Why I think Pink Himalayan Salt is superior to Sea Salt

Talking "healthy eating talk" to a co-worker a while back, I mentioned Pink Himalayan Salt which he never heard of. He said that he uses sea salt, and then asked me why is that I think Pink Himalayan Salt is better.

I said "dah, um, I had read quite a bit about both, let me go back to all my saved notes and links and get back to you".


Since I save everything I research, I was able to show him a ton of reliable information on the subject. Now that I'm blogging, I just wanted to present some of that information here. My personal philosophy on presenting a case on something is to just present those facts that the person can at least go out and confirm for themselves. Here are some of the main bullet points that I presented to him.

- Sea salt may dehydrate the body whereas Himalayan Salt helps hydrate the body

- Sea salt is difficult to digest and assimilate for our bodies because it is not at the mineral electrolyte size which is immediately usable in our blood and cells (I know that's a mouthful)

- No digestion is necessary for Himalayan Salt, therefore it is ready for immediate use by the body when dissolved in water, unlike sea salt.

- Himalayan Salt contains all the 84 minerals in the body in perfect balance

- Himalayan Salt is unrefined, and almost in it natural state as it was when created hundreds of million of years ago, about 89% of Sea Salts are now refined

- Sea salt can be taken from oceans whose waters have become progressively more toxic waters over the last few decades

- Manufacturers are now playing games with the "sea salt" label. Any salt can be labeled sea salt and still be a refined salt with a weak mineral profile.

- Unlike Sea Salt, Himalayan salt is almost always hand mined and never comes in contact with chemicals that may be harmful to the body.

- My own personal note is that Himalayan Salt has a taste that is almost like a "sweet-salty" spice, it's awesome

As a final note, I hate to be the type of blogger that presents a case by just presenting one side of a case. I did go out and look before writing this post to see if anyone was claiming that sea salt was superior to Himalayan Salt. I came up with nothing, although I would have preferred one or two articles to present both sides, to allow a reader to have two competing cases to choose from. If someone has an link that speak to Sea Salt over Himalayan Salt, I'll be happy to add it to this post.

Also, a few drops of Pink Himalayan salt dissolved in water for you workouts,  long distance running, hiking, or just in your watter bottle on hot summer days work miracles for keeping the body hydrated and replenishing the body after a workout. I can confirm this one for myself. I am my own "lab rat". It naturally does what Gatorade and the other sports drinks claim to do, without the fructose or other artificial ingredients.

When you drink Pink Himalayan Salt dissolved in water, you are consuming the energy and "essence" of the sun and the earth from deep back into time. I know it sounds wierd but the first thing I do in the morning, before I put anything in my mouth,  I have a large glass of quality filtered water and with an eyedropper, drop in a few drops of Himalayan Salt sole, from Pink Himalayan Salt crystals pre-dissolved in spring water, stored in an airtight glass flask. This daily ritual has many health benefits, and you don't really taste the salt, it's almost like regular water. Anyhoo, I can "feel" the very subtle energy and vibration, like my molecules and my internal vibrations are being calibrated properly, on the right track for the day. I'm not making that up. Oh, and I buy my salt online at The Salt Works, and they have an extensive selection of not just Pink Himalayan Salt but other salts as well.

Ammendment to this article 2/3/2012: as promised above I said if anyone has any competing cases pertaining to sea salt, I will post them here. In the comments below, "rebecca" asked me "what about Celtic Sea salt ?". A preliminary look says that Celtic Sea, which is one of many types of sea salt, is a very high quality salt. I have a link here to some of Celtic Sea Salt's positive properties. For example, seems like Celtic Sea salt gives you all 84 minerals similar to Himalayan salt. As I said below, this article was written more in response to sea salt companies that manufacture low quality sea salts,  taking advantage of the high quality implications of the sea salt label. I think one point to keep in mind is that there are many different variations and types of sea salt, thus some will be high quality and some low. See, you learn something every day. The great martial artist Bruce Lee said "be both a teacher and a student, not an authority". ~dw~


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I completely agree with you that pink Himalayan sea salt is a vastly superior product to "sea salt."  Can you share with me where you got the information about it's benefits?  I buy mine at :  www.saltworks.com and can buy 5 pounds for $19 postpaid.  I am grateful!


Hi. The Salt Works is where I purchase mine also. A very good deal. Trader Joe’s also has it in a salt grinder for $2. My information basically has been accumulated over time from what I have read and the health guru’s I follow. Also My experience with my workouts and regular water vs. Himalayan salt sole tells me it really works. Mainly because I can feel that replenishment to my body after a workout as opposed to regular water. My ex girlfriend was a diabetic and I got her into taking salt baths in Himalayan Salt water and she got amazing results. I want to get on of those salt slab cutting boards as well.


Thanks, Doug.  I appreciate you taking the time to answer.  I will tell my husband about putting the salt in water after a workout.  He works hard physically and that will help, I'm sure.


Himalayan salt has replaced iodized salt in all of my recipes!  There are so many health benefits and uses!


I simply love it. I am obsessed with my salt grinder. I can even use salt shakers anymore.


So are you saying that the Himalayan salt is even better than Celtic sea salt, which is what most of the traditional foods bloggers recommend? I find that even the Celtic salt doesn't make me retain water but if we go out to eat at a restaurant , with all their iodized salt, I will wake up with puffy eyes and feel swollen.


I think you point about Celtic Sea salt is valid. A preliminary look at the information available tells me that it is a high quality salt. It seems the be harvested in the age old way without processing. It seems the health and healing properties are very similar to Pink Himalayan Salt. I think my article is speaking more to the manufactures who product low quality sea salts and call them sea salt. It seems Celtic sea salt is the real deal. My web company where I buy my pink Himalayan salt on line actually sells Celtic. I’m gonna give it a try, just to have a variety of quality products for taste and such. As I said in the post, if anyone has any other opinion I will be happy to add them to this post. If you check back in an hour or so, you will see my additions pertaining to Celtic Sea salt. Good question though. I’m in no way coming at this thing like the end all authority on anything. I have added at least 5 new things to my died since I started blogging, bases upon reader’s comments.


Interesting. It made me wonder how my chosen salt stacked up by comparison. While I buy both Celtic sea salt and Himalayan pink salt my mainstay for years has been Redmond's Real salt. Here's what they have to say: ttp://blog.realsalt.com/2010/08/comparing-real-salt-to-himalayan-celtic/
Looks like we're all on the right track!

In response to your other post on your chosen water for workouts, here is the one my 16yo daughter (my athletic role model) and I love: http://cheekybumsblog.com/2012/04/03/living-naturally-homemade-electrolyte-drink-move-over-pedialyte/ I would substitute "gatorade" for "pedialyte" in the wording but the effect is the same and don't you just love the name of her blog?!


I like the recipe. I’m a big fan of real honey, Actually I think I am gonna start adding this to my workout drink. Real “next level” stuff here. ~stay healthy~


What is your opinion of Real Salt?


I only heard about it recently but I got the impression that it was a legitimate salt because it is not processed via chemicals. I think the taste of Pinks Himalayan Salt blows everything else away however, with its sweet/salty taste. Although, I have never tasted Real Salt.


YDo you know where to buy the sole? This is the rock part that you add water too and just use the water and keep it going.
our Comments


You don’t buy sole you buy the salt rocks and add to quality water. Just add the Himalayan salt rocks to a sealed preferably glass container and the sold will gradually dissolve. http://www.himalayancrystalsalt.com/sole-recipe.html


I have the crystals.  How much would I put in a litre of water?  It is very vague.  If I want to pre-dissolve, how much water, how much crystals?  Thanks!  


You’re right, that website that I link to that explains it is very vague. With the crystals I put a bunch at the bottom of the glass container and fill with spring water and seal. The point is that they are only going to dissolve so much once the water gets to a level of salinity. So I let it sit there for a day or two. Don’t expect the crystals to dissolve totally however, unless you only have a few in the glass. For a liter of water I would use a small amount like 1/4 tablespoon. If also works if you have an eyedropper, and put maybe a half of an eyedropper in the water. Right now when I go to the gym I am simply shaking a few shakes of the Himalayan Salt powder from a salt shaker straight in the water. As long as your solution doesn’t taste too salty, which is subjective, you will be fine. I like to have a slight salt taste. Write back if you are still stuck.


Hello.. can you email me and tell me how much of this salt water you drink per day. I am needing to lose a lot of weight and am starting with a good cleansing diet with fresh juices, veggy soup, and eating mix veggies (broc, cauli, carrots). I want to do JUST THIS for several days, then begin to incorporate more veggies and some meats, etc. slowly. I thought I would also begin it with drinking this Himalayan salt water. I have the crystals, not big rocks and not powder. I am however buying a grinder tomorrow. Should I drink a gallon a day? I am sugnificantly over weight and have really bad bloating and swelling ankles/legs all of the time. Or should I just be doing it in the morning? Also, before I found this blog, I was planning to do warm lemon and honey water every morning. What would you do? 
Thanks so much for your help!!! 
Renea Taylor


I only drink a glass in the morning with a little wild raw honey and a little Ceylon cinnamon. I also drink a big bottle during workouts. When I used to try to drink it all day, I would get loose stools. I no longer worry about crystals vs. rocks. I simply shake some salt from a salt shaker into the water, it dissolves during my workout when I shake the bottle, or sometimes I will stir. I’m coming up with a list of dietary things to lose weight, stay tuned, but the top of the list will be to eliminate high fructose corn syrup from the diet, problem is it is in everything, so you have to start making your meals from scratch to control ingredients.


I need to know, does this Himalayan salt make you retain water like other salts?? 


I need to make sure I answer the question correctly. I never got the impression that Himalayan Salt will make you bloated like other salts, but that is just my opinion from years of use. Secondly I do know that Himalayan Salt keeps more water in your system, since I have read studies that post workouts with Himalayan Salt found test subjects urinating less. I find that to be case with me, but it did not seem like I retained water, I seem to look more “cut” and feel more refreshed as opposed to feeling gloated. So I think we might need to dive deeper into what you mean by “retained”. Is it that “water weight gain” I keep hearing women talk about. Or is it water being kept in the body and being properly utilized in the muscles, digestive track or whatever. I had got the impression that people retain water from salt because the salt is normally mostly Sodium and Iodine, and the body has to retain water to dilute this unnatural chemical balance in the body. Since Pink Himalayan Salt (and Celtic Sea salt) have 84 minerals in balance, I was under the impression that this abnormal water retention thing didn’t happen. This is a good question though, feel free to write me back because we may need a little “back and forth” to see what we are really talking about here.


Just keep in mind the importance of iodine.  Since Himalayan Sea Salt does not contain iodine, you will need to supplement for health reasons.  Your thyroid gland cannot function without sufficient amounts of iodine and your thyroid regulates many things in the human body, including metabolism.  Research the importance of iodine yoursef at www.iodineresearch.com.  Or at http://www.lef.org/magazine/mag2011/oct2011_The-Silent-Epidemic-of-Iodine-Deficiency_01.htm?source=search&key=iodine
Toxins in our environment compete with Iodine in our body – including fluoride, chloride and bromide.  To rid your body of these halogens, you need to take higher amounts of iodine than the RDA.  I take 12.5 mg per day and have been able to get off my thyroid meds successfully.   If you are currently on thyroid meds, please do additional research before you take iodine. I got off my thyroid meds first and had great results.  I am not a medical professional and I am speaking from personal experience only.  My endocrinologist knew nothing of our country's iodine deficiency, which doesn't surprise me given that medical doctors are taught only about pharmaceuticals and not nutraceuticals.  But she couldn't argue with the results.  My thyroid levels are normal even without the meds. 


Thanks for the info. I can’t say that I knew anything about iodine deficiency (I’m kinda immersed in Vitamin-D and Magnesium Deficiency these days). But I’m here to learn as well when someone suggests for me to look into something, it is always a message. ~stay healthy~


My 18 yr. old son was able to get off his antidepressants when I started supplementing him with Iodine and he recently ran a marathon. He feels like he is finally really living.  My two sisters had so much more energy when they supplemented that they each lost over 20 pounds.  My 15 year old daughter finally got rid of her constipation, dry skin and low energy levels (all low thyroid symptoms but her pediatrician said her thyroid was "normal").  I tell everyone I know about Iodine insufficiency. 
I'm also a big believer in vitamin D3 and magnesium as well as zinc (immune function), selenium (thyroid function) and the B vitamins (stress response). 
Good health to you, Doug.  I appreciate your blog!


You seem to know your stuff. I’ve learned that when people write to me about something, it’s a message to perhaps put an article out about it. I got a gazillion articles queued up, but I will be sure to put something together on this. Thanks for the comment about my blog, I always love learning something as much as teaching something……….


Salt is a very important combination of nano elements, as mentioned above Natural Iodine not found in Himalaian Salt but contained in infinitesimal amounts in Sea Salt that has not been " washed"  along with 4 kinds of Magnesium, Silicium and the other 81 elements.
Toghether these result in the original chemistry needed for an optimal blood quality.
In particular respect to Natural Iodine, a Healthy Human Being living the normal life span of about 100 years would use about 2 grams of Iodine, women have a larger Thyroid Gland use the double amount, about 4 grams.
Iodine is also very important for pregnant women, brain deficiency in the baby can arise in cases of lack of Iodine, Silicium, Magnesium and others.
Thailand is one of the countries where Iodine deficiency has been found in every province of the country, also 50% of pregnant women are deficient, IQ levels have been falling drastically in the last 30 years although Iodate Potassium has been added to the harvested and refined  salts.
Only Natural Iodine can redress the problem but the World Health Organization would not allow such knowledge otherwise their lucrative business of selling the chemical Iodate would not be profitable, ( 40 dollars / kilo) , billions of kilos are sold annually to all countries in the world, there is even an Ambassador who visits high Government Authorities to convince them to create laws to force Salines to add the Iodate. The Ambassador is always a well known figure who acts as a salesman, the last one was James Bond himself, Mr.Roger Moore.
For millions of years people consumed Natural Salts, in the last 70  years the Industry took over, Magnesium was washed out so Salt would dry, if Magnesium is in the salt it will always remain humid. Magnesium and most other elements are sold to the Industry, people are robbed of the most important elements and consume pure sodium chloride.
The four white poisons on men's table are Refined Salt, Refined Sugar, Refined Flour and Refined Fats.Wonder why there are so many new diseases? 
Hand Harvested, Unwashed Natural Sea Salt is at advantage over Himalaian because Oxygen, Nitrogen, Light, Movement are integral part of the quality of the elements. Rock Salts and Mountain salts have been isolated from their natural environement for too long and washed by sweet waters from rain and other underground currents. Comparative laboratory tests on both salts show a clear disadvantage for stale salts.
Dr.Jacques de Langre's research and books are a good source to study the subject.
About 3 grams of good salt a day is all we need…


I should add that the French Sea Salts have recently been forbiden to be exported to Canada because of high"  Led"  residual content and keep rising. North Sea waters are extremely poluted.
One of the best Salts harvested nowadays is from Portugal, Algarve, at a coastal Nature Reserve 2000 years old Saline, its terraces are covered with clay and the waters are allowed in when the southern Atlantic currents flow in that direction, it is the only salt to receive a full clean sheet for Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Fungicides or other toxic elements. Romans then Arabs then Portuguese were harvesting salt since those times.
It is also the only salt tested for Radioactive activity,, it received the
" Nature et Progress"  seal of Bio/Organic, very uncommon for Sea Salts.
The taste is also mild and light, it is used in Brazil as a condiment for the quality it adds to the food taste.The name is "Terras do Sal ", absolutely hand harvested.


I have been using Korean 9X bamboo salt for many years.
It would be nice to compare 9X bamboo salt with Himalayan Salt.


I never heard of it. But I’m sure there are several naturally harvested salts rich in natural minerals that we haven’t heard of in America


I've been trying and researching different types of a salts for a while and my personal conclusion is that the Himalayan Pink Salt is the best when it comes to the quanty of trace elements it contains but then the Celtic Sea Salt has a lower quantity but in higher amounts.
The trick I finally came with is, to use both type of salts and from different brands. Brands that I already researched and know. This way you will get the best of both worlds.


I totally, it is alwaysgood to bring things in and out, and try a variety of brands. I think with either or. you are miles ahead of using that poison common table salt.

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