Is the solution to cancer prevention in a simple seed?

A female I knew once posted a Facebook post saying "God, send us a cure for cancer". I replied back to her Facebook post, "Cancer can be caused by anything, but much evidence suggest the defense mechanism is a simple nutrient , which is vitamin B17, grossly lacking in the American diet, B17 being a chemical which has it's highest concentration in apricot seeds". She never responded…………………

Be it right or wrong, I kind of chuckled at the lack of response. See, my belief is that this whole "God Thing", which by the by, I totally believe in and try to live by every day, doesn't work if we are not in tune to his responses.


Now we could spend this entire article talking about God and belief systems, but I'll save that for the "Mind and Spirit" section of the blog. Right now, I wanted to get a first article out on the blog about cancer, even though I know I will be writing dozens and dozens of articles on the subject.

Now, I'm not even trying to say God has come to me in a burning bush with an answer, but I do know that I used to be overly paranoid about cancer (perhaps like most people), but now, I am not thinking twice about it, any more that I would walking around thinking about the "Black Death", or "The Plague" as they used to call it. I think for me, I have been allowed to spiritually relax about the issue, and maybe try to present my case, based upon all the research and God given ability to think logically and rationally about the issue.

I first got all wrapped up into this issue when I read this book called "A World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17" by G. Edward Griffin. I must admit I was fascinated by it all. Fortunately for me, I'm actually a natural skeptic, finding many writings fiercely opposed to Griffin's theory, but as I did more and more research on my own, I became more of a believer. As with many subject matters such as this, there are people who are fiercely opposed a theory such as this, and others who are fiercely in defense of this theory.

I purchase this brand of apricot seeds from Other brands of seeds are now available on but make sure they are labeled as "extremely bitter" in that the bitterness is the health healing ingredients.

But what I will say in this article is that Cancer has perhaps always existed, but I think one could argue that cancer in past centuries was not as common as it is now. Even with that previous statement, the great divide between people begins because one could argue, "maybe the technology did not exist to pinpoint cancer hundreds of years ago". Maybe or maybe not true, but we could perhaps try another approach and talk about the fact that in current times, some cultures currently get much lower rates of cancer than other cultures. How can that be? We can verify that cancer is not this time bomb that can indiscriminately hit anyone on the planet with equal odds, but is more prevalent in some areas of the world as compared to others? Evidence can present a valid case that the reason some cultures, nations, and areas of the globe have lower rates of cancer than others is based on nutrition, and opposed to genetics, or race. Going further still, the case can be presented that those groups of people whose diets contain more vitamin B17, also called laetrile, and also nitrilosides, have very low rates of cancer. The B17 levels in apple seeds (not the apple but the seed) are very high, an some people take advantage of that by daily putting an apple core into their smoothies.

Now I am going to stop right here because I've learned that when you first start talking about something this dramatic, there will be one of 3 distinct responses from the reader. One, the reader will think the writer is a quack and simply exit the website. Two, the reader could basically be indifferent, never dive into the subject, whatever happens in life happens. Three, I might have peaked at least a little interest and the reader might feel that the subject is at least worth looking looking into. For that third group, I hope that future articles can at at least present my case that this disease is a disease of ignorance and misunderstanding, very similar to the "Black Death" 700 years ago.

Come to think of it, not to get all "esoteric" on you, there perhaps is no need struggle to affect someone's opinion, I truly believe, that for the reader, your subconsciousness and your instincts ALREADY know which camp you fall in, and those who subconsciously believe there is some truth to cancer being a nutrient deficiency already know it in the soul, but you just never had the time to look into it, and you would not know where to start if you did have the time. For that last group, perhaps some of these articles I will soon be writing is as good of a place to start as any.

Are apple seeds and apricot seeds poisonus?

My short answer is they contain a cyanide molecule, but nature [supposedly] designed it to be safely molecularly bound with a larger set of molecules, UNTIL it comes in contact with a cancer cell. I look at it as a Suicide Bomber for Cancer only. So the answer is no, but looked at from a certain angle, yes. There seems to be a lot of controversy on this issue. But I have been consuming apple cores in my smoothies and apricot seeds (which have much more B17 than apple seeds), for 7 years now. Thus, I'm not "cutting and pasting" off the web here, I'm talking about what I am doing for myself, maybe to help someone else make a more sound decision about what to do.

I do think apricot and apple seeds are toxic in large doses, but that applies to hundreds, if not thousands of foods, herbs, and supplements. But, when you get them into your regiment, I believe I only need one apple core a day, or one apricot seed a day, for 6-7 months out of the year.   

I have learned that over the last 7 years I can overdo it with the apricot seeds and apple seeds (as recently late as July 2014). Now I try to consume them 6 or 7 months out of the year and give my system a rest for the rest of the time. For me, I have occasionally got a condition I call a "stressed liver", as the liver has to work hard to filter out the by products of these seeds, not painful, but you can feel the stress. I take a supplement with milk thistle and other herbs called Liversol to simply and quickly resolve that issue. To read about how a herbal healer first diagnosed it for me, read here

I guess we all have to make a call based on what we learn, and although the whole concept of cyanide is scary, and I could simply not consume them, my choice is to keep consuming them, mainly because of OVERWHELMING evidence that B17 rich diets will keep you  cancer free.

~stay healthy~


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I have heard about B17 before from a Marine sitting in a waiting room in the VA Hospital in PIttsburgh. I am going to heed your advice here and start this practice.

Thank You


Hi Shawn,

The best approach is perhaps the simplest and easiest approach.

I would advise to start by purchasing a bag of raw apricot seeds (raw not roasted !!!).

The link where I get mine from is here, only $19 a bag, that may last most of the year

I get mine here —->¬†

First month, eat one or two a day, eventually build up to eating perhaps 6-7 a day. I used to eat 15 or so a day but I don’t think that is necessary. After you get going, take a month break every 4-6 months (I do that with all my favorite superfoods).

The only “caveat” is that apricots seeds are bitter, but it is the kind of bitter where I have come to enjoy the sensation. Hopefully you can get past that, it was pretty easy for me, and my body felt like it loved them so it seems like my taste buds became “programmed” to love the taste…..


Doug at Gaia Health Blog

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