Doug’s “Every Morning” All Organic Power Smoothie recipe (new “burst of fruity flavor”recipe)

If you can develop a great tasting smoothie, then the world of health opens up, mainly because it is a joy to have one (or 2 on my workout days) every day, as opposed to forcing it sown and struggling though it.

More importantly, this is the easiest way to get superfoods into your routine that might not be so practical without a smoothie, like Reishi Mushroom Powder and Black Sesame Seeds, two of the most potent superfoods on the planet for health and wellness.

Here is my current formula, which changes over time as I bring in new superfoods.

doug's every day "power smoothie" (also post-workout) 


Long list I know ……Seldom do I get all these things in the smoothie,

Many of the powders and fruits I will take a break from for 3-4 month at a time….

Things in there all the time…1) Hemp Protein 2) Cacao 3) Frozen Fruit 4) Black Sesame Seeds


Seeds from 1 organic Pomegranate (off and on, when in season) Nativas also makes a Pomegranate Powder

Half handful of Frozen Organic Strawberries

1 tbsp of Goji Berries

Handful of Organic Frozen Black Raspberries or Blueberries (healthy fruit, but helps give my smoothie a purple berry color as opposed to green color, which is not appealing to my eyes)

1/2 Handful of diced frozen Organic Bananas (to give it that "milk shake" texture when you get the right amount)

A little Organic Turmeric and Ginger powder

A few frozen Papaya chunks (papaya is an EXTREMELY healthy fruit)

Steamed (then cooled) Broccoli, Kale and/or Swiss Chard  (I don't overload because I want the Smoothie to still taste fruity, just a couple of Broccoli Crowns and stem slices and a few leaves of the greens. I've been using mainly frozen bagged Organic Broccoli lately,  works well and has less taste)

Numi Gunpowder Green Tea , and Coconut Water mixed as the liquid base
(I brew the tea the day before and let it sit in the fridge to cool overnight)

1 tablespoon of Black Sesame Seeds

one organic apple core , when available, saved from an apple I ate, if I have one fresh or previously frozen (read why)

1 serving  plant based protein such as nutiva hemp

1/2 tsp powdered Reishi Mushroom

1/2 tsp  Source Naturals Yaeyama Chlorella

1/2 tbsp red maca

1- 2 tablespoons of the most healthy unknown supefood, Baboab Powder

1 tablespoon of the superfood Moringa

Tablespoon of Lucuma Powder
(I like it because it is a whole food caramel tasting sweetener that allows me to use less organic frozen fruit & save money)

Teaspoon to Tablespoon of Maqui Berry Powder
(One of the powders I go off an on with because I can only have so much powder in the smoothie)

2 tbsp raw Cacao Chocolate Nibs

manuka honey and ceylon cinnamon
(the two supposedly have exponential benefits when combined)

(I go off and on with Genesis Today Total Goji 100, Sea Buckthorn, Acai and Mangosteen, for a couple of months at a time, because they are so expensive, over $30 per bottle each. But they are incredible!!!!!)

~stay healthy~



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Doug, you mention a protein powder in the the second paragraph.  I purchased Raw Fit because the packaging indicated so much of what I am looking for to add to my morning smoothie.  Sadly I am returning it because of the metal levels it contains from the brown rice essentially from China.  Any suggestions on a good, healthy yet reasonably costing powder? Your Comments


Henceforth is my whole dilema. That second paragraph you mentioned originally linked to Garden of Life, but I had to remove that reference. The other Protein I loved was called Sequel Vega, but it recently had a recall of various lots also . Right now, I am back to Nutiva Hemp Protein, which is what I was using before I switched to Garden of Life 3 years ago. Nutiva happened to be one of the ones in that Garden of Life article that was very low in toxins. The only reason I switched is hemp protein is [supposedly] not a “complete protein” in that it is lacking in a couple of the essential amino acids, lysine and leucine. Other sources say it is complete because it does have enough of the amino acids I just mentioned. However, I found out it really doesn’t matter, as long as you eat other foods during the day to give you the lysinen and leucine needed to make up a complete protein. Some of those foods are pumpkin seeds, salmon and eggs (there are many others). That’s why I have this article, because Garden of Life and Sequel Vega have so many different ingredients, it leaves you vulnerable to some of them being tainted. With my smoothie formula, I can take more control of my ingredients, as in, I can use the highest quality chlorella (such as Source Naturals Yaeyama Chlorella). So, I have been telling people to stick to Hemp or Whey protein, although I’m a bigger fan of hemp. The problem is that Garden of Life “seemed” to be the best out there for putting together a great formula, and we all see where that got us. I’m sorry I can’t give you a specific product, my suggestion to people is, until the next “wonder smoothie powder” comes out, to get a good Hemp like Nutiva, and then experiment with what you add to it, as I have done in this article. My smoothie formula evolves and changes, as now I am adding cranberry powder, so just let it evolve and change as you learn about your favorite nutrients. Write me back if you’re still not sure which way to turn……………

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