Food For Thought: The Sunset Effect

I have a confession to make…………….

As much as I use the words , "Zen", "Zen-Master", "Zen Philosophy", "Zen-bla-bla-bla", I don't have a very still mind. Perhaps both good and bad, since I love my active mind, and love the reality of my current "world view", and future possibilities that my mind creates for me.

I ran across the Zen-like picture from another blogger that "liked" my blog page, They had a quote that was seemingly the answer to something I was "stepping through", note I am not saying "struggling through", in that I am in the best of moods and the best of places to accomplish all my goals in the coming years. The Quote was titled "The Sunset Effect"…………

What I wasn't understanding is, why is it when you feel you have processed something out of your mind, it still seems to "ride the mind" and not let go? Don't you hate it when friends casually tell you to "Just Let it Go", when sometimes it ain't that easy? Hey, sometimes I can let go of it, but it won't let go of me!!! Yawl know what I'm talking about…………be honest……..

It's like, although certain thoughts aren't controlling you, they just wont let go. Fortunately, the Buddha picture shown below, and comment  from the Buddha Salt Company, brought the answer right to me, in that way that I am very familiar with in how this "God-Thing" communicates with me, in a very casual, non dramatic way…..although tailor made for me to easily get the message.

The phenomena of unwanted thoughts that you can't get out of your head as soon as you would like is called the "Sunset Effect".

The Sunset Effect

"Right before a change, we encounter all our obstacles to that change. This is known as a "sunset effect": as a pattern goes down, it glows most vividly. Just before people are ready to change, they often thrash around, saying, "I've already worked through those issues, so why am I dealing with all of this again?" The answer is, "These issues are coming up again because you've ALMOST resolved them." When you feel this intensification coming on, remember Saturn's motto: 'Things are so hard, I must be almost done.'"

Caroline Casey ~ Coyote Network News, "Making the Gods Work for You"

I wrote an article on the Mayan Calendar, expressing how on December 21, 2012, the world would not end but would still be here, but it still would be the end of the world in a certain sense, if we are in tune with the reality of the paradigm shift the world is stepping through. So much happened to me on that exact day, from abrupt job changes, to issues from more than one woman from that past that my mind should have let go of long time ago, but had not.

It was a blatant, but blessed message from God that my old world is over (and my personal comment on my old world is "good riddance"!!!). Just lucky I made it through that day alive, because God, I suppose, could have had me get hit by a car, lose a limb, be accidentally blinded, or I suppose any other tragedy to tell me I am going to my biggest life change ever. I'm lucky God "took it easy" on me, as I can now easily see the good and blessings that happened to me, starting with the personal (although not serious) cataclysms on the end of the Mayan Calendar day,  of 12/21/12. God must really love me to treat me in such a special way.

So, now I can rest easy in that my psyche is going through its own process of the "Sundown Effect", a natural process, in that the thoughts of the mind pertaining to past issues are making one last brilliant reflection across the sky of my psyche, and as the sun goes down and I already feel the promise of my fresh new, healthy, blessed tomorrow, and I am truly thankful for all my experiences, thoughts and emotions, for they have allowed God's message and truth to be spoken to me in a very direct way.

The dawning of my "new day", I'm sure, is going to be truly something special, can't wait for "tomorrow"…………

~stay healthy~

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