I knew this day would come: GMO is contaminating our organic food supply……sigh

I knew this day would come. I suppose it's been here for a while, but this is the day I researched it and came with so much evidence, it was nauseating.

Bottom lime, GMO's is starting to show up in our organic food supply, in various forms. For example, organic farms can find their product cross pollinated by GMO farms nearby, and also through other means, like downright deceit.

Deceit in the sense of, as an example, a truckload of supposedly organic corn is expected to be delivered to an organic wholesaler. Upon analysis of the corn kernels, it was found that 1/5 of the corn kernels are GMO. And no one knows how they got there.

Monsanto, you're killing me………..literally

When you start looking into it for yourself, if you value healthy eating, I bet your emotions will range from fear, to anger, to disgust, to disbelief, to all of the above.

When I started to look into this, here are some of the incidents of this issue that I ran across.

* A Japanese government agency recently tested 76 certified organic soy-based products and detected genetically modified material in 25 of the products.

* Possibly one quarter of all organic Hawaiian Papaya might possibly be contaminated with GMO material

* Fedco Seeds of Maine, an organic seed supplier, has conducted random tests of its sweet corn seed for the past seven years. Results obtained from GMO testing lab Genetic ID were negative—until this fall.

* In May, genetically modified sugar beet plants were found in a soil mix sold to gardeners at a landscape supply business in Corvallis, Oregon. The contamination incident raises doubts about the ability of the sugar beet seed industry to keep GM sugar beets from contaminating non-GMO sugar beets and related plants.

* Contamination from 'Starlink' maize was found in seven countries: USA; Canada; Egypt; Bolivia; Nicaragua; Japan; and South Korea.

…..you know what, I don't even feel like writing anymore examples, I get this seething feeling of "pissed-offness" when I think about what Monsanto and Cargill are trying to do to us.

They are the only folks that can take me out of the "feel good" mood I try to trow out in my blog for the sake of health and wellness.

Having been blogging for  a year and a half, having written dozens upon dozens of articles, this is my first of what I could consider a "rant". Why? Because normally no matter what the subject matter, I try to bring something to the table, maybe help out those with no time or desire to research these subjects for themselves.

But for my readers, it's not that I'm losing my touch, but I simply don't know what to do.

I have always felt Monsanto and Cargill are INTENTIONALLY designing GMO's that take over everything, likened to the old "Communist Octopus" spreading across Europe and the globe.

All that I can give my readers is my hope that if animals cannot survive off GMO's there would HAVE to be a serious movement to stop this madness, because the chickens are no longer laying eggs, the cattle are no longer giving birth, and so forth.

……..other than that, I honestly don't know. This time I'm asking my readers to leave comments and give me some advice

~stay healthy~

here is a great website for those wanting to read more on GMO contamination of organics


check out all my articles in "Eat Smart", the science of food (click here or on the photo below)

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