Say “No-la” to Canola (This oil is no less than poison)

….I have no idea if Monsanto is involved with Canola, just a blatant "cheap shot" at Monsanto for trying to kill us all

It cracks me up when someone post a healthy recipe and one of the ingredients is like, add "half cup" of Canola Oil.

That would be analogous to me posting a recipe for say, a lemon braised chicken with sauteed mushrooms and one of my ingredients is "sprinkle with rat poison".

…….and from my POV, I'm not exactly exaggerating. I didn't write the following text, but it says all that needs to be said very quickly and cleanly, so no need to re-invent the wheel in talking about one of worst food products to be introduced to mankind in of all time.

You have probably seen canola oil. It not only stands on its own, but it is a popular added ingredient to many other foods. It's considered a healthy oil – low in saturated fats and high in monounsaturated fats. Monounsaturated fats protect against heart disease and lower LDL (bad) cholesterol. Chefs like canola oil because of it's versatility in being used for cooking, baking, and as a dressing for salads. There is no such thing as a canola plant. Canola is a genetically engineered derivative of the rapeseed plant.

Rapeseed oil contains toxic levels of erucic acid, which causes fibrous heart lesions. Rapeseed is commonly used as a pesticide. Now, canola oil is also being used as a pesticide. Canola oil was modified to have lower levels of erucic acid. However, it is also made up of 23% omega-6 fatty acids. While omega-6 is an essential fatty acid, it is possible to have too much. Most people take too much omega-6 instead of getting enough omega-3. Canola oil also depletes vitamin E, which is essential for eye health and lowering the risk of heart disease.

Most of the canola oil comes from Canada, where it is subsidized. This is why the oil is so cheap and is being used in more products.Canola oil has been placed on the Generally Recognized As Safe list, yet the oil is prohibited from being used in infant formula. Canola oil can even be found in organic form. However, this does not make me feel safe. Organic standards prohibit the use of genetically modified organisms, and canola is genetically engineered rapeseed. You have to decide if you are okay with that or not. I do not use canola oil and I carefully read labels to avoid purchasing anything that contains it.

I do want to add what the above writer said, in that when I took Canola out of my diet, I started to sleep through the night, my flatulence went away, I dropped 10 pounds of unwanted bodyfat, my skin cleared up, it was the best health decision I ever made.

Consider unrefined coconut oil as a healthier cooking alternative.

~stay healthy~

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We've been using canola oil, I didn't know that it's bad for the body. Now we really have to stick to olive oil to make sure that it's safe.


See if you notice any positive changes after eliminating it, like skin clearing up or weight loss, or better sleep or whatever………

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