Earthing (Grounding): health benefits to “reconnecting” barefoot to Mother Earth?

Does this "newfangled" concept of going barefoot on the grass, ground, water, or sand supposedly have health and healing benefits? Maybe it's an "old-fangled" concept back from eons past being rediscovered?

I truly think there is something to it, and I seldom write about anything that I haven't at least tried to put into practice. I have tried it, and found it mysteriously and subtly amazing, one of those things where I couldn't pinpoint if for sure there was something going on, or if it was just my imagination or a "construct of my mind".

I really can't say for sure, since I'm feeling so good all the time, but after "Earthing", I felt more balanced and energized and it "seemed" like my joint pain that I was having at the time was leaving me. Apparently, many scientists say there is something to this as well.

In my quest for conciseness and presenting the "easy read", I don't want to get all up into the scientific "mumbo-jumbo" of Earthing in this post, since we are all on the web and can pull up volumes of information on the phenomena of "Earthing" if we want.

But, to throw one quick, digestible "tid-bit" on the subject matter, it has been suggested that a stimulating barefoot walk has a multitude of benefits from relieving stress, increasing balance, helping your brain to help you get a good night’s sleep, healing disease, eliminating headaches, eliminating joint pain and more. Research is only just beginning, but the consensus seems pretty clear. Taking off your shoes not only feels good. It is good for you.

To be honest with you, even me, with the kind of meticulous research I get into , I didn't even feel like getting into all the scientific research for this one. It totally bored me, so I know a lot of writing will bore you. The short version is that we get negative charged energy from the earth that combats inflammation and positively charged free radicals in the body.

Even with that, those words like "free radicals" and all the rest, most of us really don't know what they mean, but in many, if not most things in life, we can reap the benefits without understanding the scientific jargon, which is the approach I took.

As I remember, it was not about the science of Earthing or Grounding that got me into this, it was tight fitting shoes that I purchased and didn't feel like taking back to Macy's, so I took off my shoes and socks every day at lunch for an hour, rubbing my feet in the grass.

For me, there was an "eerie" pleasant feeling I always had after lunch, I felt less stressful, a weird but pleasant feeling of better well being. Can't prove there was a change to anyone else, but there was something going on there, enough to have me doing it all summer, I remember being very upset as the weather got cooler in Connecticut in the fall, and had to keep my shoes on and eat indoors. Maybe it was the change of seasons, but I wasn't feeling as refreshed after that.

Grounding is not just a "foot thing", laying in the grass in the park and such also allows one to pick up this supposed "Earth Energy". I think when I move to warm weather, will be "Earthing" perhaps 10 hours a day. I know there is something to this, and in spite of my love for research, I will simply let my body be the "lab rat" for this one without understanding all the nuances of how and why. There are a couple of good books on Earthing you can find on Amazon, but I doubt if I will ever read one.

My life is the "true book" and I read that book every minute of every day. Earthing will definitely be a page, if not a chapter of my life's book.

~stay healthy (and stay "Grounded")~


…a quick 3 minute video explaining the general concept of "Earthing"


yawl know how I roll by now, always throwing music on my blog whenever, wherever, just because I like to listen when I come back to my articles as well as "set my scene".

Here is one of my favorite cuts from my favorite artist, Michael Franks, named "Barefoot on the Beach", pretty smooth track.

Take a listen if you want, otherwise thanks for stopping by.


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