Have we become “Hardwired”?

I found myself using this term frequently in 2011, so I stopped to ask myself what does it mean?

Being a computer person , it occurred to me that in the computer field, to say something is "hardwired" means that it is created in such a way that adaptability and flexibility  are not possible because of the nature of the design, which means by design, it is very static and and non innovative.

When I think about issue relating to health and wellness, I sense we have become victims of a sort of "hardwiring". For example, I think it is hardwired into the psyche that the human body is supposed to start falling apart when we get into our forties. I think we become our thoughts, and perhaps the body, by the time it gets to it's forties, actually does start to deteriorate because that is what it has been told it is supposed to do. I truly love sports, but there is a disadvantage to being a sports fan in that an athlete can be age 34,  and especially in football, that is considered truly  "old". When you are 50 years old and healthy, you realize how young 34 actually is. His pro career may end because the team owner thinks he is too old, but a 50 year old such as myself knows that guy has his whole life ahead of him or her.

What concerns me now is that mankind and womankind, in general, seem to be "hardwired" into thinking the only way to deal with health and well being is to have an annual physical, and whatever else happens happens. However, as I have said to friends on several occasions, those physicals and blood tests can only reveal what you have done to yourself throughout the year. In the end, we are responsible for our health and well being. I am a modern man in that I think it is great to be in a time of relatively advanced science and technology (note I say relative because 500 years from now all this reality will be seen as primitive), but I think science and technology have also ensnared us, and perhaps have taken us away from our own instinctive nature so far as looking into our own physical, mental, and spiritual well being.

I wrote an article on how I healed my own advanced periodontal gum disease after three dentist failed to properly diagnose it.  If I were "hardwired" into just following advice without any thought and instincts of my own, I would have had to had surgery without the true cause of the issue ever being understood. The end result would be at some point in the future, I would lose most if not all of my teeth, and many people do as they age. That first dentist really seemed desirous to have me become a "cash cow" for his business, via my insurance, and I instinctively sensed that, something just didn't feel right about that guy.

Looking back on it, I knew, in spite of my computer background, and fascination with technology, science, and such, that I myself wasn't hardwired, I was dynamic, flexible, fluid in mind and though, always willing to look a little deeper into a situation with an open mind, always trying to tap into my instincts and learn to trust my gut feelings about things as they pertain to my health and wellness. I definitely consider my self a dynamic, free, and "wireless" human spirit. ~dw~


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