Fake Olive Oil? Is anything sacred?

Sigh…..does it ever end. When big business realizes people are trying to do better and make better choices, they start taking advantage. I just read that there is a whole international network of fake olive oil producers, up to 70% of olive oil if I read correctly.

My main concern is that I take in olive oil every day, and I like to make sure those things I take in daily are high quality. The article which I will link to, says that some olive oil is mixed with canola. For me, that is scary!!!!! Canola is one of the worst things you can put into your body.

As I say over and over in this blog, the oils we consume wreak more havoc on our health than just about anything we take in, with perhaps the exception of artificial sweeteners and GMO foods. Olive oil and coconut oil are exceptions in that they are EXTREMELY healthy natural fats. That is, if it's actually real olive oil…………..

So here I go again. Gotta put in my work to verify a food I bring in is not fake. Does it ever end?

I didn't want to repeat the entire article in my blog, if you wanna read it, here is the link. Written by a very well established and knowledgeable blogger, The Food Renegade. With good tips on how to spot fake olive oil. To got the article click here.

If anyone knows for sure a brand of Olive Oil is authentic, please shoot me a comment below, I'm currently using Whole Foods 365 brand, but now I have to research and "vet" it's authenticity. I'll will keep my blog readers posted.

UPDATE 2/10/2013

Note pertaining to "Whole Foods" comment above

In 2010, the University of California at Davis published an extensive report on the fraudulent labeling of extra virgin olive oil.

Several common brands sold in the U.S. were found to be adulterated with lower quality oils. These included:

Filippo Berio
Newman's Own
Rachel Ray
Whole Foods

Brands found to be accurately labeled as extra virgin olive oil include:

Kirkland Organic
Corto Olive
California Olive Ranch
McEvoy Ranch Organic


In the mean time, my approach is to look for Olive Oils with the Califorina Olive Oil Council seal shown here, I have researched it, and with this seal, I am comfortable with some assurance that that bottle is quality real olive oil.

~stay healthy~

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I have found a farm in the region where I am staying temporarily that makes its own olive oil.  I'm guessing its pretty safe.  But this olive oil mix a concern of mine too.  I used to buy a brand at Costco that I thought was pretty decent, but I do realize that Costco can not necessarily be trusted in these matters . . . . Bah.  Now I have to grow my own olives and make my own oil to be 100% sure I'm getting olive oil?  Thanks for sharing this important info.


Maybe I can get you to sell me a couple of bottles 🙂


Yes, it's very disheartening to hear that most, if not all olive oil imported or that you can find on store shelves is inauthentic.  If you make the circuit of farmers' markets, you'll come across an olive oil producer.  (I'm assuming you live in California)  Here there are a few reputable producers; some I've found:
God bless!


Thanks for thhe email. I live in Oregon, so we get a lot of that product, thanks for the links, I will check them out. and “disheartening” if the perfect word, especially if fake olive oil is 70%……………….


Thanks for the links, actually I live in Oregon, but I am gonna see what the farmer’s markets have to offer here. and the work “disheartening” is so right on point…………………..


Found you via Monday Mania at thehealthyhomeeconomist.com!  your post caught my eye because I recently became aware of this very disturbing fact, too.  I, too, am on the look-out now for real REAL olive oil!


Yeah, it seems like it's true 🙁  I've tested 4 brands myself and have yet to find a good one.  Love it if you'd share this with us at <a href="http://grannysvitalvittles.com/scratch-cookin-tuesday-7242012/">Scratch Cookin' Tuesday</a>!


Thanks for sharing this great article, I really enjoyed the insign you bring to the topic, awesome stuff!


Thanks for stopping by!!!!!!!

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