I’m a “health nut” who loves fried food (as long as it’s fried in organic coconut oil)

…..and I've got awesome cholesterol blood test scores to be very comfortable with my convictions.

Coconut oil is an EXTREMELY  healthy oil, in spite of how big business has successfully convinced the masses over the past 40 years that it is not.

A special shout out to the Canola Oil industry, who has successfully fooled the masses by promoting Canola, one of the worst possible foods introduced to mankind as a healthy omega-3 oil.  Sigh…

Furthermore, I can't get with the legions of healthy eating guru's who want to convince someone to put tofu in a blender and somehow force yourself to enjoy it. I NEED REAL FOOD!!!!

As much I'm proud of my consistent and extensive daily intake kale, spinach, fennel, broccoli, and all that other healthy stuff, my body still wants those thick cut French fries, my scrambled eggs, occasional fried chicken, fish n chips, my holiday specialty for the family my deep fried turkey, homemade organic potato chips, and so on.

Those food fetishes ain't going away……….nor should they have to for an informed, "healthy eater".

As I have said a gazillion times in this blog, the oils we consume wreak more havoc on our health than anything else in the "Western Diet", with the exception (arguably) of artificial sweeteners and genetically modified foods. My humble advice for oils, and any other foods, is to stick to the foods that have been time tested throughout the centuries, as opposed to the ones invented in the last 40 years.

Coconut oil has been used since the dawn of time, and instead of writing an extremely long-winded blog post with all the health benefits of coconut oil, I will try a different approach. People who have traditionally used coconut oil, such as people in Polynesia, the Philippines, the East Indies, and so forth, never had any of the so called Western diseases, primarily diabetes, until many of those people switched to "Western" oils.

You're already on the web, take a quick 10 minutes and Google up "coconut oil health benefits", and then get back to that guilty pleasure, or shall I now say "innocent pleasure" of fried foods, or shall I say "healthy fried foods".

…..forgot to state that the taste of coconut oil literally blows these other oils away (and it doesn't taste like coconuts), so try replace the oil in your recipes with coconut oil. 

~stay healthy~

Changing my oils is one of my Top 10 things learned on my wellness journey.

My Top 10 things learned on my wellness journey (click on picture to check out my list)

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[…] this link: I'm a “health nut” who loves fried food (as long as it's fried in organic … July 18th, 2012 | Tags: Approach, benefits, Blog, Coconut, dawn, extremely, food, fried food, […]


[…] the original: I'm a “health nut” who loves fried food (as long as it's fried in organic … July 18th, 2012 | Tags: Approach, benefits, Blog, Coconut, dawn, extremely, Health, long, oil, […]


You're not the only one who deep fries with coconut oil! 🙂 I love my french fries, and DH loves his chicken fried steak too much to give them up. It took me a little while to figure out (silly me), but coconut oil is just as good, if not better for frying.


Chicken Fried Steak!!!! You’re making me hungry Elise 🙂


Yes, coconut oil is simply delicious, especially when frying foods.  I made matchstick fried potatoes with a sprinkle of Himalayan salt just last week, and I gobbled them up so fast I wondered where they were.  HOWEVER, here's the problem with any fried food—the heated oil, any oil, turns to a transfat, which is absolutely the worst of the worst when it comes to fats.  This includes coconut oil.  *sigh*.  Didn't mean to rain on your fried foods parade, but I thought you would want to know.


My research came up differently, in that coconut oil does not turn into trans fat, although all coconut oils are not created equal in that some are refined and some are not, so I suppose the point is arguable. I’ve always got the impression that there are lot of factors involved here, such as if you heat the oil beyond it’s “smoke point” temperature, which then breaks sown the oil and change it’s chemical structure. What’s most important to me, as I mentioned in the article I got my cholesterol tested and it was pretty amazing. As in my triglicerides were at 31, which is considered exceptional. That trigliceride measures the amount of fat building up in the arteries and can be be over 400 in some high risk people. And logically speaking, whatever kink of fat coconut oil is, or turns into when cooking with it, it is well documented that cultures and peoples who traditionally used coconut oil never had any of the health concerns that are plaguing the West. So my parade is not rained on, I am totally comfortable frying on occasion with coconut oil.


I concur! My triglycerides were at a meager 43 when I had my cholesterol checked a few weeks ago. I eat alot of coconut oil, including raw and for sauteeing, frying etc.
YUM! 🙂


Triglycerides of 43!!!! Awesome!!!! Mine are at 31, and for the sake of the other readers, the range for Triglycerides is 30-150(Optimal), 150-199(Mildly High), 200-499(High), 500 and above(Very High-Danger). good to hear of someone else’s numbers, since a friend called me and “anomaly”. I don’t eat a whole heck of a lot of fried food I just love it, although I scramble eggs everyday, the point is that it hasn’t been causing me any cholesterol issues.


My HDL (good cholesterol) was pretty high (as a ratio of total cholesterol). They say that the good cholesterol moves the bad stuff out of your arteries, so maybe it makes sense that triglycerides would be low when "good" cholesterol is kind of high.  Who knows…   But it definitely proves that all that coconut oil, raw milk, raw butter, pastured eggs, grass-fed beef, etc. that I eat have done the body good!
I love your blog, by the way! I found you on Kelly the Kitchen Kop a while back, and I always look forward to your posts! I had tried commenting on a couple of them, but kept getting error messages.. this is the first one I was able to comment on 🙂


Thanks Katie for the comment about my blog!!!! I try to make it an aesthetically pleasing for someone to stop for five or ten minutes and maybe learn a thing or to, or teach me a thing or two. Really funny cause I take my pictures and artistry so seriously, like this is a full time business or something, but I guess that’s the artist in me trying to get out. The comment problem thing was because of spammers, certain plugins block spam but cause other problems. I finally got it fixed. Personally I think they need to change those names of “Good” and “Bad” cholesterol. You’re right in that one moves stuff into the arteries and one takes it out into tle liver to filter. They are both necessary for bodily functions. The interesting thing about mine is the LDL/bad is 79 (supposedly amazingly low), and the HDL/good is 80 (supposedly amazingly high). But looked at another way, it seems LDL and HDL work in tandem and there needs to be balance. If true, them I’m nicely balanced!!!!! I know I feel great, and just like you, I eat my healthy fats quite liberally, mainly scrambled eggs in coconut oil every day. My other favorite is my french fries in coconut oil, as I posted in the article to get people thinking they can still enjoy foods that are perceived as unhealthy or taboo. Rice cakes and carrots won’t cut it for me nor the readers. French Fries works after a workout with some Wild Caught Salmon when I crave carbs. I love chicken thighs and wings, which everyone hates because they are afraid of fat, which works because that makes them so inexpensive, I just make sure they are quality chicken. I ran across a researcher who said that in colonial America, based on the recipes and research on what they ate, their diet was 60-70 percent fat, and cancer was not even on the list of major causes of death, they were basically Fever, Tuberculosis, Pneumonia, and some others that don’t really plague us as much now. Also remember that it is well documented that the Eskimos (as well as other Native American tribes) were almost totally cancer free before they came in contact with Americans, and in the Case of the Eskimos, their diet was almost 100% meat, i.e. salmon, blubber, Caribu, certain birds, and so on. Furthermore, in the South Pacific, they never knew of diabetes until after World War 2 when the Western Oils came into their diet. Anyhoo, thanks for the inspiration about my blog, that’s why I enjoy writing, we all want to know our voice is heard I suppose, I’m not trying to make money, just like talking about health, but trying to show people you can love what you eat just as much as junk food eaters with a little knowledge and information, ~stay healthy~


I LOVE "fried" foods too, without the breading! 🙂


What brand name of coconut oil are you using?
Is it OK to use good quality expensive coconut oil for frying or should I save it just for eating raw? I guess that the answer depends on if I am losing on any nutrients when frying? Do I damage the oil in any way? Should I use a cheaper coconut oil for frying?
Thank you.


That’s a very good point and question. I use standard Organic Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil, or Spectrum or Whole foods 365 brand for cooking. The high quality coconut oil is Tropical Traditions which I order about the web. http://www.tropicaltraditions.com/virgin_coconut_oil.htm. Although I haven’t ordered from Tropical traditions lately and just use the standard brands mentioned above for everything. I don’t like to fry with Tropical Traditions because of the cost, so you have a valid point.


Thank you for the reply Doug.
I have just received 1 gallon of the Tropical Traditions Gold Label. It is my first order of this brand name. So far I have been using oil exclusively from Nutiva. I am in Canada so we do not have Trader Joe’s.
I have also got the Expeller pressed one but a smaller jar just to compare. I wonder if it would make sense in future to buy 1 gallon of each and use the more expensive one for raw eating and the expeller pressed for cooking. It is only me and my husband but the oil is not going to go bad I think is it? Even if opened for a year or so? We do not go through a ton of it. So far I have been using coconut oil only for frying. Although I think that I should start eating it raw as well. Thus 2 tubs each. Does is sound like a good plan?
I have asked Tropical Traditions about nutritional differences between their oils but they are not sure and their website is vague in that respect.
Thank you.


IT does sound like a good plan. Somewhere on their website they do get into the quality of their coconut oil and how they have had the nutrient levels tested. You have to go in there and look. I have never got into the expeller pressed coconut oils however. When it comes to cooking I always keep in mind that the oil is going to break down over reuse, so the quality is going to get lower and lower the more times you use it. When it gets yellow, you should throw it out. I put a little raw into my smoothies.

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