "Old School" Soul/R&B music era of the late 80's/early 90's, Carla is the feature girl in the video below by the band Tony! Toni!, Tone!. Carla's NOT THE FIRST GIRL at the "Foto" booth, that asks to "Make the car go Boom", Carla is the one 25 seconds into the video below, where Tony is looking at a photo of him and her, and also, Carla's the woman  in the Jeep throughout the video, and at the very end, with the red  flower in her hair…… MAN I'M GOOD!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

(below) I love this shot of Carla, practicing that most effective "Youthful Medicine", which is just being a "Child at Heart". She labeled this photo from her Facebook Page "Taking that Midnight Train to Georgia"….NICE!!!!

I know my readers will be inspired , and I'll close out with a quote from Carla in that same interview…………

"Being Fab N Fit means being the best possible version of you on the inside and out. Proclaim what you want, then do what you have to do! Put it in motion! Action starts with you!"   –Carla Kemp

Keep it real Carla………………….Keep it real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"She lives around the corner from the Fountain of Youth" –(from a song by Michael Franks)

more Carla on her "Fab N Fit by Carla" Facebook page

….and on her "Fab N Fit by Carla" Tumblr Page


The rest of my "Fifty+, Fit, and Fabulous" crew below!!!!


  Babette Davis, Vegan Chef, Vegan Nutritionist, Age 67!!!


Adrienne Galloway, Age 52, Wellness Coach                                      Stephanie Person, Age 50, Nutrition Coach


Pamela Bonita Jacobs, Age 53!!!!                                                                   Mary Dent,  Age 53!!!!


Wendy Ida, Age 62, (That's no typo, I did say  62!!!)                         A.J. Johnson, Actress turned Wellness Coach, Age 53


Gervel Sampson, Age 55!!!                                                                    Tosca Reno, Wellness Author, Age 55!!!


Theresa "Raw T" Jordan( age 56)                                                             Ellen Ector, Fitness Trainer, Age 63!!


Solange Frazao, Age 53, Fitness Trainer!!!                                     Barbara Server, Age 54!!!



check out all my articles in my Blog Section
"The Fountain of Youth"

14 Responses


I was on the edge of losing all hope until I came across you in Facebook. I want to believe that God is sending me a message through you to not give up. 


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” –Lao Tze


Your Comments
I will be 51 yo this year and after seein Carla I am so motivated to become 'fit and fab' Girl you are an inspiration and you are looking simply gorgeous which seems like an understatement.  Cant wait to get started.


Yep, I’m a fifty two year old male, and Carla actually moves me as a man. You know, I could fantasize about marrying a woman like that. We could work out together, take walks to shop for organic food at the farmers market. And we would probably squeeze out 40 or more years of happy healthy life together. Writing all this just in case Carla is reading ๐Ÿ™‚


Andrena, I hope you don't give up! It's never too late to make a change in your life!
Thanks Debbian!! If you need help with a fitness plan reach out to me on facebook!
Mr. Wallace, I see your message ๐Ÿ˜‰


LOL Ms. Kemp!!! I am totally serious, I held out for 50 years for your kind of energy, the only condition is you have a warm heart. So try me (said professionally) ๐Ÿ™‚


you look fabulous. . i always say that i am fit and fabulous so when i saw these words i was totally inspired! i will be 50 in september and could not be happier. i love to see black women taking care and loving themselves to the fullest! you go girl!!


Your Comments I am 47 and have been moving into a more healthy lifestyle. Viewing this page deepens my drive. I'm after my goal. thank you


WOW ms kemp i think i love u


Hi Bruce,

Too late, she is mine, she just don’t know it yet ๐Ÿ™‚ But being the gentlemen that I am, we can put on suits of armour and sit on horses and joust with those long lances for this “fair maiden’s” hand like Knights in Shining Armour in the days of King Arthur. {note to self, that was a slick comment}

Doug at Gaia Health Blog


LOL that was good Doug but it would be nice of we could let the lady Respond.โ˜บ She is absolutely beautiful! She looks like she should be with me i just need to meet her. I too am fit (215lbs) 6/”2. Also cinnamon an chocolate looks good together lol


Hey Bruce,

All I can say is “handle your business bro’, handle your business”. But if you notice in the comments for this post, I already threw my bid in and she actually wrote me back, so I got a head start. But I won’t hate if she wrote you back, I wouldn’t delete it LOL!!!

BTW, your comment got me back out on Carla’s Facebook page and so forth, I like to keep my Fifty and Fit articles updated with their latest pictures (she was Fifty when I wrote it now she going on 53 but who cares!!!!), so I added a few more of her latest photos to the article, so you might wanna take another look at the posting. Such a relaxing task on a Sunday while watching football and drinking Green Tea.

But we agree, that’s a lovely woman brotha……

Doug at Gaia Health Blog


I am 49, I promised myself that if i was not married again or fit by the time i'm 50, I would treat myself to a trip to Africa. Well, I got married at 47, and I only have just over 90 days to get fit and healthy. You have inspired me to keep trying. 


Hi June,

I’m glad I could help with the “fit-spiration”

And you hit the nail on the head with the “keep trying” comment. Mainly because I believe when you “keep trying”, the universe will start to direct you to the energy and information you need to get fit and healthy.

Doug at Gaia Health Blog

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